Breakfast, early mornings, and tears.

I don't know what the consensus is out there, but I am pretty sure that I might have turned into a mommy blogger about my kitty. I am NOT a crazy cat lady, but she is like a child to Dru and I, and we are okay with a four legged baby for a while. Until we are ready for human babies.

A college friend who keeps a blackmail album on her computer of yours truly and her male roommate were looking at the pictures yesterday. I am not sure if you all know my weird "Skill" of making myself look like I am with child, but well it is a little freaky. When I lived in the Palace, I would occasionally do weird things. Like wear old woman clothing, tie balloons to myself, and well lay on the floor with my stomach sticking out so it looked like I was at least 5 mths preggo. Her roommate actually asked "did she have a girl or a boy"?? Really, it was that believable!!! She, who shall remain nameless, has a lot of blackmail pictures of me. I hope that one day when I become president of the United States; she does not sell them for millions......

So back to my mommy blogging. Molly went to the vet this morning, and will not be back until Thursday. I cried a little bit when I left her. I feel guilty, for removing her claws, but it is necessary. She will be fine, and they better take good care of her!!!

I made the "Stuff" yesterday. And I ate it for breakfast today as well. Spinach, artichoke hearts, feta, bell peppers and cheese are a completely appropriate meal for any time of the day. At least that is what I think.

We have a Winter Weather Warning today...I will take pictures from the safety of my house, and watch the pretty snow fall...

Happy Tuesday.

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  1. hmm wonder who that college friend is! ;)

    and "the stuff" is completely acceptable any time of day...the picture looked mouthwatering! Fedex me some? :)