Tonight I am babysitting. Or should I say "small child" sitting. Or infact probably not even sitting at all. I am hanging out with my bosses daughter this evening while him and his wife go into the big city to see a play that my coworker and I got him tickets for christmas. They are going out to dinner as well, so my duties begin at 4:30pm.
Did I mention that she is 7 years old going on 16.....So full of energy and probably has just about one of anything and everything that you could imagine at that age.

I haven't watched kids in about 7 years. I don't have kids of my own, and spend my evenings interacting with my husband and 4 legged kids. I don't know what to do with a 7 year old.

I am nervous. I don't want to break the rules and be the cool babysitter, because this is my bosses kid. My employment is important to me. But if I am not cool, then she is going to tell her parents that I suck.

You can't win sometimes. So please wish me luck. I will be hanging out with a 7 year old. Hopefully we both survive, don't burn the house down and I still have a job tomorrow.

I do know a few things that are no no's....No tattoo's, piercing, cussing, and I probably shouldn't break out a bottle of wine and get drunk while hanging out.
Would it be weird if I fell asleep on the couch after she went to bed, and I just spent the night there. Waking up in my bosses house might make work on a Thursday morning a little awkward :)



So I signed up for Swagbucks. Why? I have no idea...But since I have been purchasing so many damn Kindle books over the past few weeks I figured, shoot. If I can get free points to redeem at Amazon.com to buy some books. Then this could be good.
So feel free to use the little gidigit or gadgit or whatever its called on my sidebar.

I am feeling like crawling back from the hole I have been hiding in sometime soon, and have some posts brewing. Since my husband tells me that I do stupid funny stuff in ambian hazes in the evening and then yell "I'm going to blog about this in the morning, you just watch".........

Watch out-Blogger on Ambien coming to a blog near you.


Can I Hibernate?

I remember learning in school that bears hibernate during the Winter....

I think that a bear has the right idea. This weather is just not my thing. And on top of that I feel like shit. I just want to crawl into bed and sleep until Springtime.

Maybe Spring will bring a pain free day, warmer weather, no snow to shovel. You get the idea.

So I might be hibernating from this blog for a while. I just feel like it. Or better yet. I don't feel like doing anything!


When I get myself a boyfriend

Today I have decided that I need a boyfriend.......

I love Dru, don't get me wrong. But I last saw him at 5:50am this morning when I had to pee and he was getting ready to leave the house for the day. He had to work and is then hanging out with a friend this evening.

Which leaves me with a problem, a problem that getting a boyfriend could solve.

No I'm not in need of sex or anything like that you sick perverts.

I need to go do things today and I can't get out of the garage. My driveway is covered in snow and I am quite frankly to damn lazy to put on my snow gear and shovel the whole thing. It would take probably over an hour since I can't get the snow blower back up the steep driveway once I get it down. So shoveling is the option that I have.

I don't want to shovel. This storm was brutal. Did you hear the roof at the metrodome caved in? See people, BRUTAL.

Maybe that means I can find myself a rich boyfriend who plays for the Vikings, since they are not playing today or probably even tomorrow. Dru might be okay with my boyfriend being a professional football player? Don't you think?

I love you honey, but if you get home this evening and are reading this and I am not here in the warmth of our home it means 1 of 2 things.

1. I got myself a sexy hott boyfriend who plays professional football to be my slave and I have gone shopping.

2. I decided I couldn't get a boyfriend since I haven't "dated" since I was 15 years old (yes this is YOUR fault) and I walked to Target and am now a frozen ice statue somewhere along the highway. Please come find me.


Snowed In?

I have been awake for about an hour this morning.......

This is not such bad news if it wasn't a Saturday at 7:45am and I have NO where to go.

It isn't even that I have no where to go, it is that even if I did, I couldn't get there. We are currently experiencing one of the worst storms that Minnesota has seen in "a while". Yes this technical term came from the news casters. Don't know where they got it from, but I am pretty sure that we are in for a pretty bad one-as I have only lived here for one winter and I can recall a pretty bad snowstorm on Christmas Eve last year?

The wind is blowing, the snow is falling and isn't going to stop until this evening when we have over 1ft of snow.

Tomorrow is going to struggle to reach anything above 0.......Yes ZERO.

Want to know what I am most worried about? Spending the whole day with Dru, locked up in this house with no where to go and no movies to watch. He snored ALL night and I am already ready to kill him and he isn't even awake yet.

I am such a nice wife :)

Merry December 11, 2010.......This makes me miss CA even more than ever.


My biggest fear came true

Remember this post on Sunday? http://erinanddru.blogspot.com/2010/12/scared-of-waking-up.html

My fear of waking up?

I left my house for 20mins today on my lunch break to get a tan on this white ass of mine. I live in Minnesota so please don't judge my tanning bed habits.

But that's not the point. The point is that the kitties won the battle.

The tree lasted 2 days. Not even 2 whole days I must add. And now looks like this!

There are broken things everywhere and Christmas tree parts scattered about. The star was in the middle of the living room.

And what did Dru ask when I called him to tell him the news "They didn't break the TV did they".......MEN.

Sadness and the bodily harm of my kitties is what my mind is thinking at this point in time. I rescued the presents and am now working from the living room watching the kitties and keeping them away from the tree for the rest of the day.


Family Traditions

Does your family have traditions when it comes to this holiday season we all call Christmas?

Tree decorating is one that comes to mind. We got our tree yesterday and I was excited to put the lights upon the tree and start putting shiny things that I have acquired over the years to adorn our beautiful tree.

Going through my ornaments that my mom sent to me last year made me slightly sentimental. There was the one that was made for me on my first Christmas by my great grandma. This one brought me to tears. She was such a sweet lady and I cherish everything that I have from her. My stocking that is hanging in our house was also made by "greatma" as we called her. I miss her a lot and wish that I would have got to known her when I was a little bit older. But it was still nice to know my great grandma when I was a young girl.

I started thinking about traditions and what Dru and I will establish for our kids. I can't imagine Christmas without kids in the future. Little kids and toys would complete this little family that we have. Stan and Molly are Christmas kitties and I love my fur balls-but part of me wishes that we had a real live baby with us this Christmas.

I am not much of a baker but I think that I might start baking Christmas cookies to give away to friends. Friends love treats (my husband does as well). I have turned a leaf and am trying to look forward to this season. To be happy and rejoice. I love our little house all decorated. It makes me happy to wake up in the morning and see the snow on the ground and the christmas cheer in our house. Sipping on my morning coffee while cuddling with my kitties is the perfect way to start the day.

Merry Christmas Everyone. If you are far away from family these holidays-do what we do here at our house. Make it your own and rejoice for the love that you have spilling out of your small family. There are families across the nation that love us and we are forever grateful, but we will be spending our second married Christmas here in Minnesota and I can almost say with 100% certainty that it will be a white Christmas.


Scared of Waking Up?

I am very very scared to wake up in the morning?

Why do you ask?

This beautiful tree has now graced our living room..........

Notice kitty tail-and ornament to the bottom of the picture?

And the kitties are currently trying to take her (yes my tree is a woman, I just decided this) DOWN!

Day one of Kitties vs. Christmas Tree=So far the tree is still standing (it has only been up for 3 hours)


When you can't mow the lawn?

What is almost better than mowing the lawn?

Remember my obsession with mowing the lawn during the summer months? It makes me feel accomplished, I love the cleanness of cutting the grass.

These months-the lawn is not mowable to say the least. It is now covered in many many inches of snow. Probably even feet after last night.

And my husband let me use the snow blower!!!! So much fun!

I am really not that "fluffy" in real life. Snowblowing requires a certain amount of clothing and layers. And my really old jacket because I didn't want to sweat in my new pretty one :) Its a workout to remove snow....and the best part? You couldn't even tell that we cleared both the driveway and back patio about 3 hours after this photo was taken. Lots and lots of snow fell here last night.

Think that I can figure out how to turn that contraption on by myself? You better bet that I am going to try!