So what happens when you already feel like a failure and your stomach is hacked up like someone illegally removed body parts? And walking, laughing, talking, coughing......all those ing words hurt like something fierce.

Well, your macbook dies. Full on harddrive failure. White screen of death with a blinking little folder with a question mark. I googled it. Screen of death, not coming back. Not cool at all! Thankfully I have more than one laptop in my house and am not bedridden without the internet to keep me busy. But still. Come on. Really?

But what shows how smart I really am? Well the applecare that i purchased along with the cute little macbook that my daddy ever so thoughtfully purchased for me my last year of college when my dell laptop had harddrive failure for the millionith time. So applecare will save the day. My computer will live again, for free hopefully. I just have to figure out a way to convince the apple store to open in my small town, or have someone drive my hacked up mess of a body to one, when I can stand up for longer then 2 minutes without doubling over in pain.

So I am a PC girl for now. And how I miss my macbook. I am thinking about upgrading when they fix the little guy. He is a pretty old version, so why not upgrade to something cool? I will be searching the options.

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  1. I have the newer (I got it in November) MacBook Pro. I love it so much! :) I hope you start feeling better soon!