I have turned into my mother

I have officially turned into my mother. Which is not a bad thing I must say.

If I could do half the things that she can do I would feel accomplished, but I did pick up two fun important traits that I have done already this morning.

My mom loves to paint. I can't remember what color my house was last time I was at home, but I am sure that it is now a different color. The kitchen, dining room, sewing room, bathroom...you name it! She has painted it. She has a flair for decorating, and gets bored easily so she changes colors. My mom is ALWAYS doing something. She can't even watch TV without working on a project. Gosh, I wish that I had that much ambition, or was able to multitask that way. I would get so much more done...

So back to painting. I painted the cabinets in our bathroom today. I was bored with it. Our house is boring all one color so I painted. they are GOLD....fun fun..I will show updates later. Once I finish all my projects.

I am also sewing. Yes, I am using my sewing machine. Making curtains for my office. Because they are cute, and my mom fixed my machine when she was here. I love it. Gives my office more flair.

Now I can't decide what project to do next. But I can guarantee you that it won't be an outdoor project. It is -12 outside right now and it is noon. Not okay. Chilly..........And well I am stranded at home without a car, because Dru has mine. Long story, but involved a very very early morning and lots of crankyness from both of us.

Enjoy your Saturday and stay warm....


  1. You will absolutely have to post photos of your gold cabinets. They sound beautiful!! Stay inside - frostbite free is the way to be!

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  3. Painting, sewing... what's next? Will we be seeing that you've added a new room? :-)

    I love reading your blog. When I first found you, I thought you must be in Alaska. I'm glad you're not and I am really enjoying all the fun adventures.

    Be happy and most of all, be WARM.

    ~ Yaya
    Yaya's Changing World