Fall Cleaning

"Spring Cleaning" is a term that a lot of people know....but what about "Fall Cleaning"?

Since I wasn't feeling so great in the Spring, and was not super motivated. I must admit that I neglected Spring cleaning in this house. I didn't clean out-thrown away. Purge items that we didn't need, deep clean, paint or decorate.

So today it begins! Fall cleaning is in full swing here in our house. This morning I have already deeply scrubbed the bathroom-we have really hard water and it is not so great for our tub. But lime cleaner and I have become best friends and I scrubbed and scrubbed and am finally happy with the results. I might even put my large body in our small tub tonight for a soak :)

Did you know that leaves fall constantly in the fall? Well if you are a California girl like myself you have probably never had an abundance of leaves to rake or clear off your back patio. But here in the Midwest-Leaves and leaves and more leaves. So I decided to take action. Last year we were left with TONS and TONS of leaves and didn't really know what to do with them. We neglected them until there were too many. And then they ended up in my garden and we had to till them up before planting this year. NOT FUN!!!!

So my new goal is to mow the leaves at least twice a week. Mulching is a much better idea to me than raking and we all know how much I love to mow the lawn. So its a win win situation!! Until I make Dru mow as well-and he is not so much in love with it as I am :)

This mornings activities have left me feeling more productive than ever-and now I am going to paint my office!!

Happy Fall Cleaning everyone!


  1. Isn't that the best feeling? I did my fall cleaning and purging last weekend. That's seriously all I did from Friday night to Sunday night and it felt so good to get rid of so much unused old stuff and get everything clean! I like your mowing the leaves idea. Much easier!

  2. Ugggg! THere you go getting all productive and making me feel like a schlep! ;)