Heat Wave

Here in the "Frozen Tundra" it has been in the mid 80's....It is October? Right?

Last year at this time there was snow on the ground.

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, I would do anything for flip flop weather year round. But this unseasonable weather has got me thinking.

I hope this does not mean that we are in for a horrible winter. I am slightly apprehensive about Gods plan for weather this year-and the many many storms this summer and the unbearable heat and humidity has got me thinking that Winter is not going to be a mild one.

Good thing I stocked up on snow gear last year. Those extra large snow pants that I bought in February when I was "heavier" will allow for many many layers to be put under them.

Speaking of when I was heavier-Now I have a problem.

I went out and bought some nice pants, work suitable pants, back in May. And I had a favorite pair that I found at GAP....so I bought a few pairs in my size.

My size now is less than it was then-by quite a bit. My ass disappeared back to its non existent state that it was at for 23 years (ever so kindly gifted by my fathers genes, because well.....Mom has a butt, dad and I, not so much. At least I am not sporting the ever so sexy suspenders that he wears. But I might have to invest in a pair sometime soon if this continues)

I have a work conference next weekend. And NOTHING to wear. I would gladly gain all that weight back for just this weekend so I didn't have to go shopping. And then lose it all back, please and thank you.

Possible? Probably not-so I will be last minute shopping this week. Since I decided to continue my "Fall Cleaning" today-by painting our spare bedroom.

Next-Painting our bedroom....

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  1. Go to NY and Company! That's where I get all my work clothes because they're trendy, appropriate, and cheap! I even looked it up for you and there's one in Minnetonka:
    12401 WAYZATA BLVD SP#1055
    MINNETONKA, MN 55305

    Good luck! Wish I could shop with you, skinny minnie :)