Where I still have no real answers

The insurance drama continued today. I still don't have a clear answer from my insurance carrier about getting my acupuncture covered the way I want it to be.

I wish that I could pull a Dooce and bitch and complain and then make millions in Blogging but I don't think I am that cool, and I don't really know if complaining about health care is a good idea since I am happy that I at least have coverage when many people don't.....But I am still pissed.

Remember last week when I said that I finally talked to someone and that my insurance should cover my treatments at the normal $15 co-pay? Well that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. I decided to talk to my insurance again today just to confirm what I thought to be true. And I was told another "fact" as this man kept on referring to his knowledge of my plan benefits.

I was livid. I even told him that it was "FUCKING RIDICULOUS" and that I wanted to speak to a supervisor. I didn't hold my cool very well, and I don't think that I should have. I was getting the run around yet again and I just wanted a clear answer. I then explained to the man that I know that it wasn't his fault but I wanted a clear answer and direction. I didn't want to be told another "fact" without hanging up the phone and knowing that in fact what he was saying probably wasn't true.

So now it stands that the nice OBGYN who is in fact considered an "in network" Dr. has to call my insurance and refer my acupuncturist. Yes someone else holds my fate yet again, I can't do anything to fix it except tell my Dr. that I need him to call and refer someone else who is able to help me. Seems like a weird cycle if you ask me, but he has agreed to call and also write a letter so something is in writing. This won't happen until Wednesday when the nurse is back in the office, but you better bet that I will check back in on Thursday to confirm what I have been told is "fact" and will indeed secure my $15 co-pay for the treatment that I really need.

Until then we wait.....


Firing Teachers?

Something on the Nightly News got me thinking (yes I am a religious watcher of the NBC nightly news along with my strange addiction to the TODAY show) and I just don't understand it.

I am not going to say that I know what is going on, or that I have researched this before I write my rant here on this blog so if you choose to tear me apart do so nicely and let me know where you are coming from. Please!

I understand that teachers don't really get paid that much, and that the other side of the argument is that they don't work for 3 months out of the year (summer vacation) but I don't understand why Madison WI would fire all their teachers and then hire the ones back that they "need".

Now before I say what I am going to say please know that this blog is for me to get my words out. I don't always use proper grammar or punctuation in the places that it should be-I am not a teacher, but I do have a degree (BS in Agriculture Business Marketing if you were wondering). I am not coming at this from a political stance (I am a registered democrat if you were wondering, but I think that I am slightly liberal and was a green party member when I registered at 18) and I don't even really care what political party is fighting this battle. I just think that it is wrong.

I went to a very very small school when I was younger. From K-8 my school had 140 students max...Yes I grew up in the boonies, and yes my school was really K-8 (even Preschool if you are counting) there were only 14 kids in my 8th grade graduating class. I was valedictorian if you wanted to know that small fact also. But I had a great education. I think that I probably learned more in K-8 than I did in high school. Actually, I know that I did.

Okay enough about me...Why is my question? Why? Are teachers really that idespensible that you can just fire everyone of them due to budget cuts or costs? Do your kids not need to learn? I don't understand how a whole city (or board or whoever decided this) can vote on firing teachers and then hire back the ones that they "need". Isn't all learning considered a need, isn't there a child out there who probably needs that teacher? I realize that the budget crisis in this country needs assistance. I realize that spending money is a big problem, but can't we think of other areas that we could cut? Is firing a teacher really the answer? Are union's for teachers really costing that much money? Shouldn't a teacher have the right to unionize and have support from a union?

My point is that I think all kids deserve to learn, and they deserve good teachers. I am not saying that all teachers are good, or that all are bad. But I know that when we have kids, I sure hope that they get a great education. I hope that there are teachers for them who care, ones who know my kids name and are not over worked and tired. Ones who don't have over 40 kids in their classroom. I secretly want my kids to go to school where I went (but only if they can live with you mom) or be taught by my friend Sarah G. I want my kids to have a teacher who cares. So why can cities and governments not care about the teachers? Is this acceptable? I think that it isn't!

Now I am going to go cook dinner, and thank the teachers that I had and that I know. I am going to picture my future children's education and think about how much it could cost me to pay someone else to  *homeschool* or teach my child. Because I am worried. I am worried about the fact that teachers seem under appreciated and underpaid in this country, and that it only seems to be getting worse and I don't even have kids yet. I don't even want to think about how much money it is going to cost to send my kids to college in the future, I should be more worried that my daddy said "nope" to the gas cards that I requested......

Happy Sunday Everyone. And please if you have a thought or comment for me-be nice. I realize that I didn't do a lot of research about this, but these are just my opinions and my feelings. I am open to other peoples feelings and opinions.


Five Q Friday-Where I am vague with details.....

1. Can you drive a stick shift?
Yes, kind of sort of yes. I can drive Kate's honda accord, but I can't drive an older bmw stick. I can drive a tractor and that classifies as a stick shift right???? I could do it if I had to, I know what I am doing, but I don't normally drive a stick so I would probably stall the car a few times. 

2. What are two foods you just can't eat?
I don't really think that there is anything that I just "can't" eat. There are many many items on my "I don't/won't eat" but nothing that would kill me if I ate it. Now that I think about it, I would probably try any food once. The rules are that is has to be classified as food (poop doesn't count) and more than one person eats this "food" everyday. Then I would try it.  

3. Do you buy Girl Scout Cookies? What is your favorite kind?
I boycotted Girl Scout Cookies this year. Refused to buy them. We don't need to eat them, and to be honest, I don't even like the little girl who tried to sell them to me. She tried 2x and both times I told her NO. No cookies in the house. No cookies for me or "the bearded one".....If I had to choose which would magically appear in my house and I could have just one as a snack I would choose the peanut butter chocolate ones. I don't know what they are called. 

4. How do you pamper yourself?
Pampering is such a relative term. During the winter my body does not get as much pampering as it does in the summer. Think Toes, Leg shaving, possibly arm pit grooming (yes I am gross but I am a waxer and tank tops are NO where near close to being a part of my wardrobe). I would classify acupuncture as "pampering" and taking care of my body at the same time, and I go to that 2x a week. I even got a sort of massage last night after she stuck needles all up in my back. Yep needles in my back. And no there is no sort of "happy ending"...why do people's minds always go there now? And I am getting a massage next weekend with a group of girlfriends. We are doing a massage social. 

5. What is your nickname and how did you get it?
I am not going to write my nickname on here because like many it includes my former last name. Now this doesn't deter my friends from still calling me that and I actually really like the nickname so it doesn't matter. Also, I took my maiden last name as my middle name so it technically still applies. I have also been called variations of my brothers nickname with the word "little" put in front of it. His is our last name as well and kind of funny since it is his last name and also really goes well with what he does for a living. Okay too many details, and I am probably attracting stalkers or something like that. 

But the good news is that if I do attract stalkers, "the bearded one" is home from his mini vacation. I was home alone for 2 nights, but instructed not to blog about it just in case. He cares about me like that, don't cha know?


What the What?

Death and Taxes, or something like that. Isn't that the saying? Well I have found out recently that we might owe a shit load in taxes this year and I am cursing being an adult. Wondering why Stan and Molly don't equal very large deductions and wondering when the hell I became an adult.

Thanks Google Images

I would like to take some of it back. The parts where I pay taxes instead of get refunds that I go shopping with, or how about paying a mortgage-no thank you I take that back too, or working day in and day out with responsibilities, or paying for my own gas? Yes that last one sucks more than I would have ever thought.

Daddy can I have my gas cards back pretty please? I won't share with "the bearded one" I promise. You won't even notice, I don't go that many places, but now that I am a true Minnesotan that might change, so I take back that promise. I'll look for the cards to arrive in the mail. Thanks and Love.

Also, insurance...Yes I am frustrated with insurance and not in the way that many would guess. After having 3 surgeries last year and paying next to nothing for all of them (we usually have great insurance benefits) I am left stunned and confused and somewhat pissed that they don't get it. I have called my insurance company more than once. Actually talked to someone more than 4 times, and I am getting the run around. For acupuncture benefits non the less. The ONLY thing that actually seems to work and make me feel like a normal person, and my insurance doesn't want to cover it. Or out of network and some crap like that applies.

Seriously? I can go to the "Dr." yes I put it in quotes, because I haven't had that great of luck with Dr's in the past and they seem to just prescribe drugs and send me on my way and don't follow through with anything, for $15 co pay and pay nothing for all the tests and crap that find nothing and drugs that do nothing...And you want me to pay $200 for one acupuncture treatment. Where I put nothing horrible in my body and the healing powers work, and I feel great and my body responds?

Seems backwards if you ask me. Very, very backwards. And I have been on the phone again with the representative (she was pretty chatty if you ask me, for someone who couldn't help my situation and kept telling me to call back at 8am) this morning to get it figured out.

I go to acupuncture again tonight for my miracle treatment and I would love to get this resolved before then. So Insurance company if you are listening...I would like to pay the normal $15 co pay each time I see my acupuncturist since I have a feeling I will be going each and every week. Please and thank you. Lets get this figured out soon.

*Update* I talked to another representative from the insurance company this morning. Who has now informed me that acupuncture is indeed covered, with a $15 co-pay...I'm not sure if I believe her, but we will see. I am tempted to call back and talk to someone else just to see if their stories match up.


A New Woman

I think that I have turned the corner from my former self just a few months ago into a new woman. Seriously I couldn’t feel better right now, motivation is present and I am kicking ass and taking names.

This morning I didn’t have any creamer for my coffee. I can’t drink coffee without creamer or milk or something to make it taste a little girly. Just can’t do it. So I got my big girl pants on (jeans) and drove to the store before 8am. I left my house all by myself and did something that just a few months ago I probably would have wined and let put me in a funk all day.

I have been working, like really working hard and focusing on things that need to get done. I sit in my new office about 10 hours a day recently and get things done. Yes I still walk to the kitchen if I need a snack and have to kick a kitty out of my office more than I would like. But I have made it. I am in a groove, this feels good.

Today I visit my headshrink. Did I forget to tell you that I go to therapy? Seriously don’t judge, she is awesome and “everyone needs somebody sometimes”. She also works about an hour from my house which means I have to leave, rearrange my schedule and I get to go to Trader Joe’s on my adventure. It’s not snowing, thankfully! But we all know that I am a true Minnesotan now, so a little snow wouldn’t matter.

Tomorrow I have another appointment with my acupuncturist, and I will write about her probably afterwards. I LOVE her and the therapy that she is providing for me. Acupuncture is the most awesome thing ever! Promise. I am a huge advocate and in love with my new therapy of acupuncture.

Happy Hump Day!

PS. A very thoughtful reader pointed out to me that the “Mount Me” quote that I couldn’t get out of my head during last Fridays FQF was from “Varsity Blues” J Thanks Lacey


I am a true Minnesotan now

Many of you have heard me bitch and complain about the winter here in Minnesota and my aversion to leaving the house in any type of winter weather.

I am proud to announce that I have appointed myself a true Minnesotan. I also had my introduction deemed appropriate by a friend who is actually a true Minnesotan via Facebook. She told me that normally you cannot actually appoint yourself but a Minnesotan needs to in fact let you know you have reached this status (thanks Dianne). We are thinking that a ceremony might be in order, one that most certainty includes wine, since that is how we do it in our group of friends J

Let me tell you a little story about yesterday. It was snowing…Really snowing. We received no less than a foot of snow between Sunday and Monday and I had an appointment that I needed to get to. I normally would cancel such appointments to not have to venture out, but Acupuncture has benefited me in more ways that I have ever thought possible in the past week that I just couldn’t cancel. I had to make the 15 minute drive to my appointment. I just HAD to do it. I could do it, right? No problem. I gave myself a good ½ hour of driving time to account for the snow that was falling and bad roads and I was on my way.
Driving in the snow-Notice the Flashing Lights? Someone ended up in the ditch, and it wasn't me!

I powered through the snow that was in my driveway. Shoveling just didn’t seem like a great idea to me, since it was still snowing and I knew that it wouldn’t affect my arrival back home to be snow free. I put the car into low. Really low was necessary for such an adventure. There was snow covering everything. The roads were awful, and I was just hoping and praying that I wouldn’t hit a red light on my way. Stopping and then going again are not my best skill in the snow.
My driveway and the swerving it took to safely get up to my garage. 

Did I mention that I have only ventured out once before in the snow on my own? This was in fact the second time I decided to drive somewhere in my 2 winters living in Minnesota. I just don’t do it. It is not safe for me or others.

I made it safely to my appointment. Not stress free, but safe. I was nervous about the drive home, in fact I was even more nervous that my car would be stuck in the spot that I parked it for the appointment. I didn’t think that I was going to get out of there without pushing. I am not a princess, but the idea of pushing my car out of a snow bank just isn’t appealing. It is more of a man’s job if you ask me…

My acupuncturist is the sweetest girl ever (I will post about my love for this treatment in the next few days) and she wanted to make sure that I would be done and out the door driving before it got dark. They actually closed after my appointment and went home themselves. It was a bad storm, not fun.

I obviously made it home. It took forever and I saw a few cars in the ditch, and even managed to take some photos of my introduction to being a true Minnesotan. Yes, driving and taking pictures in a snow storm isn’t safe, I realize that. But I had to document my adventure for your viewing enjoyment. And to prove that I actually did it, these days no one believes you unless you have photo proof!


What is for Dinner?

Our fridge lives in a state of crazy until I decide to go through it and throw everything away and then we have no food, and grocery shopping is necessary and the cycle continues....

Please tell me I am not alone in this cycle of food? No one really keeps their fridge tidy do they? It is like the drawer in the kitchen or office that you throw everything in because no one can see? Right....Crickets. Okay well I am embarrassed to share this with you but couldn't resist. Because it is normal here at our house.

*No animals or humans or food were harmed in the production of this photo*

What does not belong?

Stan was helping his dad make lunch one afternoon and decided he needed a cool down. Please ignore my husbands HUGE container of mayo on the top shelf. Ick-did I mention that mayo makes me want to be sick? 

Yes I know that my fridge is a mess, and this probably isn't sanitary and yadda yadda, but it was funny. Cat hair is one of those things that is EVERYWHERE in my house no matter if I dust and vacuum every day. These little fur babies of ours shed a lot. 

Happy Saturday!


Mount Me-Five Question Friday.....No it's not a dirty post.

Happy Friday All! 
If you are wondering who "the bearded one" is....read my post from a few days ago. Or hell I might as well just tell you. Why should I ask you to read something if I am too lazy to even link it up. Dru (my husband) is "the bearded one". He has started growing this beard, that reminds me of Mitchell from "Modern Family" (yes it is red) and I HATE the beard. It is itchy and gross and too mountain man for me. I like my men more metro sexual. Pink shirts, trendy shoes-Yes please. Mountain man beard-NO THANKS. 

Problem is, we are married. And his answer every time I ask when the beard is going to disappear (at least once a day, probably twice)...."When you stop asking"... 

Enough about my mountain man (I want to say "Mount Me" hat every time I write this and can't remember what movie it comes from, so help a girl out if you know the movie and write it in the comments. And on to Five Question Friday hosted by the AMAZING Mama M.  

1. Have you worn the same outfit more than one day in a row?
Do you realize who I am? OF course I have worn the same outfit more than one day in a row. Probably 2 if I am being honest. Once I get into my groove of something that I love wearing I will rock it for a while. Point A: These pj bottom's, no bra and thermal top paired with my supersoft bathrobe are a staple most day's of the week. Who cares if no one see's me, or if I don't wash my hair for a few days (going on 3 right now if you were wondering). Yes I am special. Yes I thankfully work at home, the only person that has to witness my sexyness is "the bearded one" Stan, Molly and sometimes the mail man if he catches me stalking him at 3pm wondering where in the hell my mail is. 

2. If you had to choose any LARGE city to live in, which would it be?
I am not a fan of traffic of any kind. Finding a place to park is not my cup of tea. I prefer to have my garage for my car, and not have to battle to find somewhere to park, or get gas or whatever. I don't love crowds of people either. Wow I just sound like a really fun gal between this question and my apparel in question number 1 don't I? So I will pick a city, San Fran....Just because most of my favorite people live there, and it doesn't snow and it is pretty and did I mention a lot of my favorite people live in that area?

3. Fly or drive with the kids on vacation?
Since I don't have kids, I am going to pick fly. Yes I know that "the bearded one" might qualify as a kid since he hates flying with a passion and would prefer to drive almost anywhere. I still pick FLY. I'm selfish like that.  

4. What is your idea of "spring cleaning"?
Throwing shit away! Yes, cleaning should always involve purging of items. Preferably many items that I haven't used in the past year, they need to be tossed. Why am I holding out hope that the ugly shirt that hangs in my closet will all the sudden be trendy? No idea...Never going to happen. Must spring clean. Today is only 18 degrees, spring is not yet here. So no cleaning for this girl today. 

5. What is the best book you have ever read?
I have an obsession with Jodi Picoult books. Most of them are good, and some of them are REALLY good. I highly recommend that you read her if you have not. I also am a big fan of James Patterson. Easy to read, quick crime that keeps the readers interest. 


"The Bearded One"

I have a list of things that I need to do on my lunch today. But nothing is more appealing than joining these two for a quick nap.....

Capitan Stan and "the bearded one" hiding. Yes that is what I have decided to start calling my  husband until he gets rid of his beard.

Almost Wordless Wednesday :)



It has been incredibly warm here in Minnesota the past few days. Yes, "Warm" is a relative term, and it means that it is above freezing.

The snow has started to melt at a fast speed. I am too scared to go down to the basement and check to see if it is leaking into our lower level. I will leave that for Dru's list tomorrow when he has the day off. I am a nice wife like that. And I just don't feel like knowing about or dealing with a mess that large at the moment. I am currently in a lot of pain. Pain that seems to engulf the whole right side of my abdomen. If you are thinking appendix, don't! Remember that was removed in July? When my appendix decided to hate me. It is related to the disease that is probably invading my body as I write this. Endo is a bitch. I am unmedicated in endo related ways, and have been since August. Which means that I am probably just letting this bitch of a disease invade my body. But there is nothing that I can do at this point. I am at a loss. Acupuncture started yesterday and I am hoping that it will provide me with some relief. But tonight I am done. Done and sick and tired of feeling this way.

So I leave you with this. A view of the dirty street outside of my house. Melting snow means dirty snow. Dirt and more dirt along with the cold white stuff that I can't wait to melt fully.

Weird Foods

I know that I have blogged about the weird things that I eat before, but today really has me baffled at my own eating habits.

I started acupuncture yesterday, and my acupuncturist wants me to write down what I eat for 2 week days and one weekend day. Thats all fine and dandy.

Except that I am eating Sauerkraut and turkey sausage for lunch right now....


Valentine's Day at Casa Erin & Dru

Valentine's Day is just another day here at our house. Yes cards were exchanged and my "Jumbo Pencil" sits beside me as I work-as does a heart shaped box of chocolates that we all know who is going to eat them anyways (Dru if you are wondering)....

But it makes me think. Why do people feel the need to go all out to celebrate this day of love? If you love someone shouldn't you show that love each and every day? I think that love should be present no matter what day it is.

But Dru, if you are reading this, the BEST Valentine's Day present you could still get for me is to SHAVE YOUR BEARD because you really do look like Mitchell....And unless you want me to turn into Cameron........

Thanks ABC/Google Images

Thats all. Happy Valentine's Day to each and everyone of you. I will update you on the beard situation as it progresses. But I am not going to hold my breath.


The BEST Winter activity EVER

Never once in my life did I think that I would be driving on a frozen lake to sit in a house with holes drilled in the ice in search of fish....

The road on the lake...It was a warm day and the water puddles had me a little concerned. 

This was my reality yesterday and I had the MOST fun ever. Ice fishing is awesome. We drove out to the lake on one of the most beautiful winter days in Minnesota. I was actually warm in my long undies, jeans, vest and North Face jacket. Too warm almost. The sky was blue and beautiful and our ice house was warm and waiting for us.

Our fish house...#6
The house had 6 holes that were drilled deep into the ice ready for us. Carpet, a heater, benches, lights. Seriously the works. Everything except for a bathroom, which is what the great outdoors are for. Cool fact-when you pee on a frozen lake a hole forms because your pee is warmer than the ice. Good thing the ice was over a foot thick, because I was drinking wine and once the seal was broken, peeing on the frozen lake was a constant action throughout the day/night.

This was my hole. I caught a few fish but if you stare down into the frozen lake for too long you start to go crazy.
Ice fishing is so much fun, but what is fishing without catching fish? So without further anticipation I give you the BEST part of the day.....

If you are brave enough to come visit Dru and I in the wintertime. We just might take you ice fishing :)


If today was your last day?

I am listening to music while cleaning the house and getting ready to go ice fishing....And the Nickelback song came on "If Today Was Your Last Day"...

It made me think. If today really was your last day, what would you do? Would you live your life to the fullest. Would you have lived your life the way that you had wanted to for the past however many years? Would you be satisfied with yesterday and tomorrow?

My answer is no. I am not ready for today to be my last day. I am not done. There are so many things that I want to do and things that are waiting for me. Life is fully unexpected. Life is not a guarantee. Bad things happen to good people, and sometimes today really could be your last day.

I am going to live life to the fullest. I am going to make the best of my memories, but also strive to make new ones with those that I love. Today is not my last day, but I am sure as hell going to start living life like it is.

I am going to kiss my husband even though his beard makes me slightly sick, I am going to ignore the pain that is in my body daily and live like I am a healthy 24 year old, I am going to work hard but play even harder.

So this is my challenge for you. Live today like it might be your last. Remind those who you love that you love them and appreciate them. Hug your friends and family.



Living with a "Condition"

I have been thinking a lot lately about how I feel. If I will always feel this way, forever? And it has got me down. I live in constant pain. Pain in my lower back and pelvic area everyday without relief. It has been almost a year since this pain happened. It was last February when I got back from a vacation with my parents. We went to Florida, and I was pain free.

That was the last time that I didn't have some sort of constant pain. I am non medicated. Other than the everyday dose of ibuprofen that I take. Something that doesn't even seem to touch the pain. Nothing gives me relief. Nothing seems to take this pain away, and I don't want to live this way forever. There has to be something that someone can do. Dr's seem to think that it is not related to my endometriosis. I think that they are full of shit. They don't feel like this, they don't live with my pain. They will never know. Maybe I am just not good at getting my point across, maybe I suck at saying how I feel. But I am ready to take more action, to figure this out. I know that nothing is for sure, nothing will be a quick and easy fix but there has to be a fix? Right?

I am committed to taking action. To speaking out, to figuring this out. But for now, I am back to work for the night. My office and I will be best friends this week, coworkers are abroad for work, and I am holding down the homefront from my little office.

Me and my condition will still be here, but I am looking for a plan. One that only I can be responsible for, because no one knows how I feel except for me.


Does your husband still think you are pretty?

Last night I went to the "wild game" feed here in town to volunteer. This involved passing out appetizers on a plate with a friend. We were in charge of the deviled quail eggs. They were the cutest little eggs, that probably took a lot of time to make. Imagine peeling tiny little eggs, and then cutting them perfectly in half, and scooping out a very small amount of insides to assemble deviled eggs. A lot of work if you ask me! But we were in charge of passing them out. Not too bad, and they were actually really yummy.

But the highlight of the night was when I returned home 5 or so hours later. Dru had went to the dinner to meet and mingle with another husband. He sat and ate and didn't win any of the drawings that he had entered. But I think that he had a good night.

When I returned home, he said one simple thing that made my night. "You were the hottest woman there, by far"....This made me feel good. Made me realize that he still notices me some 10 years later, and is still attracted to me. I still "have it"...

Now if only he would get rid of that creature that he is growing on his face he calls a beard. It is icky if you ask me. Something that I don't even want to get close to. It itches, and it too mountain man for me. I am more of a clean cut type of gal. I like my men groomed, shaved and clean. So honey, if you are listening. You are still sexy as well....once you shave that thing off we can talk about the cute new little panties that I got from VS last week :)


Losing my Voice

I felt as if I have lost my voice for this space. Everything that I am wanting to say I just can't say here. For fear of pissing people off, for being judged because of what I think. I hate this feeling. Sometimes you just have to be able to get things off your chest. And I hate that I can't do that here. Maybe I will start a blog where it is just me. Just me, Erin....Yes I know that this is what this space is supposed to be. But there are many that read, it is a public space. And I know that. My intentions are good, but sometimes people just don't understand and then things get misconstrued. So I will have to think about it.

But for now. Here is what has happened in my life over the past week. I was kicked to my ass by the "influenza"...Yes that was a medical opinion from a Dr. And she couldn't do anything for me. Nothing....Even though I spent my whole San Diego vacation in a hotel bed, or trying not to pass out in restaurants (this portion didn't go as planned and I actually did pass out in a restaurant).

The flu is a nasty thing. Now I know why the flu shot exists. Not just for old people, but I myself will be getting one at the ripe age of 25 this year. Gezzz I feel like an old geezer saying 25. My mom thinks that I have a complex. I age myself beyond my years. But 25 is old enough for a 1/4 century crisis. I have lived for almost 25 years. My body somedays feels like it is 80 but that is a different story. I will embrace this 25th year of age. I will try to not be such an old lady, but no promises. I have acted like an old lady for a while now.

Things in this casa are good. It is still cold here in Minnesota, but you probably already knew that. If texas is getting snow, then we sure as hell still have snow on the ground here. I don't think that it is going to go anywhere for a while, and I am okay with that. As long as my husband deals with it in a timely manner. Or he WILL come home to a car parked half way up the driveway like he did the other night. I just don't have the energy or will to coax my car up the driveway when it is -2 outside and the driveway is covered in snow and ice. So there it sat. He had to figure it out. That is what men are for right? Figuring things out that women don't want to do?

Now I must go get pretty. I am volunteering at a thing tonight. Giving back to the community and eating some "wild game" and free drinks while doing so. You all know how adventurous I am when it comes to eating strange "meat"....so probably less wild game, and more drinks for this girl. But I am volunteering and that is what counts, right?