Snow will for sure be the death of me, but I got my hair did!

So I decided to brave the outdoors, just look up Minnesota on weather.com and you will understand what I mean when I am complaining.

It was snowing when I left my house for my hair appointment. Said hair appointment was only about 4 blocks from my house (THANK GOD)...I slid on the road on my way there, and I took ALL back roads the total of 3 blocks, because I did not want to die before my hair was at least cute. It is almost like wearing cute underwear and clean ones ALWAYS incase something happens...

My hairdresser is AMAZING, and her name is Sarah. I was very indecisive on what I wanted, but I knew that I wanted a change. Because let’s face it, I needed one. I have VERY short cute hair, with BANGS...I will post a picture when Dru gets home, that is if he does not divorce me cause he wants me to have long hair..

I walked out to my car at 2pm. One hour later, and my car is COVERED in snow. I opened my door and snow fell into my seat, I sat down and I could not see out my windows. I backed up and left for my 3 blocks home. Almost was hit by a truck dispensing salt because I was not paying attention because I was too worried about going up my driveway.

Think that the driveway will be fine...Think again. I spun out, and almost did not make it up, and the smell from spinning tires is not a good one.

My car is now safe in the garage, I am in the house, and will not be leaving until March or so...

But at least I have cute hair, and if we get a puppy http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ram/pet/1500627526.html
that is the one that I want...maybe he will know how to dog sled and pull me to my hairdresser when I need my bangs trimmed???

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