Going back to Cali

Tomorrow will signify my return to California for the first time since Oct when I attended a work conference. I will be landing in the LAX airport tomorrow evening for a series of meetings. I will be back in the Midwest no later than Thursday evening around 9pm. 

This California trip does not include fun in the sun. Boats, booze nor friends. I don't get to hang out with all my friends that live in Ca. I don't get to go on a boat, or soak up any of the rays that Southern California has to offer. 

And for that I am bummed.

But work meetings should be good. I am excited to learn, and to meet new people and for new opportunities. 

I have not packed, I am not prepared at all. And the damn endo pain has returned to my back. I spent last night receiving a great shoulder and neck massage from my dear husband because I slept wrong on my neck a week ago and my shoulder and neck have hurt for over a week. But my back is back to hurting every single day. A pain that is hard to pinpoint and to describe. But it is there. It is a constant reminder that I still have this horrible disease that I will have forever. I am hoping that I am able to cope with the pain, to smile throughout the day. To grin and bear it. Because that is what we do as women, right? We pretend that it is not there, until it gets to bad to handle and we break down. Here's to hoping that my breakdown occurs when I return from California. 

Have a great Monday blogging world!

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