A Poopy Situation

I have something to share with you and I am not proud to do so or looking for sympathy but seriously something happened today that is just not right.

This story actually begins yesterday.

I was going about my normal Saturday activities cleaning the house picking up things and so on and so forth.

Then I discovered that the kitties "poop house" was slightly stinky. It needed to be cleaned out. Not a big deal, I clean the kittys poop house a few times a week. Not something that I can't handle.

I disposed of dirty poop house contents took out the trash and then went to replace the litter with new clean and fresh stuff for my princess kitties.

We were out of the regular litter! And I didn't feel like going to the store. But I couldn't just not refill the poop house because then where would they go potty?

So I used the litter that we had. The stuff that was remaining in the bag from when they had their claws removed. Some natural pellet looking stuff that smells like trees. Not a big deal. They should be fine and I can handle the tree smell for a little while until I go to Target and get more litter.

Well last night I noticed both kitties "inspect" their poop house and make a dirty face and decide that they didn't need to do their business at that point in time. I didn't really think much of it but I didn't think that they would hold out forever. Or maybe they would just learn to use the people potty?

Boy was I wrong!

Today I was continuing my cleaning spree. Thinking that I was going to clean my office a little bit and maybe move the stool from the kitchen table back upstairs that Dru had put in his bar a month ago.

Something didn't smell so great downstairs. A shitty smell. Something stunk and I had a BAD feeling. The kitties had pooped downstairs before-once in the downstairs shower and I figured it was because they might have gotten shut in downstairs.

I checked the shower and my office. NO poop! Thank god...maybe I was imagining the smell?

Wrong again!

I decided to look behind the bar-and OMIGOD poop central. The damn cats had been pooping behind the bar in two different corners (they don't share well?) for probably a day or so. Seriously I wanted to vomit. Or kill kitties. I couldn't decide which.

I cleaned up the poopy situation that I was faced with reluctantly and the sanitized and scrubbed and febreezed and repeated the protocol to rid the basement of poop.

Then I replaced the poop house with litter that was up to par for my princess kitties.

Surprise Surprise-there was NO poop in the tree smelling pellets. Just pee. Hmmmmmmmm...I wonder why?


I'm Not Ready!

Want to know what does not work out well when working from home?

Power Outages!!

We were without power for about 15 hours Tuesday night into yesterday afternoon. It went out when we went to bed on Tuesday and was not back on when it was time to get up for work Wednesday morning.

Working from home means that you rely on a few things and one of them is power. The other being internet/phone.

Internet and phone decided to go out Tuesday night for a few hours when I was supposed to be on a conference call and needed to send some important emails. This is no bueno in my book. But I rolled with it and was done working for the night since I could no longer do what I needed to do.

But power outages make other things not so fun! Like realizing that I could not have my morning coffee Wednesday morning. Or the fact that there were snowflakes falling outside and my heat didn't work due to having no power.

This girl is not equipped for no heat + snow flakes. Not at all!!

So lets hope that the power does not decide to leave this Midwest home ever again, especially during what is going to be a cold winter. Because do we have anything other than a cold winter up here in MN? I think not!


What is that Smell?

I pride myself in taking hygiene seriously.

Most of the time I will shower when leaving the house (unless I am just riding along in the car and not getting out or something...then I am off the hook)...

I am not a stinky person, or at least I don't think that I am (if you know something I don't please let me know).

I am sitting here right now wanting to vomit at how I smell.

Today's smell is not for a lack of showering-I showered with soap and everything this morning. Took time to do my hair and put make-up on and lotion up my skin because winter is coming.

Did you notice the last sentence? "Lotion up my skin" is where I went wrong this morning.

Thank You Blackberry for taking shitty photos.....
Do you own this lotion? I hope not-or if you do then don't lather up your newly clean body from head to toe.

You might find yourself needing another shower.

And you know what, it is Sunday. And I am just not in the mood to take another shower. So I will smell myself all day long and Dru will get to smell me when he gets home in a few hours.

I have a feeling he won't want to snuggle tonight. What do you think?


My head is going to explode

Every single time I get on an airplane I get sick. Sitting in an airtight place with WAY too many people and their germs and my body just can't handle it.

I could never be a school teacher!

But I am sick. Probably dying (I might be over dramatic) but most definitely not feeling well at all. And the best part about this?

Working from home means that I am still working while using the mute button A LOT when I am coughing so hard that I might throw up.

Good Times. Good Times.

Now back to my theraflu hot tea to get me through the work day. The weekend could not come soon enough.

Has anyone rented any good movies lately? I already know what my weekend will look like-movies, theraflu, sleep and rest.

And you know what. I am okay with that. As long as I feel better for Vegas in a few weeks.


In a Food Rut

I am currently preparing Halloween themed Kraft Mac and Cheese for Breakfast.

Yes the kind that comes in a box that has a "cheese" pouch featuring mega orange cheese powder. For Breakfast!!!

What is wrong with me? Why do I even own this item-let alone think that I might want it for breakfast. We don't have kids in the house so I don't even get to use that excuse.

Whatever, I am not afraid to admit that I might be in a food rut-and with the temp at 41 degrees currently-my heater running and me wearing comfortable sweats I think that I deserve mac and cheese for breakfast.

I traveled for the past 5 days-a lazy day of not showering or doing my hair and eating bad is in my future. And I am not afraid to admit it.

What do you eat that you don't admit to the world?

PS. I am probably going to add a Smart Dog to my Mac and Cheese for a little protein. How many of you want to gag now?


Regretting my Choice of Shoes

This weekend was about walking. Walking and walking and walking. Miles upon miles it felt like around the convention floor. Now this was not a horrible thing except for the fact that my feet feel like they are 95 years old. I need a pedicure and STAT. That might be my afternoon activity once I get home since I am working on the plane right now.

I love this internet in the air! Except for that my boss is probably trying to log in since his flight left after mine and I am using his internet password :) Ooppsss Maybe I should be a good employee and log off and read a trashy magazine instead.

Anyways-I hope that you all had a great weekend. Mine was pretty good. But I must say that I am ready to be back home with my family. Dru, Stan and Molly probably miss me A LOT. And just don't know what to do since I have been gone.

I sure hope that Dru washed the sheets (hint hint honey-before you leave to pick me up you better have this done).....

But do you want to know the most disappointing thing about returning to MN. I just checked the weather. And there is no more 80 degree days in my future. This might have been the last I see of fun in the sun until next summer. I will need to pack up my shorts and tanks and get out my winter clothes.

Good thing I ate and ate and ate this weekend and added some lbs to this body of mine for insulation. Because the lows are creeping into "snow" temps later this week.

Enough rambling from me. Happy Monday


Greetings From Orlando

Happy Friday!
I am currently working from Orlando this weekend-and by working I mean trying to get my damn internet to work in this stupid hotel. Getting mad about what to wear because I hate to iron and my skirt is WAY too big and falling off because I didn't bring a belt, but I am still wearing it anyway. Getting ready to walk miles and miles tomorrow and Sunday on the show floor. All while meeting new people who's names I probably won't remember.

But the upside is that that the weather is beautiful-I had a great dinner last night and I actually feel pretty good this weekend. I am not dying in pain like I have been for a while. I am in good spirits and I am determined to enjoy myself at this work conference.

So I hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend. If by chance you are in Orlando-stop by and say hello :)


I've Joined the Mile High Club

Okay Honey Calm Down (this is directed at Dru, since I know that you are probably reading this and you just got done from work).....

The mile high club of having Internet in the air.....I mean! Not the "other" mile high club.

I am currently over some state on my way to FL all weekend. And I am using the bosses Internet password. Pretty cool to have Internet on the plane if you ask me. I can get all kinds of things done up here...

For example-I have facebooked, checked blogs, checked email.......................But I really should be working.

So hello from the NEW mile high club. This girls gotta get back to work now.

Dru I miss you, and Molly and Stan! Be good while I am gone.


I need a Roommate

This is a plea for help! 

I need a roommate stat. Like preferably one that can move in tonight-and please bring all their work professional clothing. As a matter of fact-your stuff can move in and you can move in later if you would like. 

Now don't get me wrong. I love my current roommate. Dru is a great guy. He has a lot to offer this house and situation. I love him a lot. But I need a woman in my life. 

Size 6 or 8 pants. Size 8 shoes please. Probably around 5 7 or 5 6 would work great. Fairly chesty as well is preferred (I am not going to put my bust size out there to the internet because that would just be weird)

I would put this on craigslist. But then people might just think that we are swingers. And that is not the type of roommate that I am looking for. 

I need clothes for this little trip of mine. And I miss the days of living with lots of girls. Girls who had much better closets than I did. Ones that had great work appropriate wardrobes. 

So if you are looking to move to the Midwest. Just know that this woman needs another woman in her life. 

A few rules: I won't share my husband with you. I am not so great at sharing a bathroom either. Household chores are a must. Preferably someone that likes to mop and load and unload the dishwasher. Dusting is also a nice added bonus. No cattiness or fighting. Must love cats, hate the show "the office"...and watch sports when I feel like it. Red wine drinker preferred, but you must be willing to contribute to the wine rack. 

After typing this out-maybe I just need a personal shopper? 



For some reason I feel that I should preface this post by saying that I may or may not googled Brett Farves nether regions?.....Anyways. What this really is a a ploy for help. Help! We are going to Vegas next month and need fun things do to. Me, Dru, Mom, Dad, Erik and Kyla-all in the big city for the night/weekend. Fun must be had.

That's about I am can put together right now-beer has been flowing-painting has been done by yours truly. Time for bed.

Suggestions are WELCOME! Come on blog friends. help a girl out.

I think I have a problem

Spare Bedroom

Do you see the kitty in the picture? Imagine how much help they were when actually painting :)

The color on the tree outside my house is strangely similar to the color on the wall inside the house. Don't cha think? 

Ps. Mom I am sorry I said that you had a "butt" yesterday. The amount of Homemade Mac and Cheese that I ate last night probably added about 3 lbs to my ass :) If that makes you feel any better!


Heat Wave

Here in the "Frozen Tundra" it has been in the mid 80's....It is October? Right?

Last year at this time there was snow on the ground.

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, I would do anything for flip flop weather year round. But this unseasonable weather has got me thinking.

I hope this does not mean that we are in for a horrible winter. I am slightly apprehensive about Gods plan for weather this year-and the many many storms this summer and the unbearable heat and humidity has got me thinking that Winter is not going to be a mild one.

Good thing I stocked up on snow gear last year. Those extra large snow pants that I bought in February when I was "heavier" will allow for many many layers to be put under them.

Speaking of when I was heavier-Now I have a problem.

I went out and bought some nice pants, work suitable pants, back in May. And I had a favorite pair that I found at GAP....so I bought a few pairs in my size.

My size now is less than it was then-by quite a bit. My ass disappeared back to its non existent state that it was at for 23 years (ever so kindly gifted by my fathers genes, because well.....Mom has a butt, dad and I, not so much. At least I am not sporting the ever so sexy suspenders that he wears. But I might have to invest in a pair sometime soon if this continues)

I have a work conference next weekend. And NOTHING to wear. I would gladly gain all that weight back for just this weekend so I didn't have to go shopping. And then lose it all back, please and thank you.

Possible? Probably not-so I will be last minute shopping this week. Since I decided to continue my "Fall Cleaning" today-by painting our spare bedroom.

Next-Painting our bedroom....


Yesterday was AMAZING! I can't even get over how excited I am that I deep cleaned the house.

The tub is sparkly white

The dishwasher looks brand new-yeah who knew that you could "clean" a dishwasher

The oven is a whole new place

The leaves disappeared for about 10 mins-and you can't even really tell I mowed them (but there are less)

My office has a brand new coat of paint and now has "attitude"

Laundry was washed

Today=Shopping and a pedicure :)

Have a great Sunday.


Fall Cleaning

"Spring Cleaning" is a term that a lot of people know....but what about "Fall Cleaning"?

Since I wasn't feeling so great in the Spring, and was not super motivated. I must admit that I neglected Spring cleaning in this house. I didn't clean out-thrown away. Purge items that we didn't need, deep clean, paint or decorate.

So today it begins! Fall cleaning is in full swing here in our house. This morning I have already deeply scrubbed the bathroom-we have really hard water and it is not so great for our tub. But lime cleaner and I have become best friends and I scrubbed and scrubbed and am finally happy with the results. I might even put my large body in our small tub tonight for a soak :)

Did you know that leaves fall constantly in the fall? Well if you are a California girl like myself you have probably never had an abundance of leaves to rake or clear off your back patio. But here in the Midwest-Leaves and leaves and more leaves. So I decided to take action. Last year we were left with TONS and TONS of leaves and didn't really know what to do with them. We neglected them until there were too many. And then they ended up in my garden and we had to till them up before planting this year. NOT FUN!!!!

So my new goal is to mow the leaves at least twice a week. Mulching is a much better idea to me than raking and we all know how much I love to mow the lawn. So its a win win situation!! Until I make Dru mow as well-and he is not so much in love with it as I am :)

This mornings activities have left me feeling more productive than ever-and now I am going to paint my office!!

Happy Fall Cleaning everyone!


8 Questions

I have been tagged by Sonja from "The Mud and Lotus" to answer 8 questions. Sonja is a fellow Minnesotan Blogger, and has a furbabie (hi Alex) like Dru and I do, and well I just really like her-so check her out :)

So here it goes, my attempt at answering her 8.

1.  Who will win the World Series:  Reds, Phillies, Braves, Giants, Twins, Yankees, Rangers, or Rays?
Twins of Course-Since I am a Minnesotan I must say that :) Second choice is the Giants.....

2.  What happens when we die?
We all go to the happiest place that we can imagine and we live a new life worry free and reconnect with everyone that we love. 

3.  What's your favorite kind of pie?
Cheesecake-wait, does that count? Probably not but I don't really like Pie so I choose cheesecake since it is a cross between pie, cake and whatever else you want it to be. 

4.  What is your favorite album?
I don't really have a favorite-I listen to the radio or pandora and just skip songs that I don't like. 

5.  Does Nessie the Loch Ness Monster exist?

6.  With Cheetos:  Crunchy or Poofy?
Poofy for sure-unless they are spicy hot and then crunchy. 

7.  Where do missing socks from the dryer go?
Somewhere where Molly or Stan take things when they steal them. I am guessing under the couch or to the place where Molly hid her collar and I have NO clue where that is so "the kitties hiding place" is my answer. 

8.  If your nails are painted, what color?
I don't paint my nails because I bite them and they are nasty. But my toes are usually always painted and I choose a pretty pink or a dark burgundy depending on how tan I am. 

I don't have time right now to think of 8 questions or pick 8 people but I will do it tonight or tomorrow. Promise!


This is the life

I am extremely jealous of Stan on many instances. But who can resist snapping a photo of this adorable little guy just living the life of luxury. Yes that is the remote, as well as a heating pad on the chair with him. 


Women's Retreat

This weekend I went on a "girls weekend" or women's retreat. And it was most definitely needed after the day that I had on Friday. I am not going to go into details of Friday because I don't know if I am ready to put that out to the world. But lets just say that it was a pretty shitty day.

But back to this weekend. So much fun. I left after work on Friday and got done to Tyler, MN around 8pm. Ready for our weekend retreat. We stayed at an old Danish folk school and it was so much fun and perfect for the weekend that was ahead. We had a huge kitchen to use for the weekend and we had our own rooms.

Now weekends with "girls' or women are usually not without the fun pranks, lots of laughing and some wine. And this was not a disappointing weekend in any of those areas. The pranks were harmless yet fun, laughter was never lacking and wine and food was never ending.

It was exactly what I needed. And I am hoping that I can start this work week tomorrow with a positive attitude and ready to get things done. But tonight-I will be watching my shows and relaxing.

I hope that everyone else had a great weekend too-and "what happens in Tyler stays in Tyler" at least I hope so, because I might have a "flashing" problem........