Fiber One BlueBerry Pancakes

Yes, I made myself pancakes for breakfast. They sounded good, and I had some fresh blueberries so I added them.....

Well, lately when I think that I am hungry, I eat 3 bites and then am no longer hungry. We went to dinner last night at the golf course in town. We had never been there before, and probably won't go back. Not yummy. And of course after 3 bites, not hungry.

I am beginning to think that maybe I got fat surgery when I was under for my lap a few weeks ago. I think that he shrunk my stomach. Which would not be a bad thing. I have actually lost a few pounds in the past few weeks. Without even working out. So I am not complaining.

But nothing tastes that good lately. Nothing sounds good either. We went grocery shopping the other night, and got a lot of food-or so we thought. But now, I feel like we have nothing.

This is a neverending cycle in our house. Never knowing what we want to eat. Never knowing what to cook. Or just not cooking dinner at all. We have gotten pretty bad about not even eating dinner. Breakfast usually happens at 11am for me-I get busy and then forget to eat, or am on the phone and don't have time.

Lunch is middle afternoon-but I never know what I want. Or I eat something bad for me because it is quick and easy.

I need to get outta this food funk-Since my mom bought me a great cookbook- The pioneer Woman's cookbook- for my bday. I am just going to start making things out of there.

I have all the stuff for the jalepeno's poppers homemade. So that is what is for dinner tonight!

I'll let you know how it goes.

ps. I joined a weight loss challenge. So I guess the fact that I am not hungry is a good thing. I could have worse problems-like eating everything in sight like I have been doing for the past few months and gain a ton of weight!


What Does Not Belong?

In magazines they have the 2 pictures with the objects added or removed and challenge you to find the 8 different items. What is different or does not belong in this photo?

Well I am usually pretty good at those games. And I must admit that I occasionally cheat and look at the answers when I can't find one because I am kind of a cheater when it comes to games. I always cheat at a game that we play with my family. "May I"....Well I cheat. My grandfather who passed away last February, usually refused to play the game with me because I was a cheater.

But anyways that is not the point of this....The point is. We had our own "what does not belong" game last night at our house. Now I admit that this is kind of gross, and a little unsanitary but well it was funny too...

Our children, Stan and Molly, usually get to do whatever they want in the house. They have fairly free roam except for being allowed to go outside. Outside is off limits, but keeping them from doing other things is fairly hard. We are not that strict of parents, and usually think that our children are funny and laugh before punishment.

Well last night, when I was watching the season finale of Parenthood, Dru was roaming around the house. Stan was pretty quiet which is unusual for him beccause he whines and moans a lot. Well Dru told me that I needed to "see this"...Which meant that I had to get up from my chair and pause my show. Ughhhh I was being lazy.

Well Stan, our little baby was laying on the counter in-between the coffee maker and the sink. Just chilling like it was okay and that is where he belongs. Napping of sorts.

Gross, but really funny. He just kind of blended in, like it was where he was supposed to be.

Don't worry we cleansed the counter after this.

But why do cats think that they can do whatever they want? Why do our children act so strange??


It is getting Hott and Steamy

Hott and Steamy. And sticky and bug filled. That is what it is like here in the midwest lately. It was 85 degrees last night at 1030pm. I should get back to the bug filled. There are BIG nasty dead bugs all over our front porch. If I knew where my camera was right now I would go outside and take a picture of the 100's of dead bugs that are on our porch. It is GROSS.

Being a California girl, heat should be no problem. And since I bitch and complain so much about the snow, I should worship the hott hott weather? Does that not sound right. Well I do love hott. But just not the sticky part of the hotness.

Not the part where every single part of your body is sweating. If we did not have AC in our house. I might die. I probably would have already been dead. I can count on one hand how many times we ran the AC last year. Hardly ever. Thought that we were tough Californian's.

Well now that I was bombarded with snow and all that winter stuff, I am a big baby, and I need AC. So I will be using it whenever I feel the need. That means if it is over 75 degress AC on.

Off to work....Okay not 'off' like I have to commute or anything. But 'off' to the office I go. Happy Tuesday.


Before-Or one year ago

I just realized that we moved to the Midwest about 1 year ago. This journey of ours was just beginning. Packing, cleaning, excitement and goodbyes. Those were all happening one year ago today.

I was also pain free one year ago. It was before endometriosis. It was before health issues that cause me to have to take endless medications to feel somewhat normal.

And by somewhat normal, I mean heal the physical pain. Heal it to a point that I can function normally. Not take it all away, now that would be too easy right?

Physical pain is easy, or some think. But it is the mental pain that still gets to me. I don't feel like the same person. I am sad that this happened to me. Pity party? Well yes, I am allowed to have one somedays. And that is what I feel like right now. Mad that my body has betrayed me. Mad that I let this get to me. Mad that I want to exercise and feel good, and lose weight and look and feel like who I was. Who I was "before"....

Functionally normal is a relative term. Normal is not something that can be defined, and I am okay with that. Quirks and personality's make people unique and who they are. People can join clubs that they want to join. To better themselves usually, that is what people become part of clubs and organizations for.

Well this club, the new one that I am in, the "endo club".....I want to revoke my membership. I want to take it back. Put myself back to normal. Newly married, new homeowners, new kitty parents, new to snow, new to the area.....I would be "new" at anything......other than endometriosis.

So that is what I have been feeling. This last surgery didn't do much to remove the pain. Now I am pretty sure that he removed things from my insides, that is not the thing that I am questioning. I just want to know why I still hurt. I have my post op appointment on Wednesday. I think that I am going to go back on the birth control shot. Depo Provera. What was "normal" for me for 8 years. Pre endometriosis. Pre Pain. It worked for me. Maybe it was what kept me pain free? Since nothing else is working well, I think that I will suggest that I go back to my normal.

I don't want to have to pretend that I feel fine. It is hard when you have 2 surgeries and everyone thinks that you are better. And you know what, I would assume that I would feel better too....

Well I don't. So off I go searching for the "before" me.....


Santa Fe, NM....

We went to Santa Fe. This is on the plane. And the beginning of the Cankles for the weekend. And well, yes I think that I might have a double chin in this photo too....But This is the beginning. I didn't take any picures of my ankles. or Shall I say Cankles. But use your imagination.

Group shot. Hiking in the great outdoors of Santa Fe. Did I mention that when hiking you increase elevation? Like we were not already 5 million miles in the sky???? Well this is out lovely group. Boss and his wife on the left, Dru and I in the back. Kristi and Melinda in Middle (coworkers) and then their respective spouses too. All in all a great time.

This is where we stayed. AMAZING place. Not a great picture...Are you beginning to figure out that I am a HORRIBLE photo taker? But this place was awesome. Turndown service with cookies in the evening, awesome huge comfy room, with comfy bed. Wine and cheese one night. Breakfast every morning with a selection of whatever you wanted. Order breakfast, even had it sent to our room on Sunday morning. Because that is how we roll?



I went on vacation, and I had Cankles *fat ankles....ya know* all weekend

That is not ALL that happened on vacation/work retreat, but all I have time to talk about right now. I will update later with the really exciting parts of the trip later, that is if you think that Cankles are NOT exciting....Now who in their right mind would think that they were not? Beat's me....

See, we were in Santa Fe New Mexico. Not to be confused with Old Mexico, or Mexico where you need a passport (which this lady does not posesses at this point and time in her life, *tear*

Who knew that Santa Fe was 5 million miles above the sea level, that I lived so comfortably at for 18 years of my life? Well I didn't. And my body was NOT pleased about this elevation. So the cankles arrived, and didn't want to leave.

Elevation and I, one week post surgery I must mention, didn't get along so well. Gosh I ran outta breath walking up stairs. And did you know that you have to drink enough water to keep hydrated that you pee EVERY 10 seconds? Well I didn't know that either.

Picture overweight already, fatty me....with Cankles and my new favorite blue velour pants...(because that is what I have been wearing non stop since surgery) on vacation/work retreat with the boss, his wife and my two coworkers and their husbands. GOOD TIME.

Okay I know that I am being a scarastic ass, and I don't mean to be. This vacation was AWESOME. I promise. Minus the Elevation, peeing non-stop and Cankles I had a GREAT time. I will post pictures, and all that good stuff later. But now, since i was gone for 2 work days. I MUST get back to work.

Peace, Love and Monday....

PS. Kate my love, your songs are the ONLY thing keeping me sane today, Just FYI. Love you Lady. You are the BEST!!!


Waxing, to wax or not to wax...

Want to know one thing that is great about pain pills? Other than the pain reducer from my surgery symptoms?

You can wax your armpits, and it does not hurt.

You see, I have been growing a forest under my arm's. Not really on purpose, but not unintentional either.

Shaving my underarm's just has not been a priority in my life. Not something that I think about a lot. Since it is COLD here in Minnesota. Not too many people have seen my underarms.

Well except for when I went to Target on Sunday with my mom and I was having hot flashes, and had on a sweater and took it off, and then the underarm's were there for all to see. Hairyness and all.

But the moral of this story is, my mom waxed my armpits for me this afternoon, and it didn't hurt at all. And now I am HAIRFREE. Just in time for my vacation to New Mexico, where it better be warm or I will be unhappy. Very unhappy.

Me and my fat clothes (surgery makes pants hard to wear) will be going to New Mexico, for a vacation/work retreat, and I bet my husband is happy that I am no longer a hairy hippy too :)

Mom's and what they do.

My mom is still here. She can't sit still for a second.

She has
  • Cleaned my pantry
  • Used Vinegar to get all the hard water stain's off my glasses
  • Organized my Junk Drawer
  • Taken care of me after surgery
  • Baked Cookies
  • Made Tiramisu
  • Cleaned
  • Organized my Spices/Oil's in my Kitchen
  • Done Laundry
  • Cleaned my closets (currently in the process)
  • Played with the kitties
  • Took me Shopping
  • Cleaned out my clothing
  • Making a giveaway pile
  • Quilted

And I am sure that I am missing a lot of things that this wonderful crazy woman has done since she visited. And it is making me tired just thinking about it.


Stan the Explorer?

Dru and I have different parenting skills when it comes to our babies. Stan and Molly. They are inside kitties. The outside world is a scary place and we both don't know what we would do if something was to happen to them....

But, sometimes I think that they might want to explore. People get cabin fever, who says kitties don't too?

So my mom is visiting, and she call's Stan and Molly, "her children". Where are "my children"...ect. She loves them.

Loves them as much as you can love an animal who "help's" when you put makeup on, by taking the brushes out of the bag, or assisting with mascara application. Silly Kitty. Stan is currently sleeping on mom's bed in her room.

So mom think's that the kitties should go outside. She tied up stan with a Crate and Barrell ribbon left over from the many wedding gifts that we received, and held him outside last night.

Dru has differing opinions. No kitties outside. At all. Never, Never Ever.

What to do? I mean, my mom parented me, I survived, and turned out pretty well if you ask me. Should I let her let the children explore? Or put my foot down as a parent and let Dru get his way?

Gosh, if kitties are this hard. I am never going to know what to do with nonfur babies.


Happy Mothers Day

Today is mothers day. Happy day to all you mothers out there. I consider myself a mother to Stan and Molly and therefore that is why I am waiting for Dru to get up to feed the little monsters :)

It is also my birthday. So therefore it is a double whammy. My mom is here, so I will do things for her (to the best of my ability, since I am still recovering) but Dru is on Mom, Erin and Kitty duty most of the day.

Don't worry we will go light on him. And he even cuddled with me and the kitties for some of the morning :)
And he is still sleeping right now. But I am thinking that I might be a little hungry, so Dru might have to wake up.

Happy Day to You and Your's!



Well the surgery went well. I am home, on bed rest.

Bed rest and I don't get along too well. As in, I don't like it. It is boring, I don't like to lay in bed. I ate dinner in bed. Yummy dinner that my mom made. And now she is making Tiramisu. Ummmmm, double yumm...

The surgery was good. The Dr. removed "quite a bit" of endo, from my insides, and he even sent us home with pictures. I will not share them, since Dru was grossed out, and he is my husband. I am pretty sure that the internet world won't want to see them.

I am excited to feel better. I want to feel better, I can't wait to feel better. But I have to recover first. My tummy is pretty painful. Sore, and painful. But I have really great nurses, and will be recovering on my Birthday and Mother's Day with Dru taking care of both mom and me.

Saturday Morning At the Hospital

Mom and I got up way too early. Like before 5am too early to get here. Why? I am not too sure? We got here, I am blogging from my little hospital gown in my cute litte hospital bed.....

With a heater. My gown has a heater built in. Pretty nifty if you ask me. There is a cord from the wall, that looks like a tube, that is blowing air into my gown, and I can adjust the air.

Yeah, I sound a little crazy, but I have not even been given drugs yet :)

Surgery is in about an hour. Pray that we make it home after...We programmed Alice (the GPS) to "HOME"....But I am personally a little worried about my safety of getting home....

Thats all updates from the hospital. Nothing super duper exciting happening on the home front, cept for that I am excited to feel better. Hopefully feel better after all of this...

Peace out blog friends! I'll update later. And warning, I most likely will be drugged up, so it could be a good one :)



Tomorrow I will be having surgery at this time in the morning. Tomorrow I will not be drinking coffee in bed like I love to do every morning with my baby kitty stan cuddling with me as I write my blog. Tomorrow will hopefully mean that I can feel better sometime soon.

But TODAY! Today my mom and I are going to do fun things. Today, is pedicures, good food, shopping and sushi for dinner. Today is going to be a good day. I am taking a day from work. I am not going to even think about work, and I am going to enjoy Today.

Make sure that you enjoy today, even if your tomorrow won't be as bad as mine :)


Am I making Sense?

Dearest Readers. The few of you that there are. Do I make sense?

See, last night, when Dru was getting into "my" bed, I asked him nicely if he had read my blog?

Simple question. I wanted to see if he would respond to the fact that i think that we need seperate beds. Well he told me, yes I did, and it didn't make any sense. Hmmmm...

Did it not make sense because he didn't want it to, or am I really crazy and writing in circles? I do realize dear friends, that tangenty is probably not a word, and I am not going to look it up because I am pretty positive it is not a word. But whatever. My blog, my words.

Anyways. Dearest husband, if you don't think my blog makes sense, then don't read it. So there! Then I can write whatever I want about you...:) Probably all nice, I promise.

So I have a question. Does it make it okay to talk about things once people have made them public on the social network known as Facebook? Facebook is for all the world to see, so I am pretty sure that once someone posts something that was a sort of secret, it is no longer a secret anymore, and I can talk about it?

Well I decided to "like" such facebook status update, we will see if that was appropiate or not later. Ya see, I have never hid my feelings of said "secret" when it was public knowledge. I never pretented to like anyone.

That is not the way that I am. I don't do pretending well. I have learned in my old age, that it is not nice to hurt peoples feelings on purpose, and I do try hard to not do that, but I will not go out of my way to be nice, if I have ill feelings toward someone.

So now I do realize that this blog makes no sense to anyone who has no idea what I am talking about. Talking myself in circles this morning.

Ohhh well. I have talked to my mom this morning, she is going to be on her way to the midwest today. Glad that the weather is going to be nice (NOT)....Rain, possible snow showers, coldness, all that goodness

We are going to do fun things, at least tonight and tomorrow. I am determined to do fun things. Even though I don't feel well. I will probably feel less well after my surgery on Saturday.

I have not been complaining about how bad I hurt lately, because it is boring, and no one wants to hear it. I don't even want to hear it. But last night I hurt bad. Like real bad, and I can't wait to feel better.

Okay enough of the tangenty blog, gots to get work done today, so I can play tomorrow on my vacation day :)


How I met your mother....Or did I?

Okay, well I didn't probably meet your mother...But I have met a few of your mothers and they are all lovely, tell them I said Happy Mothers Day!

But thats not the point. Do you watch that show? "How I met your mother"

First of all, I am starting to wonder who the mother is, it is really starting to bother me, and I don't know how long I have to wait to figure it out. I actually thought that the mother was going to be Carrie Underwood, when she was on the show, but that would have been to easy. We are NEVER going to know.

Anywho....Not my point at all. I am just all tangenty today. The show, on Monday...

Lily and Marshall get twin married beds. Twin beds, in the same room.

Not the couple at all from the show. And not Dru and I either....But don't they look just so happy? (Ignore the baldness, and the hair on the face (him not her), and the lack of clothing when sleeping, Gosh, I wonder if she is wearing sleeping pants???)

If you are wondering what sleeping pants are, then you probably have not spent a night with me, They are pants, leggings of sorts, that are necessary when sleeping. Necessary for legs to not touch, because legs touching is just not okay when sleeping. I have a few pairs of said "sleeping pants", but numerous nights begin with me searching the house for "sleeping pants"...Dru hides them I think.

I mean, how can legging's with holes in them (they get a little overworn) not be sexy??? Another topic for another day.

Okay, back to why these beds are SUCH a great idea. No one is touching someone elses feet. Or bitching about stealing the covers, or too hott, or too cold.
But probably still bitching about turning the TV Down, because someone wants to watch Parenthood, and someone else wants to sleep......... But other than that small bothersome incident, A happy blissful marriage.

Twin beds are the way to go. I have decided that in my crankyness of not feeling well. I need my own bed. And Dru does too.....

If Dru's twin bed is in another room, is that a stage for divorce???

Snoring is usually harder to hear through walls.


6am? Why oh Why?

I am awake, before 7:30...Something with this picture is not right. I don't get up early. Dru does not have to work today, why am I awake? I can't go tanning until they open at 8am, since it is Tuesday...

Well shoot. Another day, another dollar. I guess that's how the saying goes! But something cool did happen today. I WON an ipod touch. Yes, really!!! How cool is that.

A friends company had a contest that started about 2 months ago, and I was automatically entered for becoming facebook fan's of the company. eGenoa, is the name of the company, and you should all check them out, http://www.egenoa.com/ Thanks eGenoa, you are awesome! I won. Birthday present.

Yes, mom I know that you are probably thinking that it would be a good Mother's day present too, but since you already now know, no can do :)

So getting up early has one perk, that I won a contest. I never win anything, and if this ends up being some sort of prank, you betcha that I will be mad.

Mom comes in 2 days. The weather is not going to be nice when she is here. I think it is going to be cold, maybe even some rain....snow too??? K, the snow was me being mean, but it is not going to be warm. Sorry mom.

We can watch movies and eat soup and popcorn while cuddling with Molly and Stan? After surgery on Saturday, that is the plan!

Did I mention that one of my favorite restaurants here in town has SUSHI! For real's folks, sushi, in my town that I live in. Now, I have not tried it yet, but I will let you know the full review after we go on Friday night.



I think that I may have a black thumb. My Garden is looking a little sad, and no I don't have pictures, because I am embarrassed about it.

I was thinking that gardening was easy. Plant some seeds, give them some water, and poof, veggies! Well friends, not as easy as it sounds. Or maybe my plants are just slow starters, and will pop up soon.

On the other side of the gardening spectrum. We are growing a dandylion farm in our front yard, I think that we have more dandylion's than we do grass. Not cute at all, and makes me annoyed. Dru mowed the lawn not more than 3 days ago, and it it very long, and filled with those damn yellow "flowers" everywhere again.

We went out with friends last night. To a little "biker bar" a town over. There was a live band, and it was VERY crowded. We sat outside and chatted, I am glad that it was nice enough to sit outside. At about 1030 we decided to come back to our place and have a few drink's and play games. Well, Dru and I don't have the assortment of games that I thought that we had. And Mad Gab does not work too well, when some team members have had a lot to drink, and can't see w/out glasses.

I am going to have to invest in some fun games to play with friends during the summer months.

I bought a new vacuum yesterday. The one we had was pretty old, and I didn't think that it was sucking as it should. Well my thoughts were confirmed, when I used the new one, over the floor's that I had done with the old one the night before. It was nasty. Gross, ugghhh, makes me queezy thinking about it.

My birthday is in less than a week, and mom is coming on Thursday. I couldn't be more exited. Hoping that it is warm enough to lay out today