A Quick California Hello

Being here makes me miss living on the West Coast.

One of the things that I always say that I love about the Midwest is how slow it is. But being here in fast LA makes me miss the California way of life. I miss the traffic, trendy people, mountains, good food........

Being here makes me know that I need to come back and visit more, but I know where my home is. It is in Minnesota with my husband and baby kitties. And believe you me, I am so ready to be home in my Hubby's arms. I might even snuggle tonight......and if you know me that is a stretch because I don't like to be touched. 

I'm leaving on a jet plane this afternoon, and I sure hope that the Midwest storms don't cause any problems for me to get home to my babies!

Pray for me that I will have great Mexican food in the airport before I leave. I am craving it so bad (But my veggie burger last night was amazing)

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