Monday needs to be banned.

PSA: It is Monday. News to you? Probably not. But I am not feeling it. This Monday was a slap in the face reminder that the weekend was over. And I have embraced today with a bad attitude.

Me, with a bad attitude? Never!!! Well it seems this attitude of mine is here to stay. For the day at least. Because I need to go to bed with a better outlook and wake up on the right side. If I try to crawl over Dru to test his side of the bed out, I might just get more than a bad attitude, and a cranky husband.

You see. My Monday's are his Saturdays. The beginning of his weekend. Where he sleeps in. Goes fishing. Gets to do whatever the hell he wants. All while complaining that I am taking over "his living room". My office is interrupting his TV watching, lazy Saturday mornings. He had the nerve to tell me that I was ruining his living room. All while I am working. Having Greys Anatomy reruns to listen to in the background.

Remember how he has ruined every morning for me. By taking over my Today Show watching, coffee drinking, email checking blogging space *my bed*? Well it is only right that I can ruin his living room. It is now war. And I don't know when this is going to change. I just might have this attitude until he has a job with better working hours. Because his new hours, have caused cranky mornings, accidentally sleeping past 8am when I should be working, and drinking WAY too much wine by myself in the evenings.

My brother will be here tomorrow. YAY! He better not have a bad attitude or I will send him right back to California. Or I might just accidentally let Stan "sleep" with him. With a 4am licking session and yelling being inevitable from Sweet Stan.


  1. Ug it does seem unfair that he has Mondays off. They are the worst! Althought I will tell u my Monday has been great...it's a long weekend up here in Canada!

  2. I so know how it feels to have a husband throw off "OUR" schedule. My husband was basically retired, read: unemployed for three years, and so while I go up and lived life, he slept in till 11, watched movies...he did housework, but that beyond the point. He interrupted my life! Now he's working and I'm on summer break with the kids, so now he's annoyed with me. Maybe we need to live in separate houses...or at least separate bedrooms! Hang in there!

  3. I love accidentally drinking too much wine. (Until the morning that is) My fellow and I have very opposite work schedules too. It's tough, but then again, I do like my "me time."

  4. Ok, so the deal is? You do realize that since you wrote this you have been stuck on Monday