Friday wrap up

I have a few thoughts running around in my head right now. Ones that I just need to get out. And one that was a post earlier and didn't work because my damn internet went out. (mediacom.......I dislike you a lot lately. please don't piss me off too much, or else).....

So first. I was just reading a thread about the mosque being built/not built in NYC. And I am somewhat intrigued and also disgusted about somethings. Why do people feel the need to attack others when they post something that they truly believe in? Why is someone else "allowed" to attack someone for their religious beliefs or affiliation, but then not be able to take it when people don't agree with them?

I just don't understand women sometimes. Do people not have better things to do than argue? Is someone right or wrong regarding the mosque? Nope. Not in my opinion. We are each entitled to our own opinions, and respect should be the foremost when chatting with people you don't even know. But people don't think that way on the Internet. People think that they can hide behind an Internet name and just go full force with their own opinions and they are right.....no matter what feelings they hurt, or people that may read.

I am married to someone who I have differing opinions with. We vote for different political parties, and tend to disagree a lot on "hot topics"....but we are still happily married. Living in peace. Able to talk about our feelings. So I just get really frustrated when people who don't even know each other get all up in someones business because of differing opinions, political issues, religion, what have you. That's it. Enough from me regarding this. Just be respectful people. Especially when you don't know who might be reading, or thinking, or commenting.

And my post from earlier-Regarding Baking.........

I cook. Or well I guess I should say that I "did cook" a lot. But recently I have fallen off the cooking wagon. I didn't feel great for a few months, and then was trying to lose weight so cooking was counter productive in some senses. 

But I want to get back into it. For a few reasons. 
1. My husband does still need to eat. Even if I am trying to lose a few lbs. He still needs food. 
2. It is fun and relaxing
3. I have a shit load of zucchini that I need to do SOMETHING with. 

So those are my reasons. And also the reason why I have decided that I will also start baking. I don't really like sweets that much, yet I have a really kick ass Kitchen aid stainless steel mixer. That I LOVE, and needs more love. 

So I am searching the Internet for recipes. Related to zucchini, and preferably that I can use my mixer with. 

Because I did just lift the damn thing out of the cupboard, and now I need to use it. 

Suggestions are always welcome-but please send before I go to the store this afternoon. Because I am one of "those" that cook and possibly indulge in wine while cooking. 

Yes I know that wine and baking don't go together. Don't judge. It is Friday, don't cha know?


My Morning Routine has RETURNED

Remember when I was complaining about Dru and him sleeping in "my" bed in the mornings and therefore screwing up my routine of blogging/todayshowwatching/coffeedrinking/wakingupproperly?????????

Well these past 2 mornings have been fantastic. I have watched my show, and relaxed in my bed both mornings.

Did I kill my husband and bury him in the backyard?

Is that what you are thinking?

Well the answer is NO. I didn't kill him.

Yesterday he was fishing early am. And this morning he is sleeping still. Just not in my bed :)

I think that I might take up the whole bed when I go to bed before him, or I might hit or kick or slap or yell in my sleep. Because this is not the first time that I have woken up with him sleeping in the spare bedroom.

I will investigate the cause and get back to you. But I'm not complaining. I've suggested twin beds before. I like my space. Can't you tell?


Something Fun

Hey blog readers. Want to do something cool? And learn a little about some fellow blog readers while you are at it?

Go to this site http://www.youtube.com/user/TastefulSelections and vote for your favorite video in the Blog contest!

Come on, do it! I know that you want to!


Friendships that last

I was always the type of girl that though of myself as independent. I never "needed" friends to validate my own life. I tried to go with the flow. Yes I got my feelings hurt by girls when I was young. But I was always a pretty strong person, who went about life with a feeling of independence and getting what I wanted.

I would get something in my sights and make a decision that I was going to do it, and there it was. I decided that I was going to be an exchange student on a whim. I filled out the application with thoughts of where I would go in the world for my Junior year of high school. An impending dread of being away from family and friends really never crossed my mind. I was going to do it. I would live with a new family for a year and experience things that I never even thought possible. I was accepted into the program and started planning my journey. I got to pick where I was to go, and since anywhere the middle east was out due to the war in Iraq that had just started. I decided on Sweden. Where there were pretty blondes and snow.

I had just started dating the man that I now call my husband. We were in the new phase of our relationship at the time that I was accepted into the program. I learned that I had to go on a ski trip during the winter dance at our school. The dance that we were going to go to together. This was heartbreaking to me. I wanted to go to this dance. I didn't want to go ski with people I didn't even know. And I don't even like snow (ironic since I was going to Sweden for a year don't you think)? But I broke the news to him. I remember we were sitting in the back room at my house,  I think that it was my moms sewing room at this time. We were sitting on the couch, and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was elated. I was sad that I could not go to the dance, but happy to know that I was his girlfriend.

So to make a really long story shorter. We are now married. I still look back on the decision to go on my ski trip, and exchange program a great decision. Something that I will never regret. Something that even now makes my independence stronger. I was a strong woman, I was going to live halfway across the world from friends, family and now a boyfriend. And it was awesome. Something I don't regret one bit. When I was gone I talked to Dru on the phone a lot. He has the phone cards still to prove it. I talked to my family a lot too, but friends not to much. Facebook was not invented when I was gone. It was harder to keep in touch then. But I returned and still remained friends with the people I had left. It was as if nothing had changed.

Yes I was a changed person, yet friendships were still there. After being gone for 10 months, I was able to step back into my old life and remain friends with many wonderful great women. A few of which were part of our wedding last year.

And this is what hit me today. Great friendships can stand the test of time. I have had the chance to get to speak to a few great girlfriends this past week, that I haven't been able to connect with for almost a month. I live across the country. I have not seen many people since the wedding last year. Yet we still talk on the phone. Not as often as I would hope. Yet things are still the same. Stories are shared, sometimes tears are shed, but we are still friends no matter what. I relish in the time that we get to chat, the stories that we tell. I love seeing facebook pictures of them and the most recent happenings in their lives. But nothing is the same as a phone call, reconnecting.

I am so grateful for the great friends that I have. The different lives that we all lead, yet we will always be friends.

Kristen I know that you don't read this as often as you did when you sat at a desk and had time for the internet, and Reem I know that you are on an adventure this weekend (which always seems to be the case :) But girls I love you. I love that you fit into my life so perfectly even when way too much time has passed without a phone call. And WAY to much time has passed since a face to face visit. But I love you, and thanks for being such great friends!


The Freeway is CLOSED????

I am back in Minnesota, in my own house, thankful for the things that are back to the same. I missed my husband and kitties when I was away. Home is where the heart is, isn't that the saying?

Well some things I am thankful for. But others, made my life interesting to say the least last night.

I have never said that I am a great driver. I am sure that I have never said that statement out loud, or on this blog, because it would be a flat out lie.

I don't follow the rules when driving, speed limits are a suggestion if you ask me. Which is probably why I got a speeding ticket a month or two after my 16th birthday. I was cruising down the little hwy back home after work in my tractor (Mercedes Diesel, which my roommates in SLO named "the tractor") at some ungodly speed, over the railroad tracks when I received my first and ONLY speeding ticket. I say only because I am more careful and don't get caught now. And that CHP officer was a dick if you ask me *or my father, because I am pretty sure he has received a ticket from the same officer*....

Anyways, sorry for outing you too Dad. Not the point of this.

When I was leaving the airport last night, after I paid $52 dollars for parking which if you ask me is OUTRAGEOUS, and the machine didn't even print out my receipt that I need to send to my boss for my expense report.....I noticed that the 495W was closed. Don't know what the 494W is? Well it is the freeway that I need to take from the airport to get me home to my family. But there was a detour. Not open, do not pass go or collect $200 dollars type of situation.

Well I had no other choice but to use this detour. I didn't know any other special route, I am not from here originally. I don't know how to get places. Didn't you see the statement earlier that I am not a good driver?

Following a detour should be simple, right? Not too hard, just follow the signs and poof I should end up somewhere on the 494W?

Well, lets just say that this task was not that easy for a great driver such as myself.

I ended up in the GHETTO of Minneapolis. Not kidding you. I put my windows up, locked my doors and then decided to plug my GPS in.

Why wasn't the trusty GPS plugged in already you ask? Well for the simple fact that a detour should be EASY. Where is the easy button from staples when I need it?

Obviously I survived. I am home. But I got my taste of some sort of ghetto last night. And now I know why there are shootings and murders on the news each and every night.

Just thankful that I am not on the News tonight. As the most recent homicide in the wonderful city of Minneapolis.

Everyone have a great weekend. And look for a post about a super exciting recipe contest that I am going to ask you all to participate in. Just watching some great videos and voting-nothing too hard I promise! But it is a great way to support some fellow bloggers that I love.


A Quick California Hello

Being here makes me miss living on the West Coast.

One of the things that I always say that I love about the Midwest is how slow it is. But being here in fast LA makes me miss the California way of life. I miss the traffic, trendy people, mountains, good food........

Being here makes me know that I need to come back and visit more, but I know where my home is. It is in Minnesota with my husband and baby kitties. And believe you me, I am so ready to be home in my Hubby's arms. I might even snuggle tonight......and if you know me that is a stretch because I don't like to be touched. 

I'm leaving on a jet plane this afternoon, and I sure hope that the Midwest storms don't cause any problems for me to get home to my babies!

Pray for me that I will have great Mexican food in the airport before I leave. I am craving it so bad (But my veggie burger last night was amazing)


Going back to Cali

Tomorrow will signify my return to California for the first time since Oct when I attended a work conference. I will be landing in the LAX airport tomorrow evening for a series of meetings. I will be back in the Midwest no later than Thursday evening around 9pm. 

This California trip does not include fun in the sun. Boats, booze nor friends. I don't get to hang out with all my friends that live in Ca. I don't get to go on a boat, or soak up any of the rays that Southern California has to offer. 

And for that I am bummed.

But work meetings should be good. I am excited to learn, and to meet new people and for new opportunities. 

I have not packed, I am not prepared at all. And the damn endo pain has returned to my back. I spent last night receiving a great shoulder and neck massage from my dear husband because I slept wrong on my neck a week ago and my shoulder and neck have hurt for over a week. But my back is back to hurting every single day. A pain that is hard to pinpoint and to describe. But it is there. It is a constant reminder that I still have this horrible disease that I will have forever. I am hoping that I am able to cope with the pain, to smile throughout the day. To grin and bear it. Because that is what we do as women, right? We pretend that it is not there, until it gets to bad to handle and we break down. Here's to hoping that my breakdown occurs when I return from California. 

Have a great Monday blogging world!


Dear Designer Jeans

To all the really expensive jeans in my closet:

This is an open letter to all of you. Yes even you the smallest pair in there (you know who you are)...We are going to be friends again.

I have put each and every pair of you on this evening, and you button. You fit. You actually look good. I am no longer that fat girl who has 2 pair of jeans that she can wear.

Yes I know that I still live in the humid hell that is Minnesota, but tonight is different. Tonight is slightly breezy and cool. Tonight I even considered something other than a bathing suit to go out in.

Jeans, you and I can be friends. Do not be scared. The fact that I spent hundreds of dollars on you and was ready to throw you all away when I became the fat kid last year after I got married, is merely an overlooked few months (or 9 months, but who is counting)?

So this is my open letter to you, all the clothes in my closet. I will wear you all, and look damn good while doing so.

Respectfully yours,


Super....Stitious???? Five Question Friday

Here we are, we have arrived at Friday yet again. I don't know how the weeks go by so fast and Friday just seems to appear. But its HERE!!! Yay. But it is Friday the 13th. Are you Superstitious? Or just Super?

I am going to pretend like I am just Super and this Friday is going to be Super as well.

Five question Friday from Mama M. Is on again. Mama M is great, and you should swing over and check her out if you have not already. She is a fellow Minnesotan, I wonder if she has a stupid storm watch alarm that woke HER up a MILLION times last night.

Dearest husband Dru, yes it is thunder and lightning outside-I can hear it. BUT.....I don't need a blaring alarm telling me that it is on its way. No less than 5 times in the night. Seriously not cool.

1. Have you ever visited another country?
What are we calling a "visit"....I have gone on vacation to Mexico, and Tahiti where I was in the country for a specified time period, and then went home. But I "visited" Sweden for around 10 months. It was more of an extended stay and I was legally in the country via my Visa. But I guess that it can be considered an extended visit. I also went to  Denmark to say hi and buy some beer!

2. Where is the strangest place you have ever been?
Yet again I don't understand the "strange" part of this question. I have been in some questionable situations and places throughout my lifetime. But one is not popping out in my mind as the "strangest" at this moment.

3. What is your favorite season?
Depends on what part of the country I am living in. It was summer. But these last few days of summer here in MN have left me with a bad taste in my mouth. It is not summer if I can't go outside and enjoy it without sweating buckets, and getting attacked my Mosquito's. But summer at the lakes at home were always great. I must say that I am looking forward to Fall. I love it when all the trees change color. There is a little nip in the air to the point that I can wear cute boots and jackets, and we can sit outside and enjoy a bonfire.

4. What one song will always cheer you up?
I am more of a song of the moment type of girl. I don't listen to music that much unless I am driving in the car. And I don't drive that many places lately. So I don't have a song that cheers me up. Songs usually have the opposite effect on me, and make me cry.

5. What Disney character do you resemble most?
Pshhhh. Disney character? I don't resemble a Disney character at ALL. But I am a princess at times and I will be out in Ca at some Disney stuff next week. So maybe I will find myself a character to resemble then?
Have a great Friday everyone! And make it SUPER


Something on a Stick!

As a child did you grow up going to the fair?

The fair was something that I participated in from a very young age. I was a 4-H member as well as FFA in high school. I went to the fair and raised and sold an animal ever since I was around 8 years old. Year round we would attend meetings and learn about raising our animals that we would get in the spring time. I would then spend months getting up really early to fed my lamb and walk her/him and get it ready for the fair. I would complain A LOT about the responsibility that went along with raising an animal, and my mom was a lot of help. She pushed me in a good way to take responsibility. I only have fond memories of raising animals.

Well that is, other than the tears and death that went along with the experience. I was raising a poor animal to die a horrid death, for someone to eat my poor lamb. This was something I didn't grasp to well and to this day I still don't eat lamb. I would cry and cry when I would see the big trucks that would take the animals to their death. I couldn't walk into Safeway (they bought my lamb one year) without thinking that my poor lamb was on the meat rack.

The only thing that soothed my tears was the check that I got at the end of that horrible auction on Sunday. I would write my Thank You letter and then I would get my check. Sometimes it was bigger than most (I won grand champion one year) and I would go on my happy way school shopping and to the bank.

Today, all those memories came back to me. I was at the fair at the ungodly hour of 6:30am to help clean the fairgrounds. I could smell the animals, and the little kids running around in their 4-H shirts made me remember my many fond memories of the fair. I have not been back to my local fair in a few years and I think the last time that I went I consumed way too much booze and was betting on horses!

Want to know what the fair in Minnesota has that we don't have in CA?

FOOD ON A STICK! And..............Fried Cheese Curds. And Deep Fried Pickles

Serious, people in the Midwest know how to make a fair that much better. Fried foods on a stick and cheese are two of my new favorite things. They don't fit too well into my diet plan, but we all have to cheat sometimes right?

Do you go to the fair? What is your favorite fair memory?


Married almost one whole year?

Yesterday we realized that we have been married for almost a whole year. We were at our wonderful bachelor/bachelorette parties at this time last year. What I would give to be on a house boat in the sun with great friends right now!!!

Dru checked the water temp in our lake here in town, and it was 90 degrees yesterday evening. That does not even sound refreshing. I can't imagine cooling off in a bathwater warm lake. So I have become a home body. Me and my air conditioner well I have to say that we are best friends! If the AC was to break *knock on wood* I might have a mental breakdown. I have not even stepped outside since yesterday morning when I returned from the airport at 5:30am and crawled my butt back into bed.

I am almost ready for it to be fall. So I can comfortably sit outside around a bonfire with my hubby wearing a comfortable sweatshirt and chatting away. It is way too warm for a fire these days. And the bugs are pretty bad too. Not to mention that we got over 3inches of rain yesterday.

So back to the being married for a year. One whole year does not really seem that long since we have been together for almost 10 years. But one year is a milestone, a step in the right direction of the many many more fantastic years and adventures that will come.

This past year (2010) has been full of not so great medical adventures, ones that I would like to take back and have never happened. But they have taught me one thing. Not necessarily something that I didn't always know, but brought it to my attention. That Dru will do anything for me, be by my side through it all. Comfort me when I am sad, or mad, or frustrated, or in pain. Talk me through the bad times, and be reassuring. I am forever grateful that I found the love of my life when I was only 15 years old...well I guess that I could say 14 since we did "date" when I was a freshman in high school, but for a mere 2 months or so before we broke up. Only to get "back together" my sophomore year. And have been together ever since.

We have grown so much, we have learned. We have lived thousands miles apart, hundreds of miles apart, thought about moving in together, lived down the street from each other, lived together "in sin", moved thousands of miles away from what we knew while still living "in sin", and then finally lived together alone in our married life in a house that we own. This journey has not been without bumps in the road but it has been the best journey of my life.

I can't wait to see where the next month takes us, let alone the rest of our lives. Happy almost one year anniversary honey!


Getting up early.....

I do realize that I have not posted since last Monday, and since I was complaining about Monday when I last posted I'm here to tell you that today the following Tuesday was not much better.

I got up at 4:15 to take my brother and Kyla to the airport. That is way too early for me. I have been super tired lately, always sleepy. And getting up really early just makes me cranky. And I have volunteered to get up early Thursday and Friday morning to help clean up at the local county fair. 6:30am early. And it is hot here in MN. It was 75 degrees at 4 this morning and it does not look like it will be cooling down anytime in the near future.

So that is where I have been. I had a lot of fun with Erik and Kyla when they were here visiting and it was fun to show them around our little town in the Midwest. I think that they enjoyed their time here as well! But for our next visitors-don't plan really early flights out when you want to leave my lovely Midwest town. Because this girl does not want to see 4am again anytime soon.

I will be back to my regular blogging schedule soon and hope to have some photos to post. We are expecting some storms here tonight but the rain makes me happy because someone has to water my garden.....and rain does a much better job at it than me. I am too lazy to drag the hose out there :)

I just had to remove fudge off Molly's paw, as well as Dru's side. They had an accident while snacking on chocolate in the bed. Wet wipes were needed-sometimes I feel like the mom of 3 kids.


Monday needs to be banned.

PSA: It is Monday. News to you? Probably not. But I am not feeling it. This Monday was a slap in the face reminder that the weekend was over. And I have embraced today with a bad attitude.

Me, with a bad attitude? Never!!! Well it seems this attitude of mine is here to stay. For the day at least. Because I need to go to bed with a better outlook and wake up on the right side. If I try to crawl over Dru to test his side of the bed out, I might just get more than a bad attitude, and a cranky husband.

You see. My Monday's are his Saturdays. The beginning of his weekend. Where he sleeps in. Goes fishing. Gets to do whatever the hell he wants. All while complaining that I am taking over "his living room". My office is interrupting his TV watching, lazy Saturday mornings. He had the nerve to tell me that I was ruining his living room. All while I am working. Having Greys Anatomy reruns to listen to in the background.

Remember how he has ruined every morning for me. By taking over my Today Show watching, coffee drinking, email checking blogging space *my bed*? Well it is only right that I can ruin his living room. It is now war. And I don't know when this is going to change. I just might have this attitude until he has a job with better working hours. Because his new hours, have caused cranky mornings, accidentally sleeping past 8am when I should be working, and drinking WAY too much wine by myself in the evenings.

My brother will be here tomorrow. YAY! He better not have a bad attitude or I will send him right back to California. Or I might just accidentally let Stan "sleep" with him. With a 4am licking session and yelling being inevitable from Sweet Stan.


Twins Game

RoofTop Bar in Uptown before the game. The city is behind us. It was an amazingly beautiful day. And so much Fun

Kind of Dark, but this is us at the game. Such an amazing night.

Sweaty self pic of Lorayne and I. It was warm and we were on the hunt for cold beer

The New Twins Target Field. It was amazing. We had great seats