Flowers :)

Nothing like a beautiful flower arrangement to brighten my day. (even if I was in my bathrobe when they delivered it...a girl has got to shower at some point during the day, who says it can't be 2pm?)

My mom is the Best.....She is so sweet. I am so happy and lucky to have a mom like her.

Thank You Mom. You made me cry.

Now just a way to figure out how to keep these away from molly, and a new addition to our family (maybe tonight)...
Molly is trying to drag the chicken that I have on the counter to dethaw into the living room so I must cut this blog short to *beat* (not for reals, but she is a real pain in my ass lately) my child...........Or maybe just lock her in the basement for a while.
Thank god we are getting her a friend. Hopefully she does not try to eat her new kitty friend.

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