Crusin for a Brusin

I am pretty sure that 2 out of the 4 words in the title of this post are not actually "words" but oh well, I am in that kind of mood.

3 weeks ago I started playing softball with my friend Sarah. We are on a Women's league in our little town/county. It has been so nice to meet new people and get out and do something different on Wednesday nights, but in all honesty I don't know if my body can handle much more of it. Last week I pulled a muscle in my quad (or something like that, I don't know technical terms) and I tried to tough it out. It hurt like hell and I couldn't run or walk for most of the game last week. Then I went to Baltimore. I thought that things were fine, and I was feeling much better - until last night.

I stretched before the game and could tell that my leg was pretty tight but I didn't think much of it. Thought that I would be fine. Turns out a pulled quad muscle doesn't miraculously go away. I felt/feel like I am 80 years old, or at least have the body of an 80 year old. Today I am SORE and I have more bruises that I have ever had in my entire life. I have a softball imprint on my knee (yes I know this speaks to my great catching abilities)....and some gnarly bruises all over my legs. Don't worry I will spare you the photos :)

I can't wait for acupuncture this evening, I haven't been in over a week or actually closer to 2 weeks and I need it. My body hurts my mind is frazzled and I could use some rest and relaxation.

The good/great news. I bought a plane ticket, or better yet, my lovely mother bought me a plane ticket home to CA on the 31st of August. Yes you heard that right. I am going back back to Cali...For about 1.5 weeks. My big brother is getting married to a beautiful girl that I am proud to call my sister and I am going to be doing some much needed sunbathing by my parents pool over Labor Day weekend.

Dru and the kitties will miss me (right?) but I am super excited and Dru will join me for the wedding...

Speaking of the wedding - this video montage of the happy couples engagement photos made me cry, and miss my family and hometown a lot! I love you guys and am SO happy for you!


A New Me

My post from yesterday described how overwhelmed I was, and I am still at that point. A beach with a good book (or a few, I read fast) sun and a pool is what I need right now. I am tempted to take a "mental health day" vacation day on Friday and have a 4 day weekend.

During that 4 day weekend I don't want to touch anything electronic, no phone, internet, twitter, message, blog, nada, nothing. Okay well maybe my ipad because that is where my books live, but I will disconnect it from the internet.

And I have decided today starts the day that I will lose 20lbs. My brother is getting married in Sept, it is bathing suit season and I am not happy with how I look. I met so many inspiring people over the past weekend who have made the commitment to be healthy and lose weight. Why can't I do that as well?

Well I can, and I will. Today is the first day of the rest of your life...

What is the date today? I'm pretty sure that it is Tuesday :)


Procrastination or just denial?

As I sit here and write this I am on the verge of a mental breakdown. Seriously I am so overwhelmed I don't even know what to do or think. I am too stressed to write a to do list of all the things that I need "to do"...

I went to a conference for work this weekend and I came home with a new outlook on life. I am seriously so inspired to get healthy and be fit. I want to workout more, eat better and just plain get healthy. Too bad I am so overwhelmed I don't even know where to start. 

Somehow my suitcase exploded all over the floor of the living room and hasn't yet managed to put the clothes in the laundry on its own. The really cool stuff that I came home with is exploding all over my kitchen and my office looks like a disaster area. 

So for now I am going to procrastinate some more, and be in denial about all the things that I need to get done around this house and focus on work.

Working from home is a blessing and a curse sometimes. I wish that I couldn't see the disaster that I created every time I need to refill my water cup in the kitchen. 


Fishing and Pooping

Why do all of my days feature some sort of poop? I feel like I have been forever doomed to experience poop for the rest of my life. What did I do to deserve this, and how do I get rid of it?

Yesterday was beautiful. Not too hot and not rainy and gross like it was the day before. Dru actually had a rare Sunday off of work and we spent the whole day together. It was wonderful.

We started the day with Chicken Fried Steak and Egg's Benedict. Can you guess who had what? Dru's Chicken fried steak was complete with mashed potatoes and gravy...at 10am. Gross if you ask me, but it was what he wanted.

I then proceeded to mow the lawn. Do you have a deal within your family about who mows? I actually enjoy mowing the lawn and can't handle when it gets long so I maintain the front - Dru on the other hand doesn't care as much and has a boat parked on my back lawn. He is in charge of the back. This is our new summer deal. We will see how long this lasts before I cave and there are boat shaped patches of grass in the back yard. PS. There was dog shit in my yard. I personally don't have a dog, but if I did I wouldn't let it shit in your yard while walking by your house - so don't let your dog shit in mine. Or Beware....Yes this is an open warning to those who live in my small little town in Minnesota.

Speaking of Poop - We also saw Bridesmaids yesterday. And if you have seen it you know what I am talking about, but lets just say ICK. I most certainly could not ever poop in a sink and I will probably never look at Molly (from Mike and Molly) the same again.

And then we finished the day with a nice little fishing trip. Do you like Fishsticks? <---Say this a bunch of times fast to someone. If you read Readers Digest and read the "stupid tweets" section this month and understand what this means - I swear it is funny. @Kaynewest someone was playing a prank on you.

I caught 2 fishes while Dru caught about 20. I am pretty sure he was cheating at fishing. Which meant that I had to cook dinner. Home made meatballs and spaghetti were delicious.

And now that I have rambled on about my day and feel like I am writing a "dear diary" post I should probably leave it at that.


Buying Children's Books when Childless?

I almost wonder if buying children's books when I don't have a child earns me a weird pedophile status? Like hanging out in an ice cream truck when you don't have kids?

Okay just kidding, but I did buy a children's book today for my "future children"...

You all know about my love for The Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond. I have her cookbook thanks to my beautiful mother and my 24th Birthday, and I read her blog daily.

I also read her most recent book that she published and fell in love. Which is why I decided to buy her book about Charlie (her most adorable basset hound) http://thepioneerwoman.com/

Picture from Ree's Blog and her 20 steps to writing the book.....

Growing up we had basset hounds. I say plural Hound(s) because Butch lived with us for only a short time before he had to live with someone else. He couldn't keep his saggy chops off of the kitty's. He lives (and as far as I know is still living) a very happy life eating ice cream and hanging out with a very nice family that loves him lots. Homer was our other basset hound. He was old...very old and died of old age when I was young. But I do remember him and his floppy ears and floppy skin and well - everything about a basset hound is floppy :)

Anyways, I am super excited for my new book about Charlie the Basset Hound. And one day I will read it to my children, whenever they decide to arrive. 


Playing Games for Fun

A friend of mine invited me to play on a women's softball team this year. I was slightly skeptical about agreeing, I haven't played an organized sport that didn't involve drinking since my 2nd year of high school. Yes in college sorority sports usually involved booze - which was entirely okay with me :)

Was I going to be any good? I am a super competitive person by nature, so naturally I was worried about sucking.

I don't like to suck at something. If I am going to do something I want to be good at it, so I was nervous about my softball skills.

Well tonight I realized that playing something for fun is just that - Fun! I had a great time, didn't break any bones, and didn't strike out. All in all a great night. We didn't win, we aren't the BEST team out there, but I think it is a great group of girls!

I can't wait for the next game and spending Wednesdays getting to know new people and getting in a work out.

I know that I need: a new glove, some cleats and most likely bug spray (I do still live in Minnesota and bugs are starting to come out :)

Game On!


Thunder and Lightning

I love spring storms. The rumble of the thunder and the flash of lightning is exciting to me. The pouring rain outside my window at 5 in the morning. Almost soothing while I sleep. Excited to wake up and check out the storms.

The rumble that shakes my bed while I lay here drinking coffee getting ready for the day to begin.

I am taking this a a good omen for the next chapter in my life. The one that begins today.

25 years ago I was born - with a purpose...Today I will work towards that purpose (whatever it may be :)

And want to know the other good news........I can now legally rent a car
My boss informed me of this in a birthday email this am :)

The little things!


24 years and 364 days of putting up with me...

Exactly a year ago on May 8th, 2010 I was undergoing surgery with my lovely mother by my side. I felt like shit, my body hurt and I was probably (used loosely because I am SURE that I was) an unappreciative bitch. So for that I am sorry. I miss you and wish that you could be here this year. I would guarantee that this year would mean breakfast in bed (for you and not me) mimosa's and a trip to the Olive Garden. (Yes that is where I get to go for dinner tonight)

Last year my mom flew to Minnesota from California to be by my side. To take care of me, celebrate my birthday and mothers day. She didn't get the vacation that she deserved, she instead got to sit with me in the hospital and then in my bed recovering from a surgery that sucked ass. She didn't once complain. She nursed me back to health, cooked for me, went grocery shopping, she even made tiramasu from scratch because that is what "I wanted"...My mom is truly a selfless person. The most caring loving person ever. Even when I am a pain in the ass, because I can guarantee that I was one last year.

My mom is seriously my best friend. I couldn't have asked for a better mom, and friend. She is always loving and supporting. She believes in me when I have crazy ideas, and even when I don't believe in myself.

Today is about mom's. And I am lucky to say that I seriously have one of the best. I wish that I could spend the day with you and do everything for you. You deserve it!

I hope one day that I can be the amazing mom that you have been for me to my son or daughter. Because if I am even half of the mom that you have been I will feel accomplished (no mom I'm not pregnant - although that would be a pretty kick ass mothers day/birthday gift :)

Happy Mothers day Mom and to the rest of you mom's out there as well!

ps if you were wondering - Stan and Molly didn't get me anything for Mother's Day (yet)...As long as I don't get sharted on I will call it a day for celebration :)

Thank you for the past 24 years and 364 days and for being the best EVER! Cheers! Drink a glass of wine and relax - you deserve it.


A battle I won't be winning anytime soon

Yet again I have waged war with my insurance company…and this time I am NOT going to win and I know it. Actually I have already lost the battle and all it took was a 5 minute phone call.

I know that I still haven’t talked about my miraculous experience with acupuncture – and I will do that in time. I keep writing the post, getting to a point and stopping. I can’t put in words how amazing I think that my acupuncturist is and maybe that is why I keep stopping.

Anyways, not the point of my little rant for Friday. I am pissed at my insurance. I can only go to the acupuncturist or chiropractor 20 times a year – and by “I” I mean Dru and I combined. Good thing I keep telling him that he doesn’t need a chiropractor because I am selfish. I have gone to the acupuncturist a total of 15 times since February and today will make 16. I have 4 visits left and then my insurance won’t cover a gosh darn thing. Nada, zilch…

I betcha if I went to visit my Dr. or OBGYN weekly every week of the year they would still cover that at my $15 co-pay. Probably? Well too bad my Dr.  would probably look at me like I was nuts…Yes I am pretty sure he would get sick of me very quickly and not even be able to help.

My pain has decreased significantly since I started seeing my acupuncturist, I feel almost like a normal person. And did I mention that I have allergies now that Spring has FINALLY arrived in Minnesota. Did you know that acupuncture can help with allergies as well?

Seriously people, I think that the insurance companies have it ass backwards. They need to cover things like natural medicine and quit pimping out the drugs and surgeries like they are candy.

That’s it for me and my little soapbox. I am going to finish up work for the day and go on my merry way while I am still less than a quarter of a century old. Yes it is my birthday on Monday and I haven’t quite decided how I feel about 25…


Hi my name is Erin and I am...

I have something to confess. It is not something that I am proud of, but it has become a necessity to surviving a home office. 

Hi my name is Erin: I am scared of my cat (Molly)!

She looks so innocent

Very Proper

Yes you read that right. I am terrified of Molly. 

This all started about a month ago. I was working away at my desk, and Molly was curiously walking on my desk in front of the screen like she always does. 

I gave her a little push....and then she did it - she SHARTED on my desk. For those of you who are wondering what a Shart is: A combination of a shit and a fart...

Molly had never done this before, I was appalled and grossed out, but more importantly I was worried about my kitty. Why would her tummy hurt? Did we feed her something that she shouldn't be eating?

I cleaned and sanitized and told Dru that Molly had a problem. He told me to take her to the vet, I told him it was probably an isolated incident and it was fine. 

Fast forward about one week. Molly is again in front of my screen and I can’t work because I can’t see - I give her a slight push and SHHHHHHHHARRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTTT  all over my stuff. This time I was pissed. Mad, Livid, grossed out - you name it. There was cat poop on my stuff and it stunk! 

Molly is now banned from my office. Never again allowed to visit again.  

Except for the Saturday before Easter. I was working bright and early trying to get some things done while everyone else was sleeping. Folding papers for mailings, ect. 

Molly crept in and before I knew it she was on my desk. I was in a hurry and frustrated so I pushed her a little.......we all know what is coming next. She Sharted. On my stuff, and I screamed bloody murder while trying to not throw up on myself because of the smell. This time Dru was home to see the evidence. I woke him up and made him come in to see the stinky evidence left by his loving kitty. 

We joke about it, I close my door when working - but something has got to give. I can't keep living my life in fear that she will shart on my stuff again. 

So young and innocent (In my old basement office-Nov 2009)

And for the record, I am the ONLY one who has ever been sharted on by Miss Molly. No one else and no other room in the house other than my office have been graced with this lovely habit of hers. So you are safe if you come visit. I promise Molly won't shart on you, unless your name is Erin and you sit at my desk trying to get work done. 



Yes, I realize that I have been MIA for about 2 weeks. I appreciate that people were looking for me - it makes me feel loved. And YES my blog did go private for about a day, I was playing around with it for a work project and forgot to turn it back on.


Anyways. A lot has happened in 2 weeks and there is no way that I could cover everything in one post, or a guarantee that I would remember everything that happened.

I am a little forgetful lately. Too many things going on a at once and I AM getting older (I'll be 25 in less than a week, I can feel the grey hairs forming already).

If I was better at taking pictures I would even show you a montage of pictures, but I suck at that as well.

Brian and Kathy came to visit...we had to stop for cocktails while shopping the mall of america.

I leave you with that. I'll be back - sooner rather than later.