Cleaning windows at 7am?

I woke up really early (for me) this beautiful friday morning. I woke up refreshed, and ready for the friday before my 3 day weekend. I was excited, I have a whole 3 days ahead of me that are going to be beautiful and best of all I get to spend them with my hubby. These rare weekends are something that I rejoice, and look forward to. Dru usually has to work on the weekends, or at least one weekend day. Therefore limiting our time that we get to spend together when one of us is not working. Its a bummer.

Dru and I have 3 full days to fish, lay in the sun, enjoy eachothers company, bbq, hang with some friends, cuddle with eachother and Stan and Molly. The possibilities are endless. We will not be packing up our stuff and living in the woods for the weekend (camping)...We will be having a Staycation in our own house. Our little town. Getting things done and enjoying eachother. That is what I am looking forward to.

We have been married for almost 1 whole year. One year seems like such a short time when I look back to my sophomore year of highschool. We have been together since January of 2002. It is now 2010. I have spent my whole entire adult life with the one person who I love more than anything. We have grown "old" together and I can't wait to grow old and gray together. Life is holding many many great things for us, I just know it. And this weekend is going to be one of those great things.

So why is my post titled "Cleaning Windows?"....Well because I did exactly that this morning. I cleaned our living room windows before work this morning. I decided that I was sick of looking out at the beautiful day through gross fingerprinted, raindrop, kitty smeared windows. So that is the theme of this weekend. Looking at things through new fresh eyes. Clear unmitigated fun, and sunshine.

I hope that you are going to enjoy your 4th of July holiday weekend as much as I am.


  1. Make sure you both enjoy each others company. Very nice what you wrote. So let me ask this what does it mean if you are cleaning the bathroom?

    Have a great 4th

  2. Kitty smeared windows can't possibly be as bad as pitbull slobbered windows! Have a great staycation!

  3. Sounds like a lovely way to spend a weekend:0 Enjoy every second!