It is only Thursday? For reals?

Well since I usually blog in the morning, I am surprised that my mother has not called me to see if I am alive today :)

Well I am (alive that is), but I actually have A LOT of work to do, but needed a break so thought that I would blog. I have also been vacation planning, because I think that Dru and I are going to get to go somewhere for his bday, and well I am super excited. A vacation sounds nice right now. Don't cha think???

Even if that vacation corresponds with a conference that I am going to for work as well, because who says that I should not multitask and kill two birds with one stone, and go to a conference, and then get to have a fun vacation.

Do you watch "New adventures of old christine"?? Well we do. And it made for some funny laughs at our house last night. I will let you use your imagination, because outing my husband is not nice, but if you watch the show you can probably figure it out :)

Working out has been going great lately...I am sore today from my workout yesterday and that is a good sign. I decided to take today off since I have a lot of work to do. And a meeting tonight. I just could not fit it into my busy schedule today. But I am excited and hope to see results by my goal of my bday. Cause gezzzz 24 is getting up there. I am JUST kidding, but I have realized that I need to start being healthy and should do it while I am still young and don't have more excuses and responsibilities in my life.

Happy Thursday. Looking forward to the weekend, because this week seems to DRAG on and ON and ON!

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  1. First of all, you are not fat. But you have joined the rest of us in the frozen tundra and our bodies are telling us that we need more back fat, side fat, muffin tops, etc to stay warm.

    As far as your cat: Teach her to sit on the desk by you instead of walking over everything. Our cats love to be right in the middle of everything also. Your cat probably thinks she is helping you. This is her job.

    I am really glad you have moved here and are in Women of Today. You are wonderful. Someday it will get warm. If you can survive this first winter, the next one is a breeze.