How did I get here????

Since most peoples resolutions include losing weight....and I am one of those people. I decided to weigh myself this morning......

HOW THE F DID I GET SO FAT???? This thing MUST be broken??? I am thinking the coldness directly correlates with fatness?? At least for me.

Not okay. I know that they say women gain a few lbs when they get married but this is just crazy.

So I have started a fat/fit journel. I will record my weight and intake every day until I am not so grossed out with myself. I thought about throwing away all the food in the fridge, but then Dru would be sad.........so I guess that self control will just have to be what I do.

Maybe working from home is not a good idea?

And it is SNOWING and WINDY and COLD........so how the hell am I supposed to go to the gym?????

The good news is that I have cut WAY back on my drinking (but maybe that is why I am getting fatter, remember the days of the wine diet, I swear that it works).........Hmmmmmmm
......Ill keep you updated

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