Continuation of the Worst Day EVER

Sooo....Monday. I finally arrived in WI at about 2pm. But the lady that I was working with had to take her son to Hockey practice and had to leave by 430. So I went back to the hotel. It was such a long day that I decided to cash in on my free drink tickets from the hotel bar. Since I stay there every time that I go there.

I had only had Jelly Beans and some potatoes all day. And by potatoes I mean that we were doing some product testing so some of them were weird flavors, and I did not eat too much. I was hungry. And did not really want to go out and about in a car.

So I decided to walk. Did I mention that I was still wearing my really cute boots and a dress? Well it was fucking cold and they don't plow walkways in WI when it snows.

Monday was horrible.

But today is Friday! Wow, already. Dru is sick in bed. Which I hope that he starts to feel better. I am having people over tonight to wrap presents for families that my group adopted. It should be fun. But I hope that he feels better.

Yay for Friday. And I am going to the bosses house for a while today which usually makes the work day go faster.

I am pretty sure that I have most of my shopping done. But I have convinced Dru to go to Mudd Lake with me tomorrow "just to look"...It is where I got all the really cute things in my house :)
Happy Friday

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