Apparently We are Famous

So, most people might be mad about being on the site. awkwardfamilyphotos,  but well, I took it as a compliment. And it made me laugh. So I thought why not share with the rest of the world Dru and I being famous. So please click below.


ps: This is not the REAL save the date that we used. Just FYI

Top 3 reasons why getting married sucks....

Ever since that day in September when my loving fiance became my husband and I agreed to change my name I have been frustrated.

Let me tell you why.

1. Changing my name sucks!

2. Why don't men change their names, instead of the wives. That would make my life a WHOLE lot easier.

3. Before I can file taxes, book my flight for fun to FL, or do anything. I have to file paperwork.

Now don't think that I am lazy and have not done anything since September. I HAVE

-a new drivers license
-all new bank cards
-new credit cards
-changed my mailing address with almost 3 million companies (well at least it feels that way)

What I have not done
-gotten a new social security card. Which means that I must DRIVE all the way to Minneapolis, most likely wait in line for more than an hour. Fill out paperwork and get a new card. Now I must do all of this on a WEEKDAY, between the hours of 9-4. Can you say inconvienent.

-Changed my name on my delta skymiles acct. Really should it be that hard. Do I really need to fax you a copy of my marriage certificate? Just to book a flight. Come on. It should be a simple online change. Why make my life harder

-Gotten a new passport. So now I am unable to travel outside the US. Why have I not got a new passport you ask. Well because they are expensive, and I swear I just got one a few years ago.

If this does not convince you that men need to change their names. Or that you should not get married. Then I don't know what will...


New Kitchen

So my husband was bored yesterday. And he decided to start a project. Thank GOD I work from home or my kitchen would be THIS color

Do you see that color. It is BLUE. I HATE blue. Not my color. Does not go with anything we own.

So now our kitchen is THIS color

This picture does not do it justice, but it is a dark red, burgandy color. Only those two walls. But still a nice addition to the kitchen.

Both "captain" and "molly" have mysterious red spots on them. Hmmmm wonder how that happened.



Women, do you feel violated when you go to the Lady Dr??. Well let me tell you. I will never feel violated again, after I saw what "the captain" went through today.

So I usually have girl kitty's. I am not sexist, and don't choose for it to be that way. But that is the way that it has been. Fredricka, Earnestine, Merv, Molly....Okay you get the point. And maybe my cats have identity issues because I named then boy names, and then found out they were actually girls...
Fred, Earnie, Merv (that is Dru's doing)
 And it makes me look a little like a crazy cat woman, but that is a different day different story.

"The Captain" went to the vet today. The vet was checking him out. Routine check no big deal. And then I asked when he needed to be fixed, or if he needed to if he was going to live inside, with just Molly...And she can't have babies, so no big deal.

Well the vet decided to show me his "testicles"....Did I need to see them. I didn't think so, but she decided to violate "the captain" anyways. Turn's out he has one ball. Hmmmm...I would have never known, and he would have never been less of a man to me if I didn't know. But she tugged and pulled and looked for the other ball....

Poor "Captain". I felt bad for him. And decided that men might have it rough sometimes too. Turn your head and cough. Here, let my pull on your balls.

PS. I asked my mom if men that have been fixed masturbate. Have you ever had that sort of conversation with your mom? Well I meant Kitty's, not MEN. Com'n I read Playboy. I know these things.

That was my day. Fun, Fun.

Poor "captain".


Ugly Cry

Blog who, Blog what....Thank god that I can blog and you did not have to see the ugly cry.

You know that horrible ugly, salty, droopy, just ick cry that you do? Some people have that for other reasons. I have it when I have not cried in a while and just need to let it all out. I would not say that I am a crier. I don't like to cry. I want to think that I am a strong woman, and that my emotions are on the inside. But I do have an ugly cry.

I knew that Dru had to work tonight, and I was going to be alone. I rented "my sisters keeper". I had read the book first, and actually have already saw the movie. But geeeezzz louise did I have my ugly cry on. Just sobs, running down my face.

That movie/book brings up so many emotions. Jodi's books do that. Why? Why me, why this, who am i, did they love me, did I love them, was my future what I thought, will it be what I want????????? Questions, and more questions.

I love to be challenged, and I love for things to be different. Struggle is a way of life.

I cried tonight watching that movie for many reasons.
1. So much has changed.
2. I have so many hopes and plans and goals. That I want to happen
3. I miss people. Family, friends, the beach, ca. no snow.
4. People think that  have it all together. Do I?
5. I need: Fun, Sun, tanlines, people who don't speak my language and a care free place for a few days.

And then the ugly cry goes away. And I am happy for everything in my life. My great.awesome.amazing.loving.caring.sexy.helpful.faithful.....and so many other words HUSBAND.
My family and friends who are so far away and yet let me know that they love me and are available and going through things themselves.

I love you all. I needed the ugly cry. Be happy you did not have to see it :)


So our team and the "Silver Fox" just could not do it last night. The Vikings will not be going to the superbowl.

I am not usually into football, but I did have a good time watching the game last night. I don't think that I have had jello shots since a college party that was so fun that I don't remember it....

I am ready for baseball season. Not saying that I am actually a baseball fan, but at least you can get a tan watching those games. And I happen to understand the game of baseball a lot more than I do football. Maybe that it because as far back as I can remember I went to baseball game after baseball game for my brother??? Could be the reason. So I am ready for the season, spring that is!

Sleep has been something that has been cut short the past few days, due to one small furry animal, STAN. He wakes up WAY too early, and is not very tip toe quiet. He actually sounds like an elephant and I am pretty sure that elephants way much more than 1lb. But Stan is VERY loud in the mornings.

I baked yesterday. I felt so domestic, and I made banana bread. Cleaning out our fridge (another domestic task), there were some bananas that had lived past their lifespan. I decided to make some banana bread. It actually turned out yummy and my husband liked it so that is always a plus.



Where I grew up it rained a lot. Or it seemed that way to me. I am not a big fan of the wet stuff that falls out of the sky.

Are you getting the feeling that I only like warm weather? Because that it basically true. I am a sun person. I love to be tan. I love to read books and sun my body. I don't like cold, wet, or icy....

It is raining here in the frozen tundra. Stan and I are writing this blog post from the warmth of our home. Actually, Stan is biting me as I write, and making it nearly impossible. And he is farting. Stinky kitty farts. Not cool. He keeps jumping on the keyboard.

Stan and I were supposed to go to the vet this morning. We opted out. Too icy. Didn't want to risk our lives, just so we could go to the kitty dr. Guess I will have to live with a farting kitty until Monday. He seems happy and healthy except for the farting so I guess that is a good thing.

So I found plane tickets to the home town for around 200. That is CHEAP. Debating going home for the weekend next weekend. But do I trust Dru to kittysit, and hold down the fort w/out me. And I don't really like flying. I will keep you updated.



I did not have a lot of time to do anything yesterday. Since I was out and about for work. When I have to get all dressed up and fancy, it makes me appreciate my "work at home" clothing so much more. I feel the pain of the people who have to get up at a certain time each morning in order to get ready for work, make lunch and get out of the house to commute to the work place.

I am almost positive that my laundry would never be done. My house would be in a state of unclean a lot, and I would be frantic. But working from home allows laundry, cleaning and well catching up on Tivo'd shows to be done during the work day when there is a down second.

Our little family is doing well. "The" Captian, or "Captian Stan" or just "Stan", is adjusting to life here at our house and little (who we have realized is not so little anymore) Molly is adjusting as well. They chase eachother around the house a lot. Stan slept with us, as did Molly for some of the night, when she decided that Stan was not going to kill us all in our sleep and she could close her eyes and rest. Molly makes weird noises at Stan, but hopefully that will pass.

I decided that Stan needed a bath today. BAD IDEA. Kitty's don't like water. I mean duh, I knew this. But still Stan did NEED a bath. So I got everything prepared. Stan got the bottom half of his body wet. I got really wet, and scratched, and bloody. And the bath was done. None the cleaner than when we began, but drowned rat like and not happy, we did survive a small dipping in water.

I guess that Stan will just have to clean himself :)

The frozen tundra, is just that. Frozen. Still. And we are expecting rain. What is rain when it freezes you ask. Well ICE. Yes, ice does not sound like fun at all. So I think that tonight, I will drink wine, cuddle with my family and not go outside. Since my computer is flashing a winter weather watch for BAD weather. And maybe power outages. Which would NOT BE COOL....So keep warm positive thoughts, that my power won't go out. And that it will be warm soon.


Captian Stan

We have a new member of our family. His name is Captian Stan. Or just Stan if you want.

Molly does not like Stan. She spends the majority of her time making really weird/strange/mean noises in the direction of Stan. And has now taken to following him around wherever he goes. It is interesting, and fun to watch as long as no one gets hurt.

Stan is 8 weeks old, and loves to play and cuddle...Molly is an old maid who likes to sleep and sometimes love if she is in the mood.

Do you see the difference? Molly has a little bit of a "I feel replaced" mentality regarding Stan. So I am just ignorning them both and watching them run around.

At least they are entertaining themselves and not bothering me. Which was the goal........Right?

Hopefully babies are just as easy, when we decide to go that route, and I will hope for twins so they can just entertain eachother :)


Flowers :)

Nothing like a beautiful flower arrangement to brighten my day. (even if I was in my bathrobe when they delivered it...a girl has got to shower at some point during the day, who says it can't be 2pm?)

My mom is the Best.....She is so sweet. I am so happy and lucky to have a mom like her.

Thank You Mom. You made me cry.

Now just a way to figure out how to keep these away from molly, and a new addition to our family (maybe tonight)...
Molly is trying to drag the chicken that I have on the counter to dethaw into the living room so I must cut this blog short to *beat* (not for reals, but she is a real pain in my ass lately) my child...........Or maybe just lock her in the basement for a while.
Thank god we are getting her a friend. Hopefully she does not try to eat her new kitty friend.



Some people characterize themselves as runners. People even have "runner’s bodies"....Well I am not a runner, I have never really been a runner. But that is not going to stop me from signing up (and actually running) for a 1/2 marathon. I am doing it. In May. Exactly a week before my 24th bday.

Lake Minnetonka 1/2 Marathon here I come. 13.1 miles. I can do it. I know that I can. And I am really excited.

My brother tried to tell me to start small. a 1/10 of a marathon...I don't even think that those exist. He also tried to tell me that there was still going to be snow on the ground. If there is still snow in may.....We have more problems than me running a marathon. We have SERIOUS problems, like this place is way to f'n cold for me and I might have to relocate to somewhere warm for a lot of months out of the year.

But I have faith. I have faith in myself, and faith in the Minnesota weather, that there will not be snow. But there will be flowers...."April showers bring May flowers" RIGHT????? That is how it works. Don't fail me now...

Also, a new friend here is beginning a new path in her life. At 42 she was told she has breast cancer. She will be getting a double mastectomy tomorrow morning. Her zest for life, and outlook on this horrible event has made me realize that I need to live life to the fullest. Bad things can happen to good people. And cancer is one of those bad things. But I have pledged to start living my life rather than letting it "live, me"....So please pray for my friend Kerry Ann and keep in mind, that you can do whatever you want to do, you just have to believe in yourself.

SO I WILL run a 1/2 marathon

Kerry Ann will beat Cancer

And there will be NO SNOW in May.............


A Case of The Monday's

It is Monday, as most are aware. And it is a holiday. So that means that my most favorite time of the day will not even come (mail time if you were unaware, that I LOVE to get mail).....

I really think that my boss should celebrate more holidays.

Speaking of mail. I did some online shopping last week. There was a sale, a big one, like a Semi Annual one....So I bought some stuff. Dru was off work this weekend....do you see where this story is going??

Dru yells at me from the living room. "What did you buy".......
Me: "why dear I have NO IDEA what you are talking about".......I might be lying about the "dear" part :)
Dru: "Then why is the mail man delivering a package"??????

Me: "Shit, you are usually gone when the mail comes, how was I supposed to know that the package was going to be delivered today...there was a sale I promise"!!!

See...usually my husband does not care what I purchase, and is not even here when it is delivered, so no big deal. But I have been making a big deal of saving money lately. So the fact that I am online shopping is NOT good...

Maybe I should have things delivered next door.??????


Have I outed myself?

So yesterday when I was lurking on the internet I found a fellow Women of Today members (O mighty El Presidente) Blog. Hi Lisa!
So when I ran into her last night I told her about finding her blog and I told her that I had one too....Was that a mistake? I don't think so, but she might think that I am crazy. Or more crazy than she already thought that I was. But thats okay, we all have quirks...

So anyways, it is friday. I am more than excited that it is the weekend for a number of reasons.

1. I can not seem to be productive for more than an hour at a time this week to save my life. ADD anyone?

2. Who does not love getting to sleep in?

3. It is warmer than it has been in a while, and well even though that does not mean that I will necessarily go out and play in the snow, still warmth is a good thing :)

4. Dru has the weekend off. That does not mean that I will be doing any of his suggested activities.....Camping??? Come on Honey for reals? Its f'n January. No thank You! But still nice to have my honey home even if we (he) do have to get up to feed that monster cat of ours and then go back to bed to sleep in :)

5. I only work Mon-Fri.....Nough Said....

So that is my list of why I am happy that it is Friday. Just so you knew that I was happy.

And I have started lifting weights when on conference calls, multitasking at its best :)


It is only Thursday? For reals?

Well since I usually blog in the morning, I am surprised that my mother has not called me to see if I am alive today :)

Well I am (alive that is), but I actually have A LOT of work to do, but needed a break so thought that I would blog. I have also been vacation planning, because I think that Dru and I are going to get to go somewhere for his bday, and well I am super excited. A vacation sounds nice right now. Don't cha think???

Even if that vacation corresponds with a conference that I am going to for work as well, because who says that I should not multitask and kill two birds with one stone, and go to a conference, and then get to have a fun vacation.

Do you watch "New adventures of old christine"?? Well we do. And it made for some funny laughs at our house last night. I will let you use your imagination, because outing my husband is not nice, but if you watch the show you can probably figure it out :)

Working out has been going great lately...I am sore today from my workout yesterday and that is a good sign. I decided to take today off since I have a lot of work to do. And a meeting tonight. I just could not fit it into my busy schedule today. But I am excited and hope to see results by my goal of my bday. Cause gezzzz 24 is getting up there. I am JUST kidding, but I have realized that I need to start being healthy and should do it while I am still young and don't have more excuses and responsibilities in my life.

Happy Thursday. Looking forward to the weekend, because this week seems to DRAG on and ON and ON!


Just another day in paradise

We are expected to "maybe" have temp's above freezing today....woooo hoooo.....That is enough to get me pretty excited about life. Even though the flip flop, tanning, pedicure days are still too far away to start counting, I will get excited about less icy streets, and not freezing my butt off when I go outside.

Nothing exciting has happened in my life lately. Is my blog boring to you? Because I am bored with my life. Dru and I both sit around and say that we are bored on a regular basis, and then I start to think off all the "not fun" things we could be doing and then get even more bored and feel old. It is like when my mom used to tell me if I was bored she could give me a chore list.....I don't want to do chores, and if cleaning a bathroom is what it takes for me to be unbored, then count me out.

I have been going to the gym recently, which is a good thing. It makes me feel better, and hopefully means that all those cute jeans that are in my closet and no longer fit my fat butt will fit soon. I also have access to a personal trainer for FREE. Now that is good news. And I can't wait to start. She is a client of ours at the marketing company that I work for, and she is offering her services for ours. And my boss is always traveling, which means that I am the one who gets to take advantage of getting my butt kicked by a super fit mom of 2 who runs marathons and cool stuff like that. I am pretty sure that she did an iron man or something like it. She is awesome.

Sorry for boring you. Hopefully I will have something exciting happen to talk about.


Coffee and kitty sitters

My new morning routine involves drinking coffee in bed, watching the today show and online surfing for a while. Dru leaves for work pretty early and I usually have the mornings to myself to do whatever I want to. Now I realize that I should go to the gym. But that has to wait until lunch time when the temps are at least in the double digit range.
This morning went no different than yesterday, except for when I got up and went to the office to turn the comp on. I started to choke on my coffee, and it came out of my nose. For reals, coffee was running out of my nose. Thankfully it was not HOT but it was still a really really weird feeling, and I don't think that I want that to happen anymore.

I need a kitty sitter. Molly is driving me INSANE. it is IMPOSSIBLE to work with a four legged creature sitting on your lap, walking across the keyboard, or laying in front of my comp screen. She also steps on the phone a few times a day and attempts to call people. It is driving me nuts. She needs a friend, or a job or a hobby or something because this is just not working for me.
I am considering getting a hamster or gerible or whatever those furry little creatures are, and making that her friend. Putting it in a ball, or cage, and letting them get acquainted of course first, just incase she tries to eat her new friend. Ya see, molly has never gone outside, and we won't live in the country like at my parents house, so I am thinking that there are no mice or gophers and she would befriend a small furry animal instead of eat it.
My next option is getting another kitty. Dru wants a damn dog, and well I just can't agree to that. Molly poops in a poop house. I am pretty sure I could not train a puppy to do that??? And if molly drives me nuts, imagine how much work I would get done with a puppy. Or how much sleep I would lose. NOT HAPPENING.......

Happy Tuesday.

PS everytime I sniffle I taste coffee....WEIRD


Shaking, or Frozen....

I am pretty sure that I would choose the frozen tundra over earthquakes. At least there are weather reports that tell me when it is going to be too damn cold to do anything. No one warns when the ground is going to shake and things are going to fall off shelves.

See, my family lives where the ground shakes. I have experienced and few earthquakes as a california native, but I am not too fond of them. I remember one when I was little and at a softball tournment. Then it is the aftershocks that suck. Trying to sleep, when you don't know if the ground is going to start to shake, is not so easy. I think that I remember the whole family in mom and dad's water bed after the big earthquake when I was little. And well, water beds shake anyways, so that was probably not a great idea.

Speaking of water beds. What a STUPID idea. Who would think that filling a bed with water, and putting sheets on it would be comfy? They make me sea sick......

So I guess the point of this post is that. Fam, I am glad that you are okay. But I choose Frozen Tundra, over ground shaking........So don't expect to see this family packed up and moving to CA anytime soon...

Happy Monday


Over It

Is it bad when both Dru and I are already over the snow and cold? We both really really can't wait for spring, or a sign of green grass. We are more outdoor people, and enjoy sitting on the porch, bbq'n chatting and enjoying life.
We are not TV, movie watchers, what have you...that makes us sit inside for days even months at a time. I am starting to get cabin fever, and Dru is as well.
The good news is that, spring and summer here offer an abundance of activities to look forward too. If they didn't then I would seriously question why people lived here. Camping, boating, fishing, bug killing (*yeah those damn misquitos I even miss a little bit), tanning, reading, home improvement...well you get the picture. There are many many more activities for people like ourselves to enjoy when you can go outdoors without 5 layers and the threat of hypothermia.
Soooo until those days come, I am going to try to think positive, organize my life and house for when I am NEVER inside during the spring/summer months and work on getting skinny for when I don't have to wear so many layers.

My wise mother (who informed me that she DOES NOT like to paint, by the way...she just does it because she likes the look after) has given me the idea to look for exercise equipment for my basement. Then I would not have to venture out into the cold, and I would not have an excuse. We have this LARGE space, and I should use it. So that is my next adventure. Craigslist here I come....

In between working that is, because it still is Friday. Almost weekend time. More projects....I think that I might even need to go to the fabric store. I am inspired to make a quilt for Relay for Life.


How did I get here????

Since most peoples resolutions include losing weight....and I am one of those people. I decided to weigh myself this morning......

HOW THE F DID I GET SO FAT???? This thing MUST be broken??? I am thinking the coldness directly correlates with fatness?? At least for me.

Not okay. I know that they say women gain a few lbs when they get married but this is just crazy.

So I have started a fat/fit journel. I will record my weight and intake every day until I am not so grossed out with myself. I thought about throwing away all the food in the fridge, but then Dru would be sad.........so I guess that self control will just have to be what I do.

Maybe working from home is not a good idea?

And it is SNOWING and WINDY and COLD........so how the hell am I supposed to go to the gym?????

The good news is that I have cut WAY back on my drinking (but maybe that is why I am getting fatter, remember the days of the wine diet, I swear that it works).........Hmmmmmmm
......Ill keep you updated



You know that it is cold when the weather man says that a "bus stop forecast" of 3 degrees is WARM...Are these people smoking crack? I am pretty sure if I grew up in weather this cold, I would have used every excuse in the book to not have to go to school.
Kids here have snow clothing for recess, and can still play outside until it is below 20 degrees. Now that just sounds cruel. I get pissed when I walk from my car that is in my garage to my house because it is cold. I am pretty sure that my kids will be homeschooled for the winter months, because Mommy most definitely will not be venturing out into the cold to go to the bus stop with them. I work from home for a reason!!!

So you know when something is falling out of your hands, and you are afraid that it might land on your feet and you don't have shoes on so you try to catch the item???
Well I don't recommend doing that with a really sharp knife. Being the intelligent person that I am, I grabbed a really sharp knife to cut up some lettuce to go with my salad last night (healthy :) well the knife started falling out of my hands so my gut reaction was to grab for it. Well it sliced my finger and then almost got my foot too...Ughhhh not cool, and it is in the part where my finger bends, so it is a very uncomfortable place to have a sliced finger....

Happy Wednesday-Stay Warm



When you think image, do you think of a photo, or a person? People have an image to uphold, well according to the news, and people watching other people there is an image.

Who chooses that image, and is able to say when it is going in the wrong direction? Why can't people just be themselves, and then see what happens? I have always been a strong advocate for being myself and not taking shit or kissing up to people for "image". Sometimes this might get me in "trouble" but in trouble with who? Most definitely not myself. I don't care, I am me and like me or not but I am still going to be me.

So this whole topic came up watching Tiger Woods on the news this morning. If the man wants to pose shirtless on a magazine because his wife is taking a lot of his money because he is a cheater. Then so be it. Let him be. He made his bad choices, and now must live the consequences. But why do we f'n care?

On to real life. It is Tuesday again. THANK GOD, that means half price tanning, and wow do I feel white. And I am getting my bangs trimmed. Going to be a good day. Productive, cold but a good day.



So remember all those things that I said that I was going to do yesterday. Well I lied. I did not do a damn thing. I didn't even open the door to the outdoors to see how frigid it actually was.

My head hurt like all day. My ears hurt too. I just felt lazy. So that is what I was. LAZY.....

News Years goals actually start the monday after new years right? Because that is what my goal is today. I feel productive, ready for the day. Showered and refreshed.

Still probably not going to check out the outdoors unless I have to, but I will be productive.

PS...There are some sick people out there in the world. I wish that the news was more happiness and roses, instead of crazies that shoot, or blow up other people.
I watch the Today show every morning to get myself going for the day and to know what is going on in the world, but I am appalled to know that there are so many sad stories out there.

Someone needs to teach Molly the kitty that mommy and daddy are not ready to play at 4:30am. I do NOT want to play, nor do I want to get up and feed the fat cat either....So that is my rant for the day. Damn cat wakes up to early...

Happy Monday


Bitter Cold

Temps here in the frozen tundra are living up to their name that I have given this place. Its f'n cold. Like negative degrees, like -20 when I woke up. Now I don't know this temp because I trekked outside and looked at the temp measurer, I know because my trusty macbook tells me this from the safety and warmth of my bed. I'm not crazy.

Speaking of my bed. We got a new tv for the bed room, and molly tries to attack it. I don't know if it is that she thinks we are going to pay attention to her less when she comes to snuggle in bed, and that she won't get to be queen of the mountain (Dru's tummy is the mtn) or what. but I am scared that she is going to pull it down. Now granted, not scared enough to leave the warmth of the bed and actually get her off the dresser, but to yell loudly from my warm cozy spot and hope that she listens.....She does not listen by the way.

My semi vacation is coming to an end. I have to work tomorrow with no vacation or holiday days in sight. Which is fine with me, as long as no traveling is involved, unless it is someplace warm and tropical. I do like my job, a lot, but I do like the warmth of my house and would like to stay inside until around april when it FINALLY thaws out around here. I will take advantage of the summer more than I did last year. I will do outdoor activities as often as possible.

So now that we are on the topic of things that I will do this 2010.....Not a resolution list, but just things that I will do......because I am determined.

1. Actually work out, yeah like I know that everyone says that. But I already have a gym membership I just need to get my ass to the gym

2. Be nicer to my husband, and cook dinner most nights. Making a list and shopping for a purpose will help up do this. Which is what we did yesterday.

3. No eating out for the month of Jan.

4. Have fun projects for the weekend. Like painting, or sewing or something along those lines.

5. Be a lot better about talking on the phone and calling friends.

6. Drink less wine...And no that does not mean I am going to start drinking something else. Wine is all I drink, and I should drink less of it...Good thing I am actually allergic to beer :)

7. Read more books. I am doing great at this already. I love going to the library and have books to read already.

8. Spend less money, and save.

Great goals....Now that it is laundry Sunday I am going to put my sheets in the washer, and get motivated to start my day...

PS. House marathon's on TV make it a lot harder to get motivated for the projects that I am going to do, and Molly just snuggled with me


I have turned into my mother

I have officially turned into my mother. Which is not a bad thing I must say.

If I could do half the things that she can do I would feel accomplished, but I did pick up two fun important traits that I have done already this morning.

My mom loves to paint. I can't remember what color my house was last time I was at home, but I am sure that it is now a different color. The kitchen, dining room, sewing room, bathroom...you name it! She has painted it. She has a flair for decorating, and gets bored easily so she changes colors. My mom is ALWAYS doing something. She can't even watch TV without working on a project. Gosh, I wish that I had that much ambition, or was able to multitask that way. I would get so much more done...

So back to painting. I painted the cabinets in our bathroom today. I was bored with it. Our house is boring all one color so I painted. they are GOLD....fun fun..I will show updates later. Once I finish all my projects.

I am also sewing. Yes, I am using my sewing machine. Making curtains for my office. Because they are cute, and my mom fixed my machine when she was here. I love it. Gives my office more flair.

Now I can't decide what project to do next. But I can guarantee you that it won't be an outdoor project. It is -12 outside right now and it is noon. Not okay. Chilly..........And well I am stranded at home without a car, because Dru has mine. Long story, but involved a very very early morning and lots of crankyness from both of us.

Enjoy your Saturday and stay warm....