I think I have a problem

Spare Bedroom

Do you see the kitty in the picture? Imagine how much help they were when actually painting :)

The color on the tree outside my house is strangely similar to the color on the wall inside the house. Don't cha think? 

Ps. Mom I am sorry I said that you had a "butt" yesterday. The amount of Homemade Mac and Cheese that I ate last night probably added about 3 lbs to my ass :) If that makes you feel any better!


  1. Oh I do have a butt! Love the orange room! Dads commit was "women and thier painting" I have been looking for paint for our bedroom. Love ya Mom

  2. Oh I love that color both on the walls and in your tree.

  3. Oh I love that colour...very close to ,my family room walls:)