Friday wrap up

I have a few thoughts running around in my head right now. Ones that I just need to get out. And one that was a post earlier and didn't work because my damn internet went out. (mediacom.......I dislike you a lot lately. please don't piss me off too much, or else).....

So first. I was just reading a thread about the mosque being built/not built in NYC. And I am somewhat intrigued and also disgusted about somethings. Why do people feel the need to attack others when they post something that they truly believe in? Why is someone else "allowed" to attack someone for their religious beliefs or affiliation, but then not be able to take it when people don't agree with them?

I just don't understand women sometimes. Do people not have better things to do than argue? Is someone right or wrong regarding the mosque? Nope. Not in my opinion. We are each entitled to our own opinions, and respect should be the foremost when chatting with people you don't even know. But people don't think that way on the Internet. People think that they can hide behind an Internet name and just go full force with their own opinions and they are right.....no matter what feelings they hurt, or people that may read.

I am married to someone who I have differing opinions with. We vote for different political parties, and tend to disagree a lot on "hot topics"....but we are still happily married. Living in peace. Able to talk about our feelings. So I just get really frustrated when people who don't even know each other get all up in someones business because of differing opinions, political issues, religion, what have you. That's it. Enough from me regarding this. Just be respectful people. Especially when you don't know who might be reading, or thinking, or commenting.

And my post from earlier-Regarding Baking.........

I cook. Or well I guess I should say that I "did cook" a lot. But recently I have fallen off the cooking wagon. I didn't feel great for a few months, and then was trying to lose weight so cooking was counter productive in some senses. 

But I want to get back into it. For a few reasons. 
1. My husband does still need to eat. Even if I am trying to lose a few lbs. He still needs food. 
2. It is fun and relaxing
3. I have a shit load of zucchini that I need to do SOMETHING with. 

So those are my reasons. And also the reason why I have decided that I will also start baking. I don't really like sweets that much, yet I have a really kick ass Kitchen aid stainless steel mixer. That I LOVE, and needs more love. 

So I am searching the Internet for recipes. Related to zucchini, and preferably that I can use my mixer with. 

Because I did just lift the damn thing out of the cupboard, and now I need to use it. 

Suggestions are always welcome-but please send before I go to the store this afternoon. Because I am one of "those" that cook and possibly indulge in wine while cooking. 

Yes I know that wine and baking don't go together. Don't judge. It is Friday, don't cha know?


  1. I couldn't agree with you more on the first bit. I actually really enjoy having those conversations - even with people I disagree with. I like the opportunity to think my points through and really discuss where I'm coming from and even attempt to understand the other side. Some of my closest friends are people with views COMPLETELY different from mine, and we still get along just fine (and can regularly discuss those hot button topics without it becoming an issue).

    Sometimes I don't think it should be so much a matter of right and wrong as a matter of we all have our own opinions, so let's talk about that!

  2. You should make these with your zucchini!

    p.s. love you and your opinions :)