Shaking, or Frozen....

I am pretty sure that I would choose the frozen tundra over earthquakes. At least there are weather reports that tell me when it is going to be too damn cold to do anything. No one warns when the ground is going to shake and things are going to fall off shelves.

See, my family lives where the ground shakes. I have experienced and few earthquakes as a california native, but I am not too fond of them. I remember one when I was little and at a softball tournment. Then it is the aftershocks that suck. Trying to sleep, when you don't know if the ground is going to start to shake, is not so easy. I think that I remember the whole family in mom and dad's water bed after the big earthquake when I was little. And well, water beds shake anyways, so that was probably not a great idea.

Speaking of water beds. What a STUPID idea. Who would think that filling a bed with water, and putting sheets on it would be comfy? They make me sea sick......

So I guess the point of this post is that. Fam, I am glad that you are okay. But I choose Frozen Tundra, over ground shaking........So don't expect to see this family packed up and moving to CA anytime soon...

Happy Monday

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  1. I'm glad the family is okay! I was worried about the Bess houses when I heard about the EQ!