What Does Not Belong?

In magazines they have the 2 pictures with the objects added or removed and challenge you to find the 8 different items. What is different or does not belong in this photo?

Well I am usually pretty good at those games. And I must admit that I occasionally cheat and look at the answers when I can't find one because I am kind of a cheater when it comes to games. I always cheat at a game that we play with my family. "May I"....Well I cheat. My grandfather who passed away last February, usually refused to play the game with me because I was a cheater.

But anyways that is not the point of this....The point is. We had our own "what does not belong" game last night at our house. Now I admit that this is kind of gross, and a little unsanitary but well it was funny too...

Our children, Stan and Molly, usually get to do whatever they want in the house. They have fairly free roam except for being allowed to go outside. Outside is off limits, but keeping them from doing other things is fairly hard. We are not that strict of parents, and usually think that our children are funny and laugh before punishment.

Well last night, when I was watching the season finale of Parenthood, Dru was roaming around the house. Stan was pretty quiet which is unusual for him beccause he whines and moans a lot. Well Dru told me that I needed to "see this"...Which meant that I had to get up from my chair and pause my show. Ughhhh I was being lazy.

Well Stan, our little baby was laying on the counter in-between the coffee maker and the sink. Just chilling like it was okay and that is where he belongs. Napping of sorts.

Gross, but really funny. He just kind of blended in, like it was where he was supposed to be.

Don't worry we cleansed the counter after this.

But why do cats think that they can do whatever they want? Why do our children act so strange??


  1. They most likely must take after their Mother!! love ya mom

  2. Ha! A little bit of a switch up I'd say. Guess it keeps you on our toes.