Happy New Year

Last night I was trying to figure out what I did for New Years. And I could not think of it for the life of me. No idea, nothing, zilch......Let me remind you that I am 23 and should not, I repeat should not, be losing my memory.

Maybe it was the bottle of wine that I was drinking because I was "unwinding" after a very stressful week....okay whatever, does not matter what it was....I remembered!!!! This morning as I was writing this post.

New Years on Jack's ranch in Bakersfield Ca, was so much fun. I thought that I was going to freeze to death and DIE......but wow was I wrong, and didn't know I would move to the frozen tundra and it would be much. much colder here...

Last year held so many new and exciting things for Dru and I. We we on the home stretch of being married.

January-March-No idea what we did...Nothing too exciting except I survived living with you know who, and am not in jail for killing her....so that will be the highlight of those 3 months :)
(*MY BLOG, I can say whatever I want*)

April-I got my new job. I was no longer working part time at a dance studio (even though I did love SOPA a lot) I was a full time employee with a REAL job, where I was actually using the degree that I got in college. Hmmmmmm not too often does that happen. So I am pretty stoked about it.

May-We pack up all of our stuff and leave the Central Coast for the unknown in Minnesota. Wow, what an adventure that was.

June-Aug-I try not to get eaten alive by a trillion misquitos while enjoying the beautiful summer with a few random tornado scares thrown in for good measure.

Sept-FINALLY wedding. Wow..so much fun...

Oct-It snows. Enough said. Snow in October. What the F are we in for now???

November-Turkey Day with my mom and grandma. It is warm, and tons and tons of fun.

Dec-We buy a house. In the Frozen Tundra.

So that is basically my crazy 2009 review. Lot's of changes. I can't wait to see what 2010 has in store for us.....


Maybe if they are of the four legged furry kind :)


Blogging.......or Bitching?

Today at work, we had a discussion about social media. Blogging, Facebook, Twitter...all of the above. Now blogging, which I do, came up as something that should be censored if it is in relation to work, or our clients. I would never want to do something to put my job in jeopardy and I love my job but here is a question. Do you think my boss would approve of my blogging?

I blog to vent, keep people informed if they care, and well just to get things out. Also it is like a personal diary, or journal to be able to look back on and have a document that tells me what I did a month, or week ago. Yeah, sometime my memory sucks, and I need a reminder to tell me what day it is...Things have been busy lately.

I love blogging, I wish my friends blogged. I think that it is a great way to keep up to date on what is happening with people. Because lets admit it. Talking on the phone is a lot harder now that we all have jobs, and things to do. Catching up after a whole month is hard sometimes, and playing phone tag is not something unfamilar to my friends and I.

I don't want to quit blogging, and I love it. But I don't want my boss to one day stumble upon "23 and married" And then firing me because I bitch too much. Or well lets admit it. I blog during work. We all do some sort of social marketing during work, blogging, facebooking, shopping ect....

So I guess this is a disclaimer post....Read at your own risk, this is my blog, my opinions, and well if you don't want to know, then please don't read......Okay I am kidding, but should I make my blog private? I am now wondering and have been thinking about it a lot lately.

Happy Wednesday.


F'n Driveway

I made our first house payment yesterday. And damn it felt good. If only I could trade in our driveway for a less steap one.

Like, I have to get a really far start, rev up the car and then only make it half way up. Not cool. Especially when it is 10:15 at night, and my husband is not home from work yet, and I just got home and all I want to do is go to bed. Ughhhhh Love the house.

HATE the driveway.



Well the Christmas Holiday is over. And we survived our first snow storm. And we ate entirely too much and I have already taken down the Christmas tree. And I found myself thinking about summer yesterday.

There is something that is worrying me, but I don't know if i should blog about it because this is my blog, not someone else's and they should get to choose if I tell the internet world about them,  but I am very worried and scared for someone that I love and want them to get better very very quickly. I don't like not knowing things, or being really far away from things. I have to work today, but I will be thinking about it all day, and love you all.


Christmas Cold

Well the title of this post means 2 things. First....

There is a lot of snow outside. Like A LOT!!! Good thing I don't plan on going outside for a few days.


I think that I am getting a cold. I feel like shit. I feel like barfing. I am tired and just want to go back to bed. But I am working...until noon. Who works on Christmas Eve? ME....

My husband is NEVER allowed to go to the post office again. He mailed my families christmas gifts to the wrong zip code. I am a little pissed, and hoping that the post office will realize his mistake and still take them to the right address. But I am pretty sure that someone in Chico, CA is having a great christmas with gifts that are NOT theirs, or that the package will end up back on my doorstep here in the frozen tundra. But I am hoping for option 3, which is that it will arrive at my parents house TODAY....Keep your fingers crossed..

Back to work for a little while, even though I want to crawl back into my bed and watch people shovel snow outside, because it makes for an amusing morning since I don't have a TV in my room, and the library is closed and I have almost finished all my books, and there are no good movies to rent.

Merry Christmas Eve.


Molly is Free

I have freed molly from her kitty cone. Yes I do realize that it is a day early, but it was an early christmas present. And well she ran away from me, and I could not get it back on, and I figured that whatever damage she is going to do to her paws, she is going to do no matter what. So why not let the little fatty be happy.

Yes she is becoming a fatty...and she was starting to become a stinky fatty because of her limited cleaning schedule. It is like I had a homeless kitty that lived on the street. But really she just had a cone on her head for 2 weeks. So now my fatty eqyptian mau is sitting here in my office LOUDLY licking herself. Everywhere...If you ask me it is kind of gross. But I can't wait for pretty kitty to be back.

I have to leave the house today or I have a feeling that we will be stranded. I have looked into having groceries delivered, but decided I would rather roam the store myself. The weather channel icon on my screen is RED, which means that its about to get nasty around here, and I don't want to go outside.

I'm no longer dreaming of a white christmas. cause I have one...I'm dreaming about someone doing my grocery shopping for me because I am too lazy to get out of my thermal underware and take a shower :)

The season of Giving

A group that I am involved in, purchased christmas presents for a family. We wrapped all the presents last week and they had been sitting in my living room awaiting pickup. Doing something for someone else just makes you feel so great inside. Christmas is not about what people want but what they need. I think that a lot of time we all forget that.
This family has 11 children. And we were able to make their christmas that much better because things were provided for everyone. And when I say things, some were practical, some were toys, but it is the thought that counts.
It felt good to be able to do something for someone else.

Merry Christmas-Tis the Season


House and winter..............can I call the landlord?

Being a homeowner has it sucky parts...And one of them is walking into your laundry room in the basement and stepping into a few inches of water.

I wanted to call the landlord, but I just yelled really loudly for Dru instead. We spent the next 45mins sucking up extra water with a shop vac. Did not get to wash the laundry that I wanted to, and will be phoning a plumber in a few moments and hopefully get this problem fixed...

I don't think that plumber was on my christmas list of someone that I needed to purchase a gift for, but well I have a feeling that they are not cheap...Maybe I will finally bake those christmas cookies that I have been talking about forever, and offer some up to the nice plumber???

Today is tuesday. What does that mean??? Well of course it is half price at the tanning bed in town. And you bet cha that I will be getting a little color today, because I am starting to look a little pasty.

Merry Christmas.


Christmas Cards

I think that my coworker Melinda knows me too well :)
Merry Christmas...If only the Kitty had a cone on her head


Why do the weekends seem to fly by?? How can I lay in bed ALL day Sunday and not feel at all guilty about it. I had my sleeping pants on until about 4pm when I decided to bathe...And wow, what a good day :)

But today is Monday, which means another week. A short week because of the holidays, but another week at that. It is already Christmas? That just seems so weird to me. I remember the days when I was counting down to Sept 12, 2009 and that seems like it was so long ago. And now it is December 21...Which I think is the shortest day of the year? Sounds good to me. I would not mind snuggling with my family in bed like we did for a lot of the day yesterday.

We watched the 3rd Santa Claus movie last night on TV and drank Hot Chocolate. How more festive can you get??

Molly seems to think that she can open presents under the tree even though it is not yet time. I find her under there snooping a lot lately...But since the tree is pretty dead, and the presents will be gone. Hopefully the tree will be gone this weekend as well

Back to work. Merry Monday...


Dear Body

Why do you insist on waking up so damn early on a Saturday? I went to bed around 12 last night. I am pretty sure that I could sleep more, just sayin...

Could we lose a few lbs? I don't eat chocolate, and have not yet made any christmas goodies. I know that cheese is probably not good for me. But come on, lets work together here.

Does my skin really need to be so damn dry? Just because it is cold outside does not mean that all the moisture from you should vanish.

Lets go shopping today? Sound like a plan? Okay good.


Continuation of the Worst Day EVER

Sooo....Monday. I finally arrived in WI at about 2pm. But the lady that I was working with had to take her son to Hockey practice and had to leave by 430. So I went back to the hotel. It was such a long day that I decided to cash in on my free drink tickets from the hotel bar. Since I stay there every time that I go there.

I had only had Jelly Beans and some potatoes all day. And by potatoes I mean that we were doing some product testing so some of them were weird flavors, and I did not eat too much. I was hungry. And did not really want to go out and about in a car.

So I decided to walk. Did I mention that I was still wearing my really cute boots and a dress? Well it was fucking cold and they don't plow walkways in WI when it snows.

Monday was horrible.

But today is Friday! Wow, already. Dru is sick in bed. Which I hope that he starts to feel better. I am having people over tonight to wrap presents for families that my group adopted. It should be fun. But I hope that he feels better.

Yay for Friday. And I am going to the bosses house for a while today which usually makes the work day go faster.

I am pretty sure that I have most of my shopping done. But I have convinced Dru to go to Mudd Lake with me tomorrow "just to look"...It is where I got all the really cute things in my house :)
Happy Friday



Yes, I am home in my own warm house, home at last. From a trip that allows for many blogging opportunities. Because what happpens when a Californian girl drives to WI in the snow, on icy roads....Well I will start out with that part of the story. Because what should have been a normal Monday morning turned into a REALLY really long day...

So I had to go to WI for work. It started snowing Sunday night around midnight and was still snowing a little when I got all my things packed up to leave on my adventure Monday Morning. Needless to say I was nervous about this trip. I am not a good driver, I don't really like to drive. and it was wet, and snowing and icy and well just horrible. I felt sick to my stomach and I had not even got out of my driveway.

I was supposed to have conference calls all day monday. So I thought to myself, "Talking on the phone will at least make time move faster"
Boy was I wrong. I am incapable of talking on the phone and driving. Especially when my car slides around because the roads are icy and traffic is NOT moving.

I made it about 45 minutes away from my house, before I had to stop at Target to get something for work things that I was doing in WI.
I pulled out of the Target parking lot, went to the light. looked for oncoming traffic, and then merged to be on my Merry way......

My car was not GOING...I was sliding, then some asshole came out of no where at 55 miles and hour and could not stop and he hit me. Yes he hit the back of my car.

Cue TEARS......I cried. And yelled, and was pissed and scared. But I was fine. Physically that is. Mentally, not sure about that. I had on my cute new boots and dress and tights and a winter jacket and scarf. I exchanged not so nice words with the other driver and then called Dru. He told me to call the police, which is what I did. I waited and waited for them to come. And called too many people in the mean time. I called my boss crying. Yes I am embarrassed about it now, but I was stressing out. And well why not just call him too???

Soo the police man finally shows up, and takes all the information from both of us and blah blah blah. I sat in my car and waited. I still had about 4 hours left of my trip. And gosh darn it, I was going to keep going. Dru told me I had to, and well I wanted to prove that I was a big girl and I could handle things myself.

The police man came to my car and gave me back my stuff, and then guess what....He gave me a fucking ticket. Yes, a TICKET. To ME!!

I was the one that was hit. I was the one that was crying. And now I was just pissed. Of course I asked him if I had to pay it. And he told me either pay or go to court. So I being a bitch and mad and frustrated told him I would see him in court.

Ill keep you all updated on this emergence of events. Cause I am sure that it will be interesting.

That was Monday. I drove to WI...It took me about 6 1/2 hours. Should have taken 4. I was scared, it was snowing and basically one of the shittiest days of my life. But I survived......

Now I am home, and have tons more to blog about, but I need to work!!!!

Maybe later.


Am I getting old?

One of my friends, recently told me how much she liked my blog. And that made me feel great. And loved and amazing. But since I have been blogging it has made me wonder why all of my friends don't blog too. I would love to read about your lives, and I am sure that they are more exciting than my married, living in the frozen tundra, and having to travel in the snow life.....I mean come on, it is not that hard to write, and it is like a living journal, that you will appreciate when you can't remember what you did a month ago, let alone 2 days ago....So get too it.

We went bowling last night. I don't know if my feet have worn such cool shoes, and my fingers have hurt from heaving a heavy ball at some pins, in a long time. But I was not as bad as I thought that I was going to be. And I didn't even break a nail. Which is a major plus. Bowling was a fun way to get out of the house, have fun with the husband and relax a little. Did I mention that I dragged my fat butt to the gym yesterday morning? So now my bowling arm hurts worse than my non bowling arm...Back to the gym today too. Maybe I can even it all out so just my WHOLE body is sore, and I can't walk? Sounds like a plan to me. 

I will be on blogging vacation for a few days, since I have to take a work trip. I can never find the time to blog, even when I am in a hotel room by myself. The bed is just to alluring, since I know that I will be tossing and turning cause I can't sleep alone in hotel rooms cause the beds SUCK. I try to go to bed as early as possible to ensure at least 2 hours of sleep...Pretty nifty idea right?

Since it is so freaking early on a Sunday, I am going to get the laundry started, go to the gym and then go shopping....Yay for fun Sunday. 


Is today Sunday???

So I am very well aware that it is only Saturday, and kind of early on a Saturday. But I am washing laundry. Blankets for that matter. Now, if you know, I only like to wash sheets and blankets on Sunday. It is a ritual, and well just a good day to always make sure that your sheets are clean for a new week...

Well then why am I washing shit today, do you ask??? Because my house has been overrun with Kitty Fur. Dru and I are not as great as cleaning the kitty as she would like, and if I take off her stupid alien cone, she licks her stitches when I am not looking. Ughhhhh she is frustrating me this morning. And I got stupid medicine all over myself because she was being a bitch and would not let me feed it to her. Even after I was a nice mommy and gave her TUNA for breakfast. yes, out of a can, I did not cook up a fish, but still, pretty spolied if you ask me.

Today will be spent cleaning and defuring my house. And probably some other things. Like moving my office upstairs because it is so damn cold in my office in the basement. I am thinking about painting too....

Good thing I got up at 615 on a saturday. Because my list gets longer and longer as I think about it



Are Tanning Beds Really That Bad???

So I have decided that I am way too white. Like really white, and that is not a good color on me. I know that all the new studies have talked about Tanning Beds and that they are really bad and blah blah blah........But I can't be this white until May or June, or whenever a jacket and scarf and uggs are not required here.

So I am going to go to the tanning bed. And only be in for 10 minutes. Because well lets face it. I don't think that my body has seen sun since sometime around Sept 12 (our wedding day) and I don't want a repeat of really bad sun burns, and not being able to wear pants (Cuesta Palace girls know what I am talking about :)

I really need to get on the christmas letter sending out. I have them done, and now it is just the fact that I need to print, and stuff envelopes and send them in the mail. Maybe I will do that today??

I am working upstairs on my laptop so I can keep on eye on little Molly. Giving her medicine this morning on my own was a chore, and she was not happy. So I freed her from her stupid cone for a few minutes and brushed her whole body for her. Dru will probably get mad that I let her take it off, but she looks so sad and uncomfortable that I just had too.

Is it really friday already? This week has flown by. I will be traveling for work Mon-Wed next week. And I am driving, so please think about me because I am a horrible driver in the snow and icy weather, and I have a 4 hr drive.


Kitty Paws

IS this not the cutest/saddest thing you have ever seen?

Molly returned from the vet this morning. And we are so happy to have her home.......but....

She of course ripped her stiches out of her little paws. This is NOT normal. In fact the vet has never seen a little kitty do this before, EVER.

So now she is sporting this really cool head cone...

And gets to be hand fed

But she is still not very happy about the situation. A situation that will last for 2 weeks.
Because she decided to be a naughty kitty and rip her stiches out.

Breaks my heart to see her like this, but we are happy that she is home


Not being able to sleep is one of my least favorite things EVER. I love to sleep, and I was really really tired yesterday, so I read a book and went to bed a little early. Falling asleep went GREAT...But when I woke up at 1am I thought it was morning. And then again at 5:45, when I gave in and got out of bed.

I made the coffee last night.........or so I thought.

I pushed the start button, since it was much before the time that the pot would magically turn on because I was going to be out of bed, and warm coffee would be awaiting my arrival. But I got up to damn early, so I had to push the button

Someone forgot to put the coffee in the filter. There was water, but NO filter. So I first made a pot of water, and that pissed me off. All I wanted was coffee...

So now that I am drinking my coffee and it is still really early, could someone please tell me what it means when a city declares a "Snow Emergency"...Does that mean that the city is closed? Dru and I decided that we need a run down on the winter words. Cause we don't have any idea what any of this means, other than it is covered with cold white stuff outside, and it is chilly. Like -6 this morning. I only know that because my tv told me. Like I would go outside and check it out, I think NOT!!

I have a christmas party tonight. Thank God it is at my neighbors. That means that I don't have to drive anywhere. I drove yesterday, but I had an assistant and he says I drive too fast.


Mother, This is not a great picture. But I have bangs. You can't tell that it is REALLY short in the back. And ps. I am DRIVING, in the snow. My passenger (Dru) And Winter driving assistant, took this lovely picture of me today on our fieldtrip out of the house :)

Do you all see that? It says 3 degrees. That was from around 3:45pm this afternoon....Frozen Tundra is RIGHT!

My husband is FANTASTIC. He plowed our driveway. And even cleared a path for my FAVORITE person.........

The mail man.

PS. UPS and USPS are AMAZING, and they both still show up in the snow. And did you know that my mail man walks 8 miles a day??

I should volunteer on Saturdays (or better yet, get paid) but only in the summer, cause I would freeze my Californian butt off :)

Snow Day???

Just because I work from home, I think that I should not be disqualified from having snow days. All the schools in our town are closed, and I think that is a really good sign that my work should be closed as well.

But since I am awake, and it is before work time. I might as well work...At least I don't have to drive anywhere, because it is NASTY out there. I could not make it down the driveway, unless it was shoveled, and well why would I want to shovel???

This snow is called permasnow. I have a feeling that means it won't be going anywhere for a while, ie the "perma" in that sentence.

Keeping warm, and trying to not break anymore tea cups like I did yesterday...


Snow will for sure be the death of me, but I got my hair did!

So I decided to brave the outdoors, just look up Minnesota on weather.com and you will understand what I mean when I am complaining.

It was snowing when I left my house for my hair appointment. Said hair appointment was only about 4 blocks from my house (THANK GOD)...I slid on the road on my way there, and I took ALL back roads the total of 3 blocks, because I did not want to die before my hair was at least cute. It is almost like wearing cute underwear and clean ones ALWAYS incase something happens...

My hairdresser is AMAZING, and her name is Sarah. I was very indecisive on what I wanted, but I knew that I wanted a change. Because let’s face it, I needed one. I have VERY short cute hair, with BANGS...I will post a picture when Dru gets home, that is if he does not divorce me cause he wants me to have long hair..

I walked out to my car at 2pm. One hour later, and my car is COVERED in snow. I opened my door and snow fell into my seat, I sat down and I could not see out my windows. I backed up and left for my 3 blocks home. Almost was hit by a truck dispensing salt because I was not paying attention because I was too worried about going up my driveway.

Think that the driveway will be fine...Think again. I spun out, and almost did not make it up, and the smell from spinning tires is not a good one.

My car is now safe in the garage, I am in the house, and will not be leaving until March or so...

But at least I have cute hair, and if we get a puppy http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ram/pet/1500627526.html
that is the one that I want...maybe he will know how to dog sled and pull me to my hairdresser when I need my bangs trimmed???

Breakfast, early mornings, and tears.

I don't know what the consensus is out there, but I am pretty sure that I might have turned into a mommy blogger about my kitty. I am NOT a crazy cat lady, but she is like a child to Dru and I, and we are okay with a four legged baby for a while. Until we are ready for human babies.

A college friend who keeps a blackmail album on her computer of yours truly and her male roommate were looking at the pictures yesterday. I am not sure if you all know my weird "Skill" of making myself look like I am with child, but well it is a little freaky. When I lived in the Palace, I would occasionally do weird things. Like wear old woman clothing, tie balloons to myself, and well lay on the floor with my stomach sticking out so it looked like I was at least 5 mths preggo. Her roommate actually asked "did she have a girl or a boy"?? Really, it was that believable!!! She, who shall remain nameless, has a lot of blackmail pictures of me. I hope that one day when I become president of the United States; she does not sell them for millions......

So back to my mommy blogging. Molly went to the vet this morning, and will not be back until Thursday. I cried a little bit when I left her. I feel guilty, for removing her claws, but it is necessary. She will be fine, and they better take good care of her!!!

I made the "Stuff" yesterday. And I ate it for breakfast today as well. Spinach, artichoke hearts, feta, bell peppers and cheese are a completely appropriate meal for any time of the day. At least that is what I think.

We have a Winter Weather Warning today...I will take pictures from the safety of my house, and watch the pretty snow fall...

Happy Tuesday.


My loving Family

Sunday night usually means football...right? Well now that my husband has become an avid Vikings fan, He wore his Brett Farve Jersey to watch the game. He is so kind and watched it downstairs in the man room while I watched the finale of the Amazing Race. And then he came upstairs to finish the game and yell at the tv while I was reading my book. Molly is like Dru but in the form of a little kitty. She follows him around, and loves to watch football too. Well while those two are watching football, Dru does not want me to be left out, so they send me periodic updates on what they are doing.

They are sweet and funny. And they love me so much. Who else can convince the kitty to lay still in a heart shaped out of a bathrobe tie?? Ps, last week Dru was wearing the tie on his head and arms and pretending to be a ninja, so they have evolved a little bit :)

I tried to kiss the kitty good night, and I got a claw in the lip, and there was blood involved. Gosh I can't wait until tomorrow when she is getting those things removed.

I got an email from my boss this morning telling me that on Friday it is going to be -10, and that I had permission to whine about it, because he would be as well. I love that he thinks I need permission to whine about the cold weather. Wait until I have to Drive to the vet in the morning, and it is snowing. I will not be a happy camper, which is why I am going to try to schedule a hair appt to piggyback on my going out and about tomorrow because that would make me happy and it is much needed!


Christmas in the Midwest

So I have been thinking a lot about Christmas lately. We got our tree on Friday and I will post pictures when I get more decorations on it (thanks to mom, they will be here Wednesday, and my childhood was not lost). They will most likely be on the tree for one full day before the terrorist arrives back home from her vet visit.

Molly is getting declawed on Tuesday, and they keep her for 2 days. It is going to be a quiet 2 days at our house. No yelling at molly to get out of the tree, or stop drinking out of my cup, or stop eating my food. Yes, we were very relaxed parents when we first got her, and I am worried there is no turning back. But our couches and blankets and bodies, will be thankful when she does not have razor sharp front claws in a few days. That does not mean she won't try other devices, like her teeth, but it is limiting. Maybe they will do lipo when she is there too, because she has been getting bigger, and stretching out more, so therefore taking up WAY too much space in our bed when she sleeps.

I can't decide what other decorations to do for Christmas. I have had a cold, so that has put a little bit of a damper on my decorating ideas, but still...I want us to be more in the spirit.

We had our first "can't call the landlord moment" yesterday. Our pump that brings water up from the basement and sends it outside, had been running non-stop, and the noise was bothering both of us and we didn't know what it was. So thankfully my nagging for Dru to get the laundry from the basement, made him realize where the noise was coming from. After some investigation (on his part) he realized that the lines were all FROZEN, and the water was not going anywhere...Therefore the pump was just running and running. Thankfully it was only 20 degrees out when we discovered this (somewhat warmer than it has been), and Dru was able to borrow a pipe from a neighbor and we got it all fixed. But it is weird to not just call the landlord and get it fixed...O to own your own house :)

I am not going anywhere today, for the first time in a while, I don't want to leave the house at all. It is Sunday and I am lazy. But since the new target ad came out and there are some cute things, maybe I will go there, but it is in our small town, so not too far to venture.
I hope that everyone is having a great weekend.


Friday-and I still have a cold

So today is Friday. Could someone please tell me where the rest of the days in the week went, because I am having a hard time remembering them. The only thing I remember about Monday is that I got up way too early, and was on a airplane. I fell asleep even before we took off, and I awoke to us still sitting on the runway in Minneapolis. Not Okay! Not a great way to start out a week.

I think that I might be allergic to airplane air. I now have a cold. I always get sick after flying, and no its not the piggy flu, well at least I hope not. I am pretty sure it is just my body telling me that it is tired, and wants to sleep better, and stay warm, and watch movies.....Maybe my body should email my boss and tell him that, because I have A LOT of work to do today and all I really want to do is lay in my bed.

We NEED Christmas decorations. And I am pretty sure that my mom lost all mine. Okay, maybe I did, but still they are missing and that makes me sad. I sure as heck hope that they are not in SLO in one of the many houses that I have lived in over the past few years. Because I need them here in the Frozen Tundra. My weather data icon was not working just a few moments ago, because it was afraid to tell me that it is only 12 degrees outside. Yes, only 12. I don't think that I will be going outside today. Quite a few of our neighbors have Christmas lights up, and it makes me feel like we need them too. And we need a Christmas tree PRONTO, because I have gifts that need to be wrapped and go under it. The only problem is that the husband and I don't agree on the tree idea. I want a fake one. He wants a real one. I am pretty sure that I am going to lose this year, but there is always next year. Especially when the "baby kitty" who is not so nice sometimes, destroys the tree and there is tree needles ALL over the floor. And I have to vacuum 12 times a day. Then I will WIN and we will get a fake tree.

Husband is still currently sleeping. Yes, he has today off. I want to have today off work and go back to bed too...Hopefully the cold weather won't dampen his Christmas spirit and we will have decorations today :)

Crossing my fingers for some Christmas cheer. And for this cold to go away, because I am supposed to give blood tomorrow, and they won't want my cold too.......


Pictures as Promised

SO I promised that I would post some pictures of the really cute things that I got when my mom was here. And I did not take a picture of the super cute table yet, because Well, it has stuff on it, and I was too lazy to clean it off because I should be working.

We now have matching side tables for our bed.

Super Cute Hanger for our Keys

Really cute pic frame that our wedding photo is in...Thanks Mom!

It DOES snow in the frozen tundra. This is from 9:30 this morning!!!

These are hanging on our Kitchen Wall......

Hope that everyone has a great Thursday...


A week’s worth of Blogging in One Day

Has it really been a week since I last had the time to blog. Do I really have the time now to blog, and the answer to that is NO, but I am going to do it anyways…

Last time I posted my mom and grandma were on a plane arriving in the frozen tundra any minute. Well they are safely back on the west coast and I had so much fun. The week went by so fast, and I feel like we were so busy. There was no sign of "frozenness" in the Frozen Tundra when they were visiting, so they now don't believe me when I say that it is going to snow this weekend. Like a low of 19 and snow, for reals…Scares the shit out of me, because 19 degrees is in Ferignheight, not Celsius. And that seems really really cold if you ask me.

The week was full of adventures, and food, and fun, and football…Lets start with the fun. Since we were supposed to close on the house last week, which was in the plans for when they were here. Well needless to say, that did NOT happen last week as planned and I will get to that later. Tuesday I had to work, and we went grocery shopping, and Dru and I cooked Chinese food for dinner. It was so nice to have them here. Wednesday I had to work and was on the phone a lot of the day so that was a bummer. But we went out to dinner and did all sorts of things. Okay as I am typing a weekly recap, I realize that the only person who would probably appreciate this post, was actually here (my mother) so I am not going to do a recap…But I had such an amazing time, and only managed to turn into a huge bitch a few times, because I was stressed and things like that. But that's normal for me if you know me, and Mom and Grandma and Dru I'm sorry I was a cranky bitch…


Mudd Lake Furniture is the COOLEST store in the world. I found it through another blogger (mycharmingkids.com) and it is here in Minnesota. I will post pictures of how amazing the things that I got there look in our NEW HOUSE, tomorrow!


SO we are HOME OWNERS…Just got back from signing the papers today. Wow, lots of papers to sign and a few stressful moments in between, but we now own a house. I am super excited that I can paint, make holes in walls, get a puppy (or as many kitty's as I want), and do whatever I want to this place because we own it. There is no stressing about what the landlord might think of our pepto bismal pink walls, when girls get bored with the nasty gross wallpaper (which is not as easy to remove as one may think) and paint our college living room PINK!


I am exhausted, and need to get back to working. Because I have TONS of work, and time has been flying by. Hopefully I will have time to regularly blog post, and I can't wait to share pictures of our really cute house (Thanks' to my Mommy and Grandma, and my shopping habits that take after my mom)


ThanksGiving Visitors

Right now at this very moment my mother and grandmother are flying on an airplane to the Frozen Tundra to visit us!!! YAY, I am super excited to have visitors!!!

Lately we have been sprucing up the house for our visitors. Dru made the bathroom Beautiful, I cleaned all day yesterday, we have locked Molly out of the basement, because mom's bed is an inflatable bed, and little kitty paws and things that hold air probably won't mix too well. I don't really want to test that theory because Grandma has the spare bed, and that only leaves my and Dru's bed open....and I don't share well :)

We close on the house TOMORROW!! At 1pm (Central Time) tomorrow we will officially be home owners. That is after we give them the check that has been sitting here since Friday (we wanted to be super prepared), and sign our lives away.

Weird that we have not heard from the landlord lately. He probably is not calling because then he knows we will tell him to get his shit out of the storage unit in our backyard. Weird how things like that work......He calls to bother us all the time, until he knows he needs to do something.

Now that we are officially home owners (well almost), the invite is out there for you to visit...There are TONS of things to do here in the Frozen Tundra that range from Ice Fishing, Ice Skating, Sledding......Okay I know all of those things involve cold activities and it has actually been super nice here and it is 51 degrees. Things are supposed to take a turn and snow for Thanksgiving, which is typical because well I have been saying how nice it is. But as for other fun things, Mall of America is here, and IKEA...Yes I love that place and I get to go with my mom this weekend. And there are probably a million of other things I am forgetting.

Yay for 3 day work week. And I am not even working a lot this week. Tomorrow after we close on the house, I am going to my boss's for work...We are watching a MOVIE. Food Inc, so technically it is work research, but do I bring popcorn and wear sweatpants? I mean would that be appropriate?? That is what I usually wear to watch movies at home, but he might not think too much of me if I showed up in my oversize sweats, no bra and bearing popcorn and diet coke :)

Happy Monday!



Well it has FINALLY arrived, and it is FRIDAY. I could not be happier, all want to do is snuggle up in my new chair and read a book or be lazy and catch up on TV. Problem is, I have a paper due. Yes I know that I am not in college anymore, but I am writing a research paper for a research project that I have been working on since June.

I don't want to write, I want to nap, or eat, or do anything other than write a damn paper. O well, I will write it, since that is what I am getting paid to do, but I am sure not happy about it.

The bathroom is DONE, and it looks Fab! I will post pictures after I actually take them. Because my husband did a GREAT job, but forgot to pick up his mess that he made and I can't really access the room because there is piles of work related crap blocking me from the beautiful bathroom.

The house will be OURS next week. All we gotta do is write a check, sign some papers and show proper ID and we will be home buyers. Wow that sounds so easy. They actually let people like us buy houses? Seems weird that I am an adult sometimes. I remember when we bought our car last year, and buying a house is up there with pretty nifty adult purchases. Maybe I will go out and get a new kitty to celebrate. Since well I am a grown up, and my mommy can't tell me NO!

Actually on the topic of Mom. She will be here for a WEEK, starting Monday. She is bringing her Mother as well. Dru is brave, and actually excited because well my mom and grandma are pretty awesome if I don't say so myself. I am excited for card games, and wine, and cheating at card games (grandpa sweared that I cheated all the time), eating spinach dip, eating clam dip, taking a nap, being a tour guide for a city I don't even know that well, going to the mall of America, going to a football game at the metrodome, eating good food-hmmm I think I already mentioned eating, but it is Thanksgiving and that is what people do, eat!

Since it is now considered my "Lunch" hour, I am going to go sit in my comfy chair and watch last nights episode of Private Practice.
Happy Friday!


"The Chair"

I prefer to sit in chairs rather than the couch. I don't know if it has to do with my personal space issue, or I just like chairs. Well we have only had couches at our house since we moved, and we have our specific spots that we sit at. It is just the way it works.

My father and I fight over "his" recliner when I am at home because I really like it, and well so does he, and since it is "his chair" I usually have to move my fat ass and put it somewhere else. Especially if there are sports on TV, then I don't even have a chance of sitting in his chair. But he gladly shares it with Lucy (the new puppy, and Merv (My cat that lives at home).....Maybe he will share it with me too, or maybe I should claim it first. You know how kids try to claim things that they want when someone dies (yes its morbid, but we all do it if it is something we really like)..........Dad, if you are reading this, I want the recliner when you eventually don't want it anymore. Mom, Don't even think about giving it to my brother just because he lives down the street, and you can give him things and then be an Indian Giver when you decide you want it back. Like that Coffee table that I want :)

Well, today I found a free chair on Craigslist. We went and got the super comfy chair that came with an ottoman!! SCORE, Free chair! And we even got another one, that we put in the basement or "man room", even though the "man" never spends any time down there.

Well since the chair has been home in our house (we close next week, We got a notice today :) I have sat in MY chair for a total of 4 minutes. Yes I am aware that it is upstairs and I should be working and blah blah blah......But every time I go upstairs I find............................DRU IN MY CHAIR!!! Now come on, this is my new chair, and my new place. I don't want to share. Get your own damn chair. And even the cat will probably make it her home too, so my chances of actually using my new chair are pretty slim :(

The bathroom remodel is going GREAT, and by great, I mean that Dru is doing a fantastic job, and I have not gotten one drop of paint on my pretty self, because painting is messy and no fun. It always sounds like a good idea, but then it just turns into a BIG mess, and that is not fun.
Molly has to be locked upstairs when the painting is going on, I don't want little kitty paws of paint on my new chair!

Happy Thursday!


Why Can't they Grow Potatoes in Hawaii?

I survived my adventure to WI, and as the title of this post reads, why o why can't I go to HI for work trips? Driving to WI is nothing but BORING...The way that I took there I saw more tractors than cars, and it was 2 lane roads. The GPS yelled at me when I refused to take her dirt roads that she was suggesting. I didn't want to get my car dirty, that is a good enough reason in my book!!!

I took the road more traveled on my way back. And still on the Interstate, there are signs for Amish crossings. If you are from CA you are probably not familiar with a sign like that but it is a sign like children crossing but with a little Amish wagon pulled by horses. WTF??? Really, they are crossing the Interstate? I don't think it is like deer or other animals where you don't swerve because you could cause an accident, I think that you actually have to avoid hitting them. These are PEOPLE that we are talking about, that don't believe in modern day necessities. Needless to say, I won't ever be Amish!

The industry that I work in is mostly Men. And that is not a problem normally, but I am a 23yr old female. I think that they think I am most likely uninformed, and just a girl. I am sick of eating dinner at Steak Houses, or Dinner Clubs. How about a good salad???

After wearing "work" clothing, you can bet that I am now sitting on my couch in my sweats, watching the TV that I DVR'd and drinking a glass of wine.

Yay for it already being almost Thursday



The weekend was GREAT! Dru went hunting with the neighbor, but since it was SOOO wet and they did not see any animals they decided to come home a day early......

I most definitely was not sitting on the couch eating bad for me food watching a movie, and had not showered when I found this out at 3pm. Me?? Never!

Well I was, and Not only was Dru coming home, but Blake a friend from CA was also coming over for the night because he was working in WI not far from our house. I frantically made the spare room bed because we had washed everything because we are having house guests next weekend :), vacuumed all the floors, did the dishes, took a shower, made the house smell good, put stuff away. Yes I was frantic and I managed to shower and make myself look presentable and clean the house all in about 1.4hours time.

Blake is our first visitor to the Frozen Tundra, and it was fun. We took him out to our little bar that we go to in town, and just caught up on life.

Since Dru was home, and did not have to work at all on Sunday, we decided to go run some errands. I braved Cabela's for about an hour, while my indecisive husband looked for the perfect thing to buy with his gift card. Then we went on to REI where I used a gift card from the wedding, to purchase myself a nice winter coat. It gets cold here in the Frozen Tundra, and I did not have the proper attire for winter :) The jacket is REALLY cute. I love it

Next we decided it would be fun to do some home improvements since we are going to be home owners soon, and where is a better place to start than the downstairs bathroom, that is GROSS....

Here are some before pictures

The whole thing is cement, and nasty. So we are painting the whole room and redoing the floor with hardwood. We are going to have this done before my mom and grandma visit next week.
I will post pictures..........

Next home improvement??? Making a bigger office for ME!

Happy Monday! Back to work


Molly-Sneaky Kitty

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this is what I found when I was upstairs eating my breakfast wondering why there were flower petals all chewed up on the floor!

"Hi Mom, I ate your flowers and brought them upstairs for you", that is what she is saying as she sits in my office chair ready to eat more flowers....

Damn Cat!

Dealing with It!

Weird that Friday the 13th is considered to be "unlucky" for some. To me it is just another day, and well a Friday, and for that I am thankful!

I have been thinking a lot lately about our decision to move from Ca to the Frozen Tundra of Minnesota with no friends, relatives or people we know. And I have to say that I think we made the BEST decision possible. As I do miss friends and family back home, it was good for us. We have started a new life, our married life, in a new place.

The people here are beyond nice, we are fortunate enough to be able to buy a home (how many 23-24yr olds) in Ca can afford to buy a 3 bedroom house? Probably not too many because of the astronomical prices in Ca. We have both started to make friends. Life is good....

The decision to move away from everything is not always easy, but it is the journey and experiences that matter. Kristen, I know that you are probably scared/excited and nervous to embark on your new journey to your own Frozen Tundra and I just want to say that I am so proud of you! Most people talk about doing things, and never do them because they make up excuses, but with you, you are different and you are taking the risk and I applaud you for that!

I have moved different places in my life, and would call myself somewhat an expert on relocation and dealing with it. Sweden when I was 16 was definitely a challenge and adventure that I will never forget. As I write this I realize that I am the person that I am today because of what happened before. As strange as that sounds, I would not be the opinionated, stubborn, independent woman that I am today if I didn't have all the experiences in my life. What does not kill you only makes you stronger, and I hope that everyone lives their life like that.

I don't want to have regrets about not doing things, so just do it! That is going to be my new mantra in life. So I WILL drive to WI even though I am scared. I WILL bake a pie this weekend and it WILL be good :) I have to make 2 for next week for a function and I figure I should probably test out my skills...




So most of you know that I don't really enjoy driving, and well driving in the DARK is just another element to add to the list of things that are the reason I don't like to drive.

Next week I have to drive to WI for a meeting for work. I usually just ride with my boss and it is peachy and no big deal. But this time I personally have to drive my own car. He does not want to leave until 3pm...It gets dark before 5pm, and this is a 4hr drive. Now you do the math. I will be driving by myself, in the dark, on an unfamiliar path to WI...

Roadkill: Something that I have seen WAY to much of since I moved to the Midwest, and am really not willing to add to the number of poor animals who are struck in the night by people who can't or don't like driving in the dark.

The moral of this story is, I have a fear of driving and dying an untimely death in an automobile accident that is caused by my poor diving skills, and not being able to see in the dark.

So the question remains, do I tell my boss that we should leave earlier? Or do I suck it up and hope that I don't die and be afraid for the 2 hrs that I will be driving in the dark???

Maybe I should tell him that I just can't go at all??? I mean I do need to bake 2 pies for a dinner that I am helping out at the next night, and I won't get home until probably 4pm before the meeting, because I have to drive myself back after our morning meetings. Doesn't it seem like a big waste of gas to drive all the way over for 2 meetings. That is why they invented teleconferencing or webcasts. I would even change and put nice clothes on (well a nice shirt and do my hair, I can probably still get away with sweatpants, because they would not be able to see my legs if I was sitting down) in order to have a web conference.

Oprah Skypes, why can't our company skype with clients???



So unlike the last holiday that I forgot about (I think it might have been Columbus day)...I awoke this morning thinking "It's a Holiday, why do I have to get out of bed"???

I am very aware this time around that there will be no mail on this holiday, so I won't sit around and wait for it like I did last time, only to be informed at 4 in the afternoon by my dear friend Kristen, that it was a holiday and my mail man did not in fact die because it was snowing, he just was not coming, because he got the day off.

I sometimes wish I could work for some sort of govt. that gives days off for everything, but then I look down at my sweat pants, socks on my feet, and not brushed hair, and realize that working at my job is not so bad, and I don't think that the govt would approve of my working attire...

I did not make it to the gym this morning but I am planning on going at lunch, and thankfully they don't celebrate holidays at my gym, because I just checked and it is OPEN. That would have been a good excuse to not work out today, but NO MORE EXCUSES I will get skinny.

The women's group that I joined is throwing a baby shower for one of the women. It is at my neighbors house and I have volunteered to help. I am super excited about this opportunity and think that it will be fun. The only problem is that I don't know ANYTHING about babies. Or baby showers for that matter. O well I will learn.

Happy Wednesday!


I Love My Husband

I have the best husband ever!

He has been so good to me, I am a very lucky woman. In the past few weeks, he has cooked dinner almost every night, gone grocery shopping, cleaned, took care of me when I didn't feel good, took out the trash cans to the street (okay, I would not do that anyway, but still I love that he does it)....and today what did he do??

He brought me FLOWERS

He brought me home these beautiful roses today when he got off work. And I separated them and made 2 vases, one for my office and one for upstairs so I can enjoy them all the time. Now the question remains....
Who is going to babysit the flowers and this

When we are not paying attention???

She has already tried to eat them, and the flowers have been in the house for less than an hour......

Laundry-and Kitty Royalty.

So today is day 3 in a row of going to the gym. (yay me) and I am fed up with all the laundry that going to the gym creates. I know that I can't just wear my sweaty clothing day after day, well because that is icky...But I swear that I do WAY more laundry when I actually take my fat butt to the gym. I guess you win some and you lose some, and I would rather have clothing that fits to wash, than to small clothing that doesn't fit, and well therefore I would not have to wash it, because I could not even wear it :)

Goal: Be able to wear ALL the really expensive jeans that are in my closet!
Deadline: January 1st

Yeah, I know that most people set an exercise plan as their New Years resolution, but I am going to do it backwards, and be SKINNY on New Years. God knows that I probably won't even go anywhere because it will be negative degrees here in the frozen tundra, and I won't get to show off my new body because I will be dressed in layers, but at least I will feel good about myself.

My kitty has started thinking that she should work with me, and by work, I mean sit in front of my computer, or step on the keyboard, or try to eat the phone cord. This is making work a lot harder than it should be...But she is just so darn cute that I feel bad throwing her out of my office all the time. (PS did you know that Molly the kitty is an Egyptian Mau), yes that is the type of cat that she is (We learned it on the Animal Planet show because we are losers and there was nothing else on TV, and we didn't want to go out and spend money because we are buying a house)...

Dru has started calling the kitty "Egyptian Mau" And I am no longer allowed to call her fat, because supposedly her hangy fat off her belly is her "Speed Pouch". Yes this is all true, the Animal Planet told us so. I told Dru it sounds like she is smuggling drugs in her "Speed Pouch", but he insists that it makes her faster...

Happy Tuesday..

What is your before New Year's Resolution???


Productivity at its finest

I have been so productive today that it almost scares me. Productivity when you work from home is a really important thing to achieve, and I just wanted to toot my own horn and say that I have been just that today, productive.

Work is going great, and my to do list is shrinking in size. Hopefully that does not mean that I am leaving a million things off it, but I am actually getting work done. I did laundry in between work, and lunch and dealing with the house buying process. I have been on the phone all morning and now it is 2pm, so why do I have to stop being productive NOW?? I think that I might have a case of ADHD because now I don't want to do anything.

My baby kitty sometimes tries to choke herself with her collar and I am getting worried. Dru keeps telling me that she does not need her tags since she is an inside kitty but I beg to differ. She is one sneaky animal, and she WILL get out one day to chase those damn squirrels and bunny rabbits. I want to be able to identify her when she gets in a fight with a squirrel and does not win, I want to be able to call the chip place so they can track down my kitty if she runs away. So those tags are important, and it is not my fault that she sometimes tries to commit suicide by chewing at them.

I'm pretty sure that she might have ESP or something, because she is now perched next to my screen watching me type this. Wow, I am a weird Cat Lady...........

Enough about my kitty (child) for now. Gosh I think that I might be turning into a mommy blogger. Especially since I just used the word "gosh". But it upsets my mom when I use the F word and I am pretty sure that my grandma reads this too, so I should keep it PC.

Now that I am a crazy cat lady and this blog is about nothing important, I should probably try to be productive at what I am getting paid to do, WORK!!

Happy Thursday-Wow I can't believe that it is already Thursday!! This week has gone by fast.


Birthdays and Dr. Appts

First I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Mom, and to Reem. You both are such special people in my life, and I hope that you have a great day!!!!!

I have finally succumbed to the pain in my lower back and I am going to the Dr. this afternoon. Did you know that if you google your symptoms for long enough, you will most certainly think that you are going to die. Probably die tomorrow, if google is right because people out there in Internet land try to scare people. I swear, Don't ever google anything if you don't feel good. Most likely a hangnail could turn into a flesh eating wound or something...

ALL the leaves are GONE! My husband is the GREATEST. There were SO many leaves, more than I have ever experienced in my whole life. And he was out there in the frigid conditions blowing, and raking and making our lawn pretty again.

Keep your fingers crossed that we close on the house before Thanksgiving, because I know that I sure am!!

Off to the Dr.



Remember when I said that I was sick of all the leaves?? Well I think that Dru might hate them more than I do :)



I have become increasingly frustrated with the process of buying a house. So frustrated in fact that I want to pull my hair out...Why do people not call back in a timely manner? If there is a work order, why does the landlord keep asking US about it. He owns the fucking house for gods sake. Maybe he should do something to fix it if he wants to have this done in a timely manner. Excuse my language, but I am mad...

I WAS going to start a detox today, and drink only water, eat healthy, and exercise. But I think that the key word in that sentence is "WAS"...It is too damn cold and windy to drag my lazy butt to the gym tonight. It will be DARK when I am done with work in two hours, and that is just depressing in itself. I think what I need is "a good friend and a glass of wine"...So good friends, if you phone rings and it is me, please answer. I will deal with the wine on my end :)

Hope that you are having a better Monday than I am...But I have gotten a lot of work done today so that is always a good thing!


Fall Back

"Fall Back, Spring Forward"...Simple way to remember how to properly change your clocks for time change? Well one would think. Now that this happened to fall on a holiday that usually involves drinking, I can see how some people might forget, or maybe not remember the saying...

But my parents assured me that they were not drinking when they decided to change their clocks forward an hour. My mom woke up this morning and her clock read "7:15am" and it was still dark outside. Now certainly she was mistaken, or reading the clock wrong...Nope, my parents changed all of their clocks the wrong way and my mom awoke at 5:15 am...Dorks!!!

I on the other hand remembered how to do this properly, and I hope that all of you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep :)

It is Football Sunday. That used to mean "Sunday funday", and today I think that were are going to bring back that saying for just one day. Now what is a girl to do when you don't drink beer? It is not that I don't like beer, because I do. But I am pretty certain that I am allergic to the substance. It makes my whole body hurt the day after, even if I have just one. Not so fun. So on this "Sunday Funday" you will probably find me sipping on wine like the classy lady that I am :)

PS Planning for Sunday Funday in Minnesota is a little different than in CA, when you can go to your local liquor store and purchase all the beer and booze necessary for a fun day on Sunday morning after you have had a proper breakfast and gotten over your Hangover from the night before.

In Minnesota, you must plan accordingly, if you do not have the proper beverages on hand, you must go to the store the night before by 10pm, because they try to make this "Holiday Funday" hard by prohibiting alcohol purchases on Sundays....Gezzzz don't they know that booze warms the body, and we live in the frozen Tundra???

Happy Sunday Funday!


The Perfect Halloween Costume?

So what arrive in the mail today that would serve as a perfect Halloween costume?? Well nothing other than my TWO free samples of DEPENDS!!! Yeah my lovely husband kept his promise that I also would be receiving my free sample of these ever so cool adult diapers! I can't say that he does not take care of me and does not want me to be left out on the fun of adult diapers :)

So what pops into my head? Well it is Halloween, and I don't really have a costume. So I could wear my adult diapers and be an old woman, or even a small child. The possibilities are endless!!!

We still need to get more candy, because I don't think that we have enough, and I already got my first Trick or Treater. Yeah, it was Bella my bosses super cute 6yr old dressed as a leopard. Her mom is fantastic and made her costume, and he brought her over to show me.

Dru has a cold, I think. I am hoping that it is nothing serious and he will feel better after the nap that he is presently taking. And the time changes tonight, so hopefully he will get more sleep before work in the morning.

Happy Halloween



It is pouring!!! I have a meeting tonight, and I don't look good wet. My hair gets all gross, and well I just don't like wetness. I think that most people would agree with me. Today is a day that I am grateful that I work from home( well most days I am grateful about it, but today more than others)

My husband does not seem bothered by the rain. At this moment he is outside BBQ'ing. Yes that is right, BBQ chicken in the rain. Because you can take the Californian out of California, but can't take our need to BBQ at all times of year away from us. So I think he is crazy, but if that is what he wants for dinner he is not going to let a little rain stand in his way.

We will have to see if when it is -40 outside, if he still craves BBQ...

Off to my meeting in the rain, and I don't even like to drive in rain just for reference.

I hope that there is wine at this meeting, but I am not going to keep my hopes up because it is being held at a Church, and since I have not been to church in a while, I am not sure if God frowns upon things like drinking and such.

"didn't Jesus turn water into wine"????????/


Crisis-Halloween Costumes

What are you going to dress up as for Halloween??? Normally (or I guess not normally for everyone) I would have a costume, or some outfit figured out by now, It is Wednesday and Halloween is a few days away. I mean, I have candy already, shouldn't I have a costume?

Well I don't! And it is not like I am doing anything other than passing out candy, but it would still be fun to have a costume. I remember back to the days of college where any thing would work as a costume. My roommate dressed up as a Zebra?? I think, and vaguely remember her running/walking/galloping down Cuesta Drive making really weird noises...Because that is what Zebras do right? Or when any sort of bra/top that made your boobs look fantastic and some short shorts were a costume. Because you have to put "sexy" in front of everything on Halloween when you are in college. For example "sexy firefighter", "sexy Pilot" you get the point.

And for reference I am not saying that I want to go nakedish for Halloween (except Dru did mention he wanted to be a nudist......??? That might scare the kids away) I am just saying, what do 23yr old married women with no kids and no party in the frozen tundra dress up like????

Girls at Cal Poly would freeze their exposed parts off if they went traipsing out like that here (gosh I would NEVER wear a slutty costume (hopefully there is no evidence of my college days?)

Maybe I just won't dress up at all....

The good news is that it is not snowing here (yet) like it is in CO, WY and all those states that are a little west of us. We are supposed to have Thunderstorms tomorrow. I didn't think that thunderstorms happened when it was so cold, but I guess that I have a few things to learn still.

No word on the house today...

Happy Wednesday!


Peace and Quiet-and Petit Soleil

So Dru did not work last night, he worked at 5am yesterday morning. I had gotten used to him being gone at night time, and it is hard to adjust when you are in a routine. My routine, was him not being home at night, and since he was home I reacted badly.
Mainly I was an ASS...Yes that's right I will admit it. I think that I even apologized 2 times, and I don't even like to say that I am sorry ONCE. So twice should mean that I really care and I am sorry that I was an ASS!

So Dru, when you get home from work at some ungodly hour and I am in bed, please know that I am still sorry. Because I know that you read my blog, because you knew that I bought more Halloween Candy and then searched and found it and ate it, and also hid it around the house just in case I was NEVER going to give you a piece. You are a weird one, but I still love you.

Basically, I was sitting here at my desk thinking about how quiet it is at my house right now, and that my boss called me from Splash Cafe...Yes that is right, he is in SLO with his wife and I am not! I even booked them a room at Petit Soleil the bed and breakfast (when I say booked, I mean I did all the work, not that I am paying for it...he is my boss and all) The people at Petit are super nice, and I am really jealous, and wish that I could be in SLO. But NO, I am in Minnesota, working, where it is 54 degrees and windy, really windy...All the leaves that I raked are BACK. Why did I even bother? I don't know, but now I am frustrated. Maybe I will go do that again, because all this peace and quiet is making me ramble.

Maybe I will have to make myself really nice appetizers and drink wine tonight, so I can pretend that I too am staying at Petit and am in San Luis Obispo...One can dream right??

PS. House appraisal is done, NOW MORE WAITING......

House Update

Who calls someone at 9:45pm to schedule an appraisal? Apparently the company who is doing ours does. And she called both my office/house and cell phone. Does she not know that I am an old lady and there was absolutely nothing on TV last night and I went to bed to read at like 9:30. I am not going to answer the phone especially when I don't know who is calling me.

Her message was rambling, about how she was confused that I was the contact because I was the buyer, and why did I live there already and such. Okay lady get to the f'n point, you would like to appraise our house, and could I please call you back. Simple as that, I don't need your life story about how your mother was ill yesterday and that is why you are calling blah blah blah.....Just schedule the damn appraisal.

So I called her back. Apparently they are not in at 7:45am because, they work late. I don't know. But She FINALLY called me back this morning, and our house is getting appraised TODAY and we are moving forward in the never ending process of buying a house.

Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well, and the appraisal lady is not as crazy as she sounds on the phone. Or actually, hoping that she is, because then we would have something in common (crazy) and then she might like me.

Shoot, does that mean that I need to get showered and dressed today? I mean, everyone wears sweat pants, and a bathrobe and fuzzy socks to work right? And the fact that my hair is slightly on the greasy side should not matter either.
Okay I have just talked myself into a shower, because who am I kidding, that is gross!

Happy Tuesday


Halloween Thief


Notice the office looking stuff?? Well the candy has been moved to my office, and I will most likely eat it all now...Damn

Molly, and Mommy Blogging??

I decided to be nice to the kitty last night because of all the things that I said about her yesterday (sorry dad for outing you too :)

I gave her a treat, after I tortured her and tried to brush her teeth-That was a good idea, NOT!! I was peacefully trying to watch the rest of The Amazing Race, and she wanted more treats, Since I FINALLY found my camera battery charger, I took a picture, because well I am striving to be one of those "mommy bloggers" (Just Kidding), but since I don't have a kid, and I am blogging about my cat, maybe I am surfing on thin ice with that one.

More about Mommy Bloggers later..........

Currently my "child" is walking across my desk wanting attention, and I need to go back to work.


Husbands and Fathers

So you know the saying that men usually look for a wife that resembles or is something like his mother, because she took care of him??? Well I think that Dru has a few things in common with my father, and I won't say that they are his most appealing traits...Thought that I would share, since I had to go to Target for this very reason.....

My mom buys Halloween candy for the nonexistent Trick or Treaters in our tiny little town, because I think that she has a glimmer of hope that just maybe she will get one or two cute little kids that come to her door. She usually purchases this candy in advance of the holiday because my mom and I are a lot alike and we plan ahead....Now the only problem with this is OUR HUSBANDS!!!

Yes, my dad eats the candy before Halloween and usually leaves wrappers places instead of putting them in the trash. He has done this since I can remember, and Dru DOES THE SAME THING....

What is it with men, and their inability of putting wrappers in the trash? Or realizing that the Halloween candy is for the Trick Or Treaters, NOT for them to eat before the holiday!! ( I just went to Target and bought more, and I am HIDING it until Saturday :)

Another weird trait that these two men share?? The think that they are Dr. Doolittle.....My dad talks to our animals like they can respond, or they are talking back to him....Dru DOES THE SAME THING....

Dru thinks that Molly the kitty is a human being, and she has needs and feelings and she can hear what he says. When she bites or scratches me on the face and I curse and yell, he tells me to "be nice" she can hear you!! Well What the F?? No, she is an animal, and I AM BLEEDING, FROM MY FACE...She is in BIG trouble and I am not being nice.

Dru also built Molly a fort the other day. Yes you read that right, a fort! He rearranged the couch cushions and put a blanket over them so Molly could have a fort. We also have a HUGE kitty scratching post/house in our living room that is somewhat of an eye sore, and I am thinking about moving it to the basement. I think that Dru would disagree, and it would be back in the living room because "she needed it"...Freaking Dr. Doolittle :)

I will be watching Dru for his evolution into My father, and if starts sleeping in a recliner and snoring VERY loudly, or feeding the cat/dog ice cream from his own bowl I will have to have an intervention. Because I can think of SO many other traits that my dad has that I would rather Dru adopt

Happy Sunday!


Friday-Finally....or is it Finally Friday?

You know that it is the end of the work week when all you want to do is stay in your warm, very comfortable bed with your husband rather than go to work. But you FEAR your office phone ringing and it being your boss at 8am, so you just HAVE to get out of bed. Of course it is now 8:45 and my phone has not rang once, and I wish that I would have stayed in bed :) Because it is FRIDAY, and well why not? I have consumed 3 cups of coffee this morning, and I am still sleepy. Shoot, well the good news is that it is Friday...Have I said that already???

Over here in Minnesota we don't have the typical grocery stores that we are all familiar with in California, or wherever you grew up. There are no overpriced Albertson's (personal opinion), Safeway's or Von's depending on if you are north or south in CA...Okay you get the point, and is it sad that I can't think of anymore stores? Remember it is Friday!! But we do have a store called Mackenthuns http://www.mackenthuns.com/ Yes I put the link just so you don't think I am making up this really random name just for the sake of having a weird store....

Well the point of this story is that Mackenthuns has this thing called "dollar days", where items that people love and cherish are only $1.00, Items like Pizza rolls, Ice Cream Sandwiches, soup, Cheese...Okay you get the point, and probably realize that we don't eat so healthy around here sometimes????.

So Dru and I decided that we should probably check this deal out, because dollar days sounds pretty cool, or well we thought so. We went to the store after I got done with work yesterday, because dollar days only happens a few times a year and for like 1 or 2 days. I always knew that going to the grocery store at 5pm was a bad idea, but I forgot-or lost my mind...you pick.

The parking lot was FULL, which should be a good sign that the store was also full, but we still went in. Dru forgot to tell me that he was really hungry until we got into the grocery store, and we all know that shopping while hungry leads to unnecessary purchases, because well...everything sounds good!

This place was a ZOO...I wish that I had a camera, or well I wish I could find my camera charger since it has been missing for a while now, and I could have taken a picture of all these Minnesota mom's shopping for great deals on Cheese, pizza rolls and such :)

Well we survived, the line to check out was SOOOO long, and of course we came home with cheese and pizza rolls...Because who does not love both of those items???

I just remembered it is FRIDAY, and I should probably be working instead of blogging...so back to work, for now!

Happy Almost Weekend!


Family-and Blogging

Blogging has been my outlet to vent, keep people updated and well take a break from work when I feel like my brain is going to explode.

I am very aware that a lot of people close to me read my blog and I am more than happy to share with you my life, as well as Dru's life sometimes. (well not everything, you have to keep somethings to yourself) but I do feel that it is a great way to keep connected when we are so far away in Minnesota.

Please let me know that you are reading, just so I know...Weird request I guess but it is just nice to know who I am talking to when I feel like I am talking to myself because writing has become an escape for me.

Thanks! And Happy Thursday-we are that much closer to the weekend.


Buying a house is MUCH more stressful than getting married for a few good reasons:

1. There was/is no doubt in my mind that I love/ed Dru before we got married, and I am pretty sure that if something goes wrong with him (new furnace, leaky plumbing(hopefully not till he is old, but well he has depends so it does not matter), new roof, etc...It won't cost us a fortune to fix him. But well if something goes wrong with the house, it is OURS, and our responsibility to fix. I obviously stress about things, if you can't tell.

2. The wedding was planned for about a year and a half, and our wonderful mothers did A LOT of the planning for us (THANK YOU)...We decided to buy our house a week ago, and need to close by the 16th of NOV...For those of you who don't want to do the math, ONE MONTH....

3. The wedding was graciously put on by and paid for by family, because they love us...The house is our money, and well if you know me, I am a little cheap and I stress about things like that.....

4. I watch way too much TV. And "Say yes to the Dress" just made me cry because weddings are so happy and emotional... ALL of the shows on TLC or HGTV about home buying make me want to crawl into bed and cry and make me want to break out in hives. They are all about doing the right thing, or not getting screwed with your first home purchase. AHHHAHAHAH

So moral of the story. I would get married over and over and over again because it was the happiest day of my life.
Buying a home freaks me out, so support is greatly appreciated.

Yay for it being Thursday. Grey's is on tonight, and I see myself actually getting motivated and going to the gym.


Product Samples, and NO HEAT

My husband is Strange! That is nothing more than a disclaimer for the following information about him, and his weird habits.

What do you when you are bored, and it is cold, and you have a laptop and TV recorded to watch when you don't have to go to work??? Well if you ask Dru, the answer to that is simple. You order FREE samples online. Now if you know me and my love of getting mail, I would not be against this habit of his...I confess that I have also done it before so it is not that I am criticizing what he did.

It is WHAT he received in the mail today that I am concerned about, and a little bit disturbed.

Here is the setting for this

Dru yelling from upstairs "Mail's HERE"

Me: Super excited because I think that I have gotten something cool, and well it is only 1pm and the mail came. Gosh, that is a miracle in its own since the mail does not usually come until 3pm. Run up the stairs to check out the mail, because SURELY I have gotten mail, I ALWAYS get mail.

Dru: A huge grin on his face. "you did not get anything, but look what I got".......Holds up a package of DEPENDS diapers for adults.....Check out my free sample :), don't worry honey I registered you for a pair too!!!

O wow, he is a weird one. But that is one of the reasons that I love him, Right???

Now to the second part of this blog, that has gotten pretty long, and I should be working.

NO HEAT! Yes you read that right, we live in the frozen tundra and I survived last night without our heater running. We had our home inspected yesterday so we can go ahead with the buying process, and the inspector had some pretty bad news.

"Your furnace is broken!!!!, there has been a crack in it, it is REALLY REALLY old and there are DANGEROUS, DEADLY levels of Carbon Monoxide that could have been seeping into your house, and well you could of passed out and died"!!!!

Imagine my face, and the shock that he told us not to use it. Me not use my heat?? Recall previous posts about snow, and realize that I am from CA, this truly is not happening in my house...

I survived thankfully...With LOTS of wine (come on Kristen, you know that I could not post without mentioning WINE). The new furnace arrived around 10am, and is STILL being installed. Gosh is he done yet? I just want heat. Okay it is really not that cold here lately (50's) but still. I love my heater.

Long story short, we are still purchasing the house, the furnace got replaced, I drink too much wine, and Dru is WEIRD...

Maybe I could drink a lot of wine and wear my depends so I did not have to go to the bathroom from all the liquid that I drank? Just a thought :)

Happy Tuesday!


Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I most definitely did NOT tell the man at the Mexican place how to make my burrito 2x this week, because that would make me a fatty.

I did NOT enjoy the burrito so much better the second time. You have to be forceful.

I most definitely did not sleep in past 10 both days this weekend, and then press the snooze button 2x this Monday morning because I did not want to wake up.

I did NOT, would NOT go to the store just for wine in my PJ's and slippers. Me, Never??

I Do Not, DID not become obsessed with blogging!! And I most definitely DO NOT blog way too much, and then read it over his shoulder when my husband is reading my blog, just to make sure I didn't say something I shouldn't have :)

Yay for Monday!

Sleeping in, the day should not start until 10am!

Getting up this morning was one of the hardest things I have had to do in a while. All I wanted to do, was have the heater turned on and lay in bed for another 20mins (okay who am I kidding, like another hour at least)...But that was impossible on this Monday morning. We have a home inspection guy here right at this moment and Dru is upstairs making himself a yummy smelling breakfast of what I can assume consists of bacon? It is the smell...

So in my do good activity of the week (well technically year, since it is not until next August) I have joined the Relay for Life steering committee. I am really excited to be involved in such a great event and think that it will be a great way to focus my skills and meet people. It is Aug 20th in Waconia, MN. If you want to participate :)

My mother and grandmother will be gracing Minnesota with their presence for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I just learned that we are proud owners of Vikings/Bears tickets for when they are here. If you know my grandmother, you know that she is a huge Vikings fan, and I am really excited that we are able to do this for her. And well if you know my mom and I, we might be selling our tickets outside the Metrodome, and going shopping somewhere???? Just a thought, since we both are not football fans. I wonder if they serve wine at games, since I don't drink beer anymore.

Well since crawling back into my bed is not an option, I should probably get back to work!


Sundays in Lazyville

I slept in until after 10 again today. That sentence makes me think that this week is going to be more difficult that I had previously thought. I don't want to get up early anymore. I want to sleep in late, and cuddle with my husband and kitty every morning. That, however, is NOT POSSIBLE. I have a job, and I have to go to work. Sometimes life just makes you want to stop and enjoy it, but responsibilities and work get in the way of fun. I think that I am okay with that, as long as there is more fun than responsibilities.

I have been sleeping SO good lately and I think that it might be due to a miracle drug called Ambien :) I recently discovered Gasp* My prescription is almost empty. So I frantically called the Target Pharmacy and did the automated refill, crossing my fingers that my Dr. will refill it, because I was informed that I have 0 refills available. Sleep is necessary, sleep is what keeps me sane, and with buying a house I know that I am NOT going to be able to sleep with all that stress...Ughhh now I am stressing about not sleeping and it is only 230 in the afternoon.

I started the task of cleaning out my clothes in preparation for winter. I have now 2 bags (garbage) filled with clothing that my fat ass will probably NEVER fit in again and I have held onto for way too long. All those slutty tank tops that I was going to wear again to WHAT? I have no clue. I am a married 23 year old adult and it is time that I dress like one :)

Sitting on the couch reflecting on the "adult" that I am supposed to be, makes me want to be 15 again!!

Happy end of the weekend-enjoy it while it is still here!