It's a great day for some baseball

Dru and I are heading into the big city for the Twin's game tonight. My boss was nice enough to give us tickets a few months ago as he has some sort of season ticket thing with friends. Our tickets are pretty good ones, and we are somewhere along the first base line 14 rows up.

Baseball has been a family thing ever since I was little. The countless hours that I spent watching my big brother play from Tball to college ball (I only ever got to see one of his college games). But he was good at what he did and still loves the game. He currently coaches Baseball at the high school that we both attended. It is his passion. So it is only fitting that I do like the game. Even though baseball was usually part of my birthday every year I have forgiven him for that. My attention span is not the greatest sometimes so it does help that I am of legal drinking age to consume adult beverages at games now. Who does not love paying $8 for a beer on a beautiful summer day?

I am throwing my diet out the door for today. I am going to consume baseball food and drinks. I am going to laugh and enjoy the night. Our friends who we invited to go with us are native Minnesotians and are going to show us some of the city before the game. We are going to bars before, we are going to enjoy this beautiful day. I am excited! I am charging my camera in the hopes that I will actually use it. No promises but I need to start documenting our lives better.

And another kicker to make this day even better. I was able to squeeze my body into a pair of jeans from college. From my skinnier days. They fit. They were not super comfy as I still am healing from my surgery last week, and I choose not to wear them. But I am finally starting to feel pretty again. Sexy in my jeans-sexy in my own skin.

I hope that you are enjoying your Saturday as much as we are going to. Tomorrow is August 1st so I have vowed to enjoy summer as much as I can. Tanning and getting ready for my brother and Kyla's visit (Tuesday) is on the agenda for tomorrow.

In the words of Lorayne-PEACE!


  1. Enjoy the game! I love Target Field!!

  2. Hope you didn'tt get puked on! ;)

  3. You got tickets to the game?? You lucky duck! I haven't been to the new stadium yet but am determined to get there before the season ends!