Family Traditions

Does your family have traditions when it comes to this holiday season we all call Christmas?

Tree decorating is one that comes to mind. We got our tree yesterday and I was excited to put the lights upon the tree and start putting shiny things that I have acquired over the years to adorn our beautiful tree.

Going through my ornaments that my mom sent to me last year made me slightly sentimental. There was the one that was made for me on my first Christmas by my great grandma. This one brought me to tears. She was such a sweet lady and I cherish everything that I have from her. My stocking that is hanging in our house was also made by "greatma" as we called her. I miss her a lot and wish that I would have got to known her when I was a little bit older. But it was still nice to know my great grandma when I was a young girl.

I started thinking about traditions and what Dru and I will establish for our kids. I can't imagine Christmas without kids in the future. Little kids and toys would complete this little family that we have. Stan and Molly are Christmas kitties and I love my fur balls-but part of me wishes that we had a real live baby with us this Christmas.

I am not much of a baker but I think that I might start baking Christmas cookies to give away to friends. Friends love treats (my husband does as well). I have turned a leaf and am trying to look forward to this season. To be happy and rejoice. I love our little house all decorated. It makes me happy to wake up in the morning and see the snow on the ground and the christmas cheer in our house. Sipping on my morning coffee while cuddling with my kitties is the perfect way to start the day.

Merry Christmas Everyone. If you are far away from family these holidays-do what we do here at our house. Make it your own and rejoice for the love that you have spilling out of your small family. There are families across the nation that love us and we are forever grateful, but we will be spending our second married Christmas here in Minnesota and I can almost say with 100% certainty that it will be a white Christmas.

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