How to gain 200lbs in one day.

So lately I have not been sleeping well. I can fall asleep, but I wake up early. 4:45 early. I don't need to be up at that time, I don't have anything to do at that time, and then it creates a cycle of me going to bed early and then waking up at some ungodly hour. This needs to stop! I don't like it. And sleep does not come to me easily anyway. I take Ambien to sleep almost everynight, or I would not sleep at all. Not fall asleep, stay asleep or anything. Yeah, I am sure that many people think that Ambien is not a good thing. I have talked to my Dr. extensively about it, and she is fine with me taking it, some people just need help sleeping...and Ambien is fine. I don't drive, leave the house after I take it, and can reasonably wake up in an emergency. So no judging. Ambien is not the problem, sleeping is. Or a lack thereof.

I gained 200ish lbs overnight-and also lost about 30lbs! Yes, I am still on the weight loss challenge, and my last day is next tuesday. I am currently in 3rd place. Which means that I win over $100, I don't remember the exact amount. But...if I am 1st place-which I WILL BE next tuesday. I win $350! What a reward for doing something that I needed to do anyway. And the extra money would be nice. I could buy something cute for my new skinnier body?

Back to gaining 200lbs. I have this really cool scale. That we actually received as a wedding gift from my dear friend Reem. Weird wedding gift you say? Well I disagree. AWESOME wedding gift! Such a great scale and I love it-or should I say "loved" it.

Well it broke this morning. Obsessive weighing happening over the last 6 weeks? Maybe-but should that make it go crazy? This morning I was at my goal weight one second and weighing over the max of the scale the next....Crazy rollercoaster that i went on in a matter of seconds. So I am sad. My scale is nuts, and it is the last week of weighin's. I guess that means that I can't obsessively watch myself gain at least 2lbs from 7am to 7pm which is the time of my weighin on Tuesdays.


  1. I am on the exact opposite sleep schedule! I am up til 2AM every single night, then I can't get up on time! Maybe I need Ambien? Hmmmm.

    Good luck on the weight loss challenge! $350 would be an awesome little chunk of change, and it's definitely well-deserved!

  2. You need to have your dear husband change the batteries in the scales silly girl! Good job on the weight loss.. Love ya MoM!!!!

  3. Ug sleeping can be such a struggle!
    I remember the shock I felt when I bought a new scale and GAINED 5 lbs. I prefer to use my old scales...that lie to me:)

  4. LOL You neglect to mention that the scale was ON your gift registry list! Its not like I just thought you would want a scale or anything :)

    Anyway, I hope that silly thing gets fixed, and great job with the weight loss! Congratulations!!! Miss you xoxo