It's a great day for some baseball

Dru and I are heading into the big city for the Twin's game tonight. My boss was nice enough to give us tickets a few months ago as he has some sort of season ticket thing with friends. Our tickets are pretty good ones, and we are somewhere along the first base line 14 rows up.

Baseball has been a family thing ever since I was little. The countless hours that I spent watching my big brother play from Tball to college ball (I only ever got to see one of his college games). But he was good at what he did and still loves the game. He currently coaches Baseball at the high school that we both attended. It is his passion. So it is only fitting that I do like the game. Even though baseball was usually part of my birthday every year I have forgiven him for that. My attention span is not the greatest sometimes so it does help that I am of legal drinking age to consume adult beverages at games now. Who does not love paying $8 for a beer on a beautiful summer day?

I am throwing my diet out the door for today. I am going to consume baseball food and drinks. I am going to laugh and enjoy the night. Our friends who we invited to go with us are native Minnesotians and are going to show us some of the city before the game. We are going to bars before, we are going to enjoy this beautiful day. I am excited! I am charging my camera in the hopes that I will actually use it. No promises but I need to start documenting our lives better.

And another kicker to make this day even better. I was able to squeeze my body into a pair of jeans from college. From my skinnier days. They fit. They were not super comfy as I still am healing from my surgery last week, and I choose not to wear them. But I am finally starting to feel pretty again. Sexy in my jeans-sexy in my own skin.

I hope that you are enjoying your Saturday as much as we are going to. Tomorrow is August 1st so I have vowed to enjoy summer as much as I can. Tanning and getting ready for my brother and Kyla's visit (Tuesday) is on the agenda for tomorrow.

In the words of Lorayne-PEACE!


Five Q Friday-end of July edition.

Five Question Friday time AGAIN!!! Yes, it is almost lunchtime here (edit....I started this right before lunchtime, and now it is 4pm, FAIL) and that means that I am only 5 hours (now 1 hour....yay!!!) away from the weekend. Speaking of lunch. I am cooking up some Tofu-with montreal steak seasoning. Oxymoran? But I love Tofu, and I love the seasoning. It works-Promise.
Edited: Totatlly didn't work. I wasn't feeling it once I started to eat. Way way way too salty for me. Food has tasted weird all day to me. Since food does not sound good, I am hoping that wine still tastes the same because I am MORE than ready to pour myself a nice big glass. While I sit and wait for the hubby to get home from work.

But moving on. My answers to Five Question Friday-Hosted by the fabulous Mama M. Over at http://www.fivecrookedhalos.blogspot.com/ She is pretty awesome so I suggest that you check her out!

Since she is also a nurse and a baby nurse to boot (did I really just use that saying?) and lives in MN....I think that I might track her down when we decide to have babies. Serious, thats how awesome I think that she is!!!

1. Did you have a favorite blanket or toy as a kid? If so, do you still have it?
I didn't have anything like that from when I was a kid. But my brother had "Teddy" his brown teddybear, and Teddy is still around and he is 26. I wish I had something cool like that.

2. Do you dream in color?
Is there any other way to dream? I honestly don't know how others dream, but mine usually are very vivid and real life like. So hell ya, I dream in color! And since I am usually daydreaming you better bet that they are color-HD even :)

3. How tall are you? Do you wish you were shorter or taller?
5 7ish. Or maybe a little shorter. But rounding up it acceptable when you are close. I am actually really happy with my height. A lot of my friends here are shorter than me. It is actually pretty funny, because I never considered myself tall until I moved here. Maybe people in the midwest are shorter than people from the west coast?

4. If you could have anyone's (celeb or other) voice as the guide on your GPS, who would it be?

I usually mute my GPS. I hate people telling me what to do. And telling me how/where to drive is one of my biggest pet peeves. So no voice is greatly appreciated. I married the driving Nazi so I don't need to hear shit from my GPS.

5. Do you return your shopping cart to the corral or leave it wherever in the parking lot?
Depends on how cold it is outside, or if I feel like being an asshole or not. I usually try to return it to the cart holder, but I am not going to say that I always do.

So thats it. Five question Friday! And guess what we are doing tomorrow? Going to the Twin's game vs. Seattle. Hopefully I will remember to take pictures.

Have a great weekend!


Where was I?

After clicking on the "new post" button over and over and getting an error, I find myself here not remembering what I was going to post about. Memory loss at 24 is not a good sign.

Dru started his new shift today. I am a little torn about how I feel. On one side, I really loved his morning shifts. He would get up really early, be super quiet, get dressed in the bathroom after his shower, turn the coffee on and come in and give me a silent kiss goodbye before his day. He got home around 3:30 most every day and would sometimes take a nap with Stan, or go fishing, and then we would have the evenings to spend together.

Now...He gets to sleep in. Which means that I can't drink my coffee (which I now have to make myself) in bed, while checking email, facebooking, Today Show watching and blogging, and Stan snuggling until I have to be to work at 8am. And by be to work, that means walk downstairs. I now have to be quiet when I get up. Make the coffee, watch the Today show in the living room, and yell at the baby kitties to shut up and stop fighting. I have to also feed the kitties because they are starving because their dad had not fed them. Then Dru gets up whenever it pleases him. Drinks coffee in bed while Stan snuggling. Showers and gets ready for work and does not return home until 10pm.....

After writing this all down it is pretty clear to me who got the short end of the stick in this deal.

If you are having problems identifying who it is that got shorted. ME...ME....ME!!!

So tonight I will be lonely. Or every night for that matter. So if I suddenly become a lot better about calling you back, or actually calling to chat this is why. It is not because I love you more or less I promise. But call me, I'm lonely.


Part Three "Why my appendix didn't need me anymore".....

So I am sick of my own story. And thus it is now a week later that I lost my appendix. To make a long story short, they took it out. I had to stay at the hospital until afternoon the next day. They didn't have very good food, and I am pretty sure that the internet there caused my macbook to crash and lose her harddrive.

But now it is tuesday again. I am working. Not planning on needing any more body parts removed any time soon. Planning for some storms that are going to happen tonight. Thanking god for AC since it is HOTT outside, and humid and just plain gross.

I am enjoying spending time with my husband as he will start the night shift tomorrow. I am not looking forward to him working until 10ish at night. That means that I will be lonely at nighttime. I will have nothing to do when he is not home and I will probably go to bed early. I might drink wine by myself or bring a bottle over to my good friend Lorayne's house to share. She is a great wine partner since she lives walking distance, we get along great and love to chat, and she loves wine just as much as I do.

We are going to a Twin's game on Sat. I am really excited as I have not yet been to the new field. It is nice (I have been told) the weather is going to be great (crossing fingers) and we have great seats (thank's boss)!

My brother and Kyla arrive on Tuesday!! YAY! I am super excited. But that also means that I have a lot of cleaning to do before they arrive. I want my house to be super duper clean, and as free of kitty hair as possible. But since the kitties shed a lot I don't know how possible that will be.


Part two of "why my appendix did not need me anymore"

So I think that I ended last time with the potassium and the hints of surgery that were to happen later that night....But I could be wrong.

Finally another Dr. decided that it was a good idea to come in and tell me that they were trying to get a hold of a surgeon and that I was to have my appendix removed because it was "hot". I am guessing that hot means inflamed and that it was not happy in my body. They didn't want it to burst so they started giving me antibiotics along with everything else that I was being injected with. And I was starting to get bored. I had been in the ER since 4pm and it was now around 9pm (I think...those details are a little fuzzy and the clock in the room was driving me nuts). I sent Dru home to feed the kitties, get me some comfy underpants (yes a thong is not the best choice when sitting in a hospital bed or after surgery) some socks and my computer.

I didn't think to ask for the most essential item which are my sleeping pants. I didn't think that I would have to stay in the hospital over night. For some reason I was assuming after my surgery they would let me go home to my comfy bed and sleeping pants. Boy was I wrong. And I regretted this decision almost instantly when Dru returned with the "essentials" I had asked for. I didn't even ask for a toothbrush. I was not thinking straight. So word to the wise-ask for sleeping pants when embarking on a surgery and overnight stay in the hospital. Since the drawstring waist velour pants are VERY warm to sleep in, and are not tight around the ankles and ride up when you sleep and then your legs touch. I'm slightly nuerotic about my legs touching if you didn't notice. I would call it one of my biggest quirks.

Anyways, back to the story at hand. They (I don't know who they are, but they suck) decided that I was to stay down in the ER as long as possible before my surgery. NoT cool. I wanted a TV and a comfy bed so I begged to be sent upstairs. Which finally happened around 11pm. They wheeled my up to the third floor to my new comfy (or more comfy than the ER) room. Private room with a big window and a view, and my own bathroom, and bed that moved up and down, and a button to bother people when I needed to pee. So I got in my new bed. Asked for a million covers and they decided that I needed more potassium. Seriously need to start eating banana's or something cause getting it injected is hell. I needed an ice pack to put on my arm to stop the burning and stinging and feeling that my arm was going to fall off feeling as the potassium was entering my veins. I got comfy-looked for Top Chef on the TV. Which does not make much sense as I think that it was Tuesday night but Dru and I were both really tired and out of it. So we searched for the channel with no luck.

Dru got comfy in his chair and decided to take a little nap. Me on the other hand. I was wired and not tired and anxious that I was going to be having surgery and not knowing when. So Dru napped, I channel surfed and they finally took me downstairs for prep for surgery. They made me take off my pants for surgery-which was not my fav, but ohh well. So I waited in the room, which seemed like FOREVER. Talked to the Dr. and all the necessary parties and was ready to get this show on the road. It was past midnight-it was 1am ish. And I was in pain, tired, anxious, and ready to take a little nap....

Speaking of nap. you are probably ready to take one too. So part 3 will happen whenever I feel up to the task. Saying a specific time is not the best because then you expect something from me-and well I can't always deliver.

Have a great Sunday!


Part one "why my appendix didn't need me anymore"

So I got to thinkin.....Bout time I start doing that after being on a mental check out for the past few days! I never really explained what happened to me. How I ended up in the hospital after a rather great outlook on life Tuesday morning.

Well here goes it. Tuesday was a great day. I was feeling great, motivated and had a great look on the day. I even wrote a post about my favorite morning news host and his balding :) I had worked out with my personal trainer the day before, was not as sore as I thought that I was going to be, was ready to when the weight loss challenge final weigh-in that was Tuesday night, celebrate a dear friends bday with her and go out for fattening food and drinks (after weigh-in, of course)....Things were great.

I had not yet showered for the day, which is pretty par for the normal here at Casa Erin and Dru. Showering happens when I have to go somewhere, and I was planning on running after work anyway. Working from upstairs because I got bored with my office downstairs. Working hard, chatting it up with the coworker on IM passing convo's back and forth about exciting stuff, ya know the norm! Dru was napping and had gotten home from work. Stan had joined him.

I started having a weird pain in my lower right side of my abdomen. A strange pain that I had never had before. Something that was hurting and hurting bad. I had a sort of bad tummy ache in the middle of the night the night before, but I figured that I was fine. Just normal bad tummy, maybe I ate something funny?

Well the pain started to get worse. I woke Dru up and laid on the bed and cried. I didn't want to go to the Dr. I didn't want to go to the hospital. I figured it would go away. Well I did some Dr. Google next. Who does not Dr. Google when something weird is happening? Don't lie!

Dr. Google tells me that it could be my appendix. I have most of the symptoms. I should probably go to the ER since I can't sit, stand, go to the bathroom. Ect. I get there, get to a room and wait and wait and wait. 45 mins goes by, and I have tried to tell myself that I am fine. I don't want to be there. I am FINE! Well, I was finally seen. Turns out he didn't think I was fine. I got an iv started, and blood tests, all that jazz. Turns out they think appendix too. Need to do a CT scan to confirm. I drink nasty stuff, and wait some more. An hour later I had the CT. Not too scary, but damn was I thirsty! I was parched. I had not eaten anything since the night before, so thirsty I thought that I could die, and just plan uncomfortable with pain.

We wait, did I mention that I did a lot of waiting? While waiting I was informed that I was
a. not preg. okay thanks, thats not what I am here for.
b. low on Posassium ( I don't know how to spell, I don't care) and that I needed some in my iv
c. most likely had a probelm in my abdominal region....well DUH. that is why I am here?

So while we waited for the resluts from the CT. It was decided that I needed some potassium. Straight up in the iv, that was ever so nicely delivering me some fluids, pain meds and now some more "good stuff"....WRONG. That shit hurts going in the viens. Hurts so bad I started crying and I think that I might have yelled fuck at the nurse! oops. It hurt, I apologized for my bad language, but I could not take it. The burning the stinging the feeling as if my arm was going to fall off. Just all in all bad news. But I needed it. Especially if I was going to have surgery. (this my friends is the first time that surgery was brought up directly to my face) I could hear them chatting outside my room, but no one tells you anything when you are in the ER for hours on end. I needed potassium or they would not preform surgery "later tonight".

So I am sure that everyone knows the outcome of this post and I am tired and need a nap-But I will continue tomorrow or later today when I have more energy.


Where I reveal some of my memory loss, and quirks with sleeping pants.

Hey Oh! Its Friday! 5Q Friday to be exact. I have been awake for many hours. Pain, and baby kitties jumping on my tummy just don't go over well at 5:45am. So here it goes! 5Q Friday-and its a little strange I must warn you.

1. What were your school colors?
Highschool Colors were Blue and Silver and sometimes the football team incorportated black into their uniforms? I donno, kind of strange to me. But I think oficially they were Blue and White? And I might be making up the silver?
Now I feel like you all probably think that I went to highschool decades ago, and I have a bad memory. Well, beings that I graduated HS in 2004-a mesely 6 years ago I should know what our colors are don't cha think?

My Elementary school (K-8th Grade) were Green and Gold. I think-or Green and White. Wow, I have the worst memory EVER. Mom will you confirm these colors for me please? Thanks a bunch!

2. What's the best compliment you ever received?
Well, people sometimes tell me they like my hair, when I actually do it. Someone once told me that I had a pretty voice. But I am damn sure that he was probably lying. We were in the car singing to the radio waiting for youth group at the local church. Is it really strange that I remember this? It is to me. And maybe I have just a teensy bit beleived it over the years so I don't feel as bad singing at the top of my lungs when alone in the car. Hence the alone part-Dru is not so fond of my singing along with the Radio!

3. Do you buy cheap or expensive toilet paper?
We are all about the expensive stuff here at our house. We have a TP problem, and go through a lot of it for just 2 people. But oh well, our bums are satisified and that is all that matters!

4. Have you ever had a surprise party thrown for you? Or have you had one for someone else? Nope and Nope. I don't think so. I am not a great surprise person, and don't really like surprises. I like to know what is going on so I think that I would be a little miffed at a surprise party.

5. What is one material possession that you "can't live without"?
I don't think that there is something that I can't live without that is material. Things can be replaced. They are that, just things. I don't dwell on what I have, because things can change in an instant. And "Shit Happens" so I just try to go with the flow and know that I will always be well taken care of and that I have Dru and that is all that matters. But I do always try to wear clean underware if there is a tornado warning. Don't want to be caught w.o clean underware. Or sleeping pants.
Okay, maybe I revise this question and say that I need my sleeping pants. I can't sleep when my legs touch. and they are a material possession, and I need them. At the hospital the other night i had to have my pants on when I went down for surgery, and they stored them for me in the "wake up" room and I got them right back after. I am weird!


My Playmate Posing Days are OVER

As I was reading the Playboy magazine that resides in our restroom this morning, yes i'm sorry for that visual of me sitting on the potty reading a magazine, I came to a sort of sad conclusion.

I won't ever get to pose in Playboy. I never really thought that it was something that I would actually do, and well my body would need to lose some more lbs before I would be really considered for such an honor. But I am not really a modest person, and hell if I had the chance to do it, or was asked, I would totally agree in a heartbeat.

But anyways, back to my rambling. Now that I now have some more incisions gracing my tummy from that damn appendix that I apparently didn't need, and was inflamed and didn't want my body anymore, my tummy probably isn't up to Playboy standards. I didn't see ANY scars gracing all of the playboy models that I have seen in the magazine since Dru and I have been together, and it has started living in my restroom.

Playboy models don't have surgery scars. They don't have gross incisions. They have perfect flat stomachs, with nice abs. They have cute bellybuttons, and flawless skin. I know that I am being very superficial in my findings. And probably analyze these models more than my loving hubby does.

But a girls gotta dream, right? And my playboy dreams have been crushed!

But the stories are still good in the magazine *yes I read for the stories, not the naked women*, and I will try hard to not judge the beautiful women that live in my bathroom anymore. Because I am going to take a much deserved nap!


So what happens when you already feel like a failure and your stomach is hacked up like someone illegally removed body parts? And walking, laughing, talking, coughing......all those ing words hurt like something fierce.

Well, your macbook dies. Full on harddrive failure. White screen of death with a blinking little folder with a question mark. I googled it. Screen of death, not coming back. Not cool at all! Thankfully I have more than one laptop in my house and am not bedridden without the internet to keep me busy. But still. Come on. Really?

But what shows how smart I really am? Well the applecare that i purchased along with the cute little macbook that my daddy ever so thoughtfully purchased for me my last year of college when my dell laptop had harddrive failure for the millionith time. So applecare will save the day. My computer will live again, for free hopefully. I just have to figure out a way to convince the apple store to open in my small town, or have someone drive my hacked up mess of a body to one, when I can stand up for longer then 2 minutes without doubling over in pain.

So I am a PC girl for now. And how I miss my macbook. I am thinking about upgrading when they fix the little guy. He is a pretty old version, so why not upgrade to something cool? I will be searching the options.


Home From the Hospital

I got released from the hospital this afternoon following my early morning appendix removal surgery. It was a strange night to say the least, and I did not sleep a wink. I can't sleep in strange places, and the pain didn't help the sleeping one bit.

But we made it. I say we since Dru has been amazing though everything. If I was a purchase such as a boat, or car my mom joked that he probably would have traded me in for a non broken version. Yes, I have had my fair share of medical shit this year, but I didn't think that was very nice, or even close to true. Dru loves me and is honestly the most caring husband in the world. He is by my side through everything and I couldn't ask for a better husband to spend the rest of my life with.

We will get through this, and things will be back to "normal" soon. I have a great support system of  friends, family, and job and I couldn't ask for more. So if you are looking for me, I am probably napping, or laying in bed working on my laptop, or taking short walks throughout the house to try to make myself less achey.

Come say hi.

Losing an organ?

So I just woke up in the hospital. Feeling like I was hit by a bus.

My appendix is gone, my abdomen feels like hell, my shoulders are killing me, I am hungry and cranky and just got more pain meds put in my iv.

I will explain this new adventure that I was thrown on later today. But I have been here at the hospital since last night at 4 pm. And I am not loving it.


Hoarding Animals? Or focusing on Happiness?

There was a segment on the Today show this morning about Animal hoarders. People who take in cats, dogs and probably other pets to no limit. They "save" these animals to only need to be saved themselves. I could not imagine my house and every space in it being consumed by animals. The kitty hair that we have from just 2 cute little babies is enough for me. Cleaning out the litter box last night made me want to vomit and teach my kitties how to use the people bathroom. It could not be that hard, right?

Why do people feel the need to hoard things? Is our society coming to the way of life where everything is an addiction? Everything, and I do mean everything is now taken to an extreme. People drink and do drugs to a unhealthy level (Lindsey L. is going to jail today, Mel has youtube videos and ranting phone calls threatening his baby mama) and these things are glorified and played over and over to an unhealthy level. The news channels should report the people who are doing good. The people that can handle their lives and are in control.

Matt Lauer (who is balding and not as sexy as he once was, I must say) needs to go out and find the "good" in people. Needs to report on something that is happening that is not sad, not destructive, but happy. I know that I am trying to say that things should be looked at with Rose colored glasses, but I am sick of always hearing the bad.

So today, Tuesday. I am going to focus on the good. I am going to think of the great meal that I am helping prepare for others in my town tomorrow and serving along with other great women. I am going to think of my dear friend Lorayne's birthday today, and my brother and Kyla visiting soon. I am going to be grateful for what I have. And not want more. Grateful for my wonderful husband and the opportunities that we have been given in this new place. Celebrating our year wedding anniversary in Sept. Grateful for the wonderful family support that we both have. Even though "absence makes the heart grow fonder" was the reason I gave my mom that we are not coming home to visit soon. Home is where the heart is. And that is here in our small town Minnesota home. We have a house to clean, a lawn to mow, a garden growing wonderful veggies and friends to celebrate. So I challenge you to do the same. Be thankful for what you have, don't focus on the negative and enjoy this wonderful summer day.


Ready to WIN a challenge

So as most of you know I have been participating in a weight loss challenge. Since my scale decided to fail me last week and stop working I have been wondering where I stand with my weight loss, and how much I need to lose to overcome the top weight loss loser and win the challenge.

Well I weighed myself today and I have 3lbs to go to be tied with the first place person from last week. I am hoping that my grueling workout today and the 2 that I plan on doing tomorrow before the challenge will be enough to give me that last boost to win.

Wish me luck... and I might be running in place while working tomorrow. And just possibly rewarding myself with a yummy grilled cheese after weigh-in tomorrow night.


Five Question Friday...

Friday is here already? Since it is that time again. I thought that I would link up to Mama M's. Five question friday! Have a great weekend everyone. It is going to be a hott and sticky one here in the Midwest. Hopefully it is not too hott where you are, or you have a pool/lake to cool off in!

1. Do you collect anything? No, strangely I don't. Too much clutter if you ask me. 

2. Name 3 celebrities that you find good looking. I have never been into the having crushes on stars. I am perfectly with my hottie husband and little life that I don't have the time to obsess over men that are "fiction"....and technically they usually turn out to be Dbags? Right?

3. Do you have any scars? If so, what's the story behind it (them?)? My two newest scars are the ones that make me the most mad. I have two cuts on my lower abdomen on each side. Both from the two surgeries that I had in the spring. One Dr. was a lot better at stitching me back up that the other, but they are still a constant reminder of those 2 surgeries...

4. What is a food that you like to eat, but others might think it's gross or weird? My husband tells me that Mac and Cheese with HotDogs (Turkey Dogs in my case) is the grossest thing. I love it. I cut them up and cook everything together. So the cheese has a "hotdogy" flavor. Yummmmm. 

5. Have you ever seen a tornado in real life? No. But now that we are in the Midwest, we have a bigger advantage (or disadvantage) of seeing one. Our Siren has gone off a total of one times since we have lived here. And catching Molly (before Stan) took us the longest. By the time we caught her, we probably would have been blown away if there really was a tornado. We are prepared, and have water, and sleeping bags, and kitty food in our basement. Just in case :)


How to gain 200lbs in one day.

So lately I have not been sleeping well. I can fall asleep, but I wake up early. 4:45 early. I don't need to be up at that time, I don't have anything to do at that time, and then it creates a cycle of me going to bed early and then waking up at some ungodly hour. This needs to stop! I don't like it. And sleep does not come to me easily anyway. I take Ambien to sleep almost everynight, or I would not sleep at all. Not fall asleep, stay asleep or anything. Yeah, I am sure that many people think that Ambien is not a good thing. I have talked to my Dr. extensively about it, and she is fine with me taking it, some people just need help sleeping...and Ambien is fine. I don't drive, leave the house after I take it, and can reasonably wake up in an emergency. So no judging. Ambien is not the problem, sleeping is. Or a lack thereof.

I gained 200ish lbs overnight-and also lost about 30lbs! Yes, I am still on the weight loss challenge, and my last day is next tuesday. I am currently in 3rd place. Which means that I win over $100, I don't remember the exact amount. But...if I am 1st place-which I WILL BE next tuesday. I win $350! What a reward for doing something that I needed to do anyway. And the extra money would be nice. I could buy something cute for my new skinnier body?

Back to gaining 200lbs. I have this really cool scale. That we actually received as a wedding gift from my dear friend Reem. Weird wedding gift you say? Well I disagree. AWESOME wedding gift! Such a great scale and I love it-or should I say "loved" it.

Well it broke this morning. Obsessive weighing happening over the last 6 weeks? Maybe-but should that make it go crazy? This morning I was at my goal weight one second and weighing over the max of the scale the next....Crazy rollercoaster that i went on in a matter of seconds. So I am sad. My scale is nuts, and it is the last week of weighin's. I guess that means that I can't obsessively watch myself gain at least 2lbs from 7am to 7pm which is the time of my weighin on Tuesdays.


Time Flys

Is it seriously the middle of July? The 14th to be exact. This means a few things to me. My big brother turns 26 today. Happy Birthday Erik, you make me feel old. Really, is my brother really closer to 30 than 20? Gezzzz...Mom I am sure that makes you feel old too.

I can't wait for my brother and Kyla (his gf) to come visit us. It is fun to have visitors and show them around and spend time with family.

What else does the middle of July mean? It means that it is that much closer to summer being over. And for that horrible white stuff that coats my driveway to come back. Snow and I are not friends. If you have read my blog since winter, you know that I complain a lot when it snows. I don't like to be cold, I don't like to drive in snow. I just don't like it. Yes, I do realize that it is my fault and I moved to MN from CA. Yes, I know....But Dru bought us a snowblower yesterday!!!!! I am debating if I want to learn how to use it, or just play stupid and say that it is "too hard" so I don't have to go outside until all the snow is gone.

Sorry if I am depressing some of you, talking about snow in July. Not cool.

okay-random tangent-WTF Bristol and Levi are engaged? Just heard that "Breaking News" on the today show that is on in the background.

Wow, the Bristol/Levi story just threw me way off. Don't know what to think about that one.

Have a great day-it is already Wednesday! Hopefully I won't blow away in a Tornado today as there seems to be some crazy weather alerts here in MN.


Just another Manic Monday

You know that song? This Monday is exactly that for me. It is 10am, and I have had one conference call, preparing for another, downloading video's, getting things organized from the weekend, preparing for my grueling workout with my trainer at lunch. Running (not really-driving) home and getting in the shower super quick like lightning speed so I can make it to the bosses house for a 2 o'clock meeting without smelling like something died becaue that is what my body will feel like. Getting back home, working some more and then going to a meeting/class tonight.

Gezzzz I'm ready for bed just thinking about everything that I am doing today.

Hope that your Monday is a little less Manic than mine.


Watching the Hill's makes me feel.....

Do you watch the Hill's? Or have you ever? I must admit, I have not watched it in a long time, but these people make me feel like the smartest person in the world. They are so unbelievably stupid. If this is the "real" lives that they lead. then wow, I feel sorry for these people.

That has been my morning. Along with working on some "work" which is why I am blogging on a Sunday. I miss Dru when he has to work on the weekends, and I am going to try to convince him to go on a run/walk with me this afternoon when he gets off work. I know that I should probably go now, and get it out of the way before the sky starts to pour this afternoon, but I want him to go-it would be a nice sunday afternoon.

I have started reading again. I have my "beachy" summer reads and I am in love with on author right now. Elin Hildebrand and her newest book is something that I can't put down. I read books like I am watching a movie, and can't wait to see what happens next. Which is why I am almost finished and I just got it the other day.

I just remembered that I MUST clean out my car. It is really gross, with just crap that I have been throwing in it when I go somewhere.

Happy Sunday.


Five Question Friday

So I am participating in Mama M's Five question Friday. I might figure out how to add her cute little button (I did it), but no promises. Work is calling, so I gotta think quick. Sorry for the many spelling mistakes that will follow :)

1. What is one food you could eat everyday? Hands down-Grilled Cheese....With basil, and sometimes canadian bacon inside too. On sourdough bread. Am I picky with my grilled cheese, well yes. But, due to this diet that I am on, grilled cheese has not graced my stomach for 5 weeks. And oh how I crave it.

2. Are you working in the career you thought you would be when you were 18? Yes. But even better. I never dreamed that I would have a job like this, where I got to work from home, do what I love, and live in a different state other than CA. I never could have imagined that my life would be like this when I first was starting college, but I am very happy right now. I love my career!

3. What is something that you wish you would have done when you were younger and you didn't?
I honestly can't think of an answer for this one. I guess it could be that I am only 24 and think that I can do anything still, and EVERYONE is young at heart-so who's to say that age matters when you want to do something?

4. What color are your kitchen walls?
Red, and a cream. Dru and I got bored and creative one winter day and they got painted Red.

5. Do you remember what your very first favorite song was?
I don't, but I am sure that it was probably something country. I loved listening to country songs with my family when we would go camping, or to the lake. Brings back good memories. Country music makes me think of summer, and swimming, and playing in the dirt, and family.


Good Morning Sunshine-Oh wait too early?

I woke up this morning before the sun came up. The sun arrives at around 530am-which is when I was closing the front door, ipod blasting and running shoes on my feet-going to meet the world.

Damn it felt good to be outside in the early morning, when it was not sticky and too hott. It felt good to hear my feet slaming against the pavement-and not the rest of my body. You see, I am not so much a runner and one time my ankles just decided to give out and my hands, face and knees met the pavement really fast-and they were not ready to be friends.

I live in fear of running, and falling down in public. Or not in public and to be stranded. Dru was already working away when I went for a run. He gets up much earlier than I do on a daily basis (but I don't nap....so there).

The run was great-laundry is started-showered and hair dried, bengay rubbed on my sore muscles from Jodi the personal trainer trying to kill me yesterday. I almost fell off a mountain-or maybe is was just a hill but when she is forcing me to stride as far as I can-holding weights up said "mountain" in 90degree heat and humidity-it feels like a damn mountain.

Ready to win this damn weight challenge-be fit and sexy, and maybe just maybe eat a piece of bread. I have been craving bread since this started and I haven't caved yet-but I want a grilled cheese so bad I can taste it.

Is a grilled cheese flavored shake possible? With good calories, and protein and lingering grilled bread and grilled cheese flavor???


Working Out-Or Taco Bell?

Today is the first day of my new workout plan to go along with my new eating. I am meeting my personal trainer at the park in 45 mins. I have on my workout "gear" and it is HOT outside. And supposed to rain and storm today.

Heres to hoping that it does not thunder and lightning and rain on me when I am getting my fitness on. And that I lose even more inches and don't temp myself with Taco Bell since it is located in the town of the park that I will be working out in.

What are you doing today for your self? Working on your fitness, or eating Taco Bell? Because props to you if you decide on either, they are both pretty good choices if you ask me.


Cleaning windows at 7am?

I woke up really early (for me) this beautiful friday morning. I woke up refreshed, and ready for the friday before my 3 day weekend. I was excited, I have a whole 3 days ahead of me that are going to be beautiful and best of all I get to spend them with my hubby. These rare weekends are something that I rejoice, and look forward to. Dru usually has to work on the weekends, or at least one weekend day. Therefore limiting our time that we get to spend together when one of us is not working. Its a bummer.

Dru and I have 3 full days to fish, lay in the sun, enjoy eachothers company, bbq, hang with some friends, cuddle with eachother and Stan and Molly. The possibilities are endless. We will not be packing up our stuff and living in the woods for the weekend (camping)...We will be having a Staycation in our own house. Our little town. Getting things done and enjoying eachother. That is what I am looking forward to.

We have been married for almost 1 whole year. One year seems like such a short time when I look back to my sophomore year of highschool. We have been together since January of 2002. It is now 2010. I have spent my whole entire adult life with the one person who I love more than anything. We have grown "old" together and I can't wait to grow old and gray together. Life is holding many many great things for us, I just know it. And this weekend is going to be one of those great things.

So why is my post titled "Cleaning Windows?"....Well because I did exactly that this morning. I cleaned our living room windows before work this morning. I decided that I was sick of looking out at the beautiful day through gross fingerprinted, raindrop, kitty smeared windows. So that is the theme of this weekend. Looking at things through new fresh eyes. Clear unmitigated fun, and sunshine.

I hope that you are going to enjoy your 4th of July holiday weekend as much as I am.