When you can't mow the lawn?

What is almost better than mowing the lawn?

Remember my obsession with mowing the lawn during the summer months? It makes me feel accomplished, I love the cleanness of cutting the grass.

These months-the lawn is not mowable to say the least. It is now covered in many many inches of snow. Probably even feet after last night.

And my husband let me use the snow blower!!!! So much fun!

I am really not that "fluffy" in real life. Snowblowing requires a certain amount of clothing and layers. And my really old jacket because I didn't want to sweat in my new pretty one :) Its a workout to remove snow....and the best part? You couldn't even tell that we cleared both the driveway and back patio about 3 hours after this photo was taken. Lots and lots of snow fell here last night.

Think that I can figure out how to turn that contraption on by myself? You better bet that I am going to try!


  1. I think you should just build lots and lots of snow people like a little family of them!!!!