How I met your mother....Or did I?

Okay, well I didn't probably meet your mother...But I have met a few of your mothers and they are all lovely, tell them I said Happy Mothers Day!

But thats not the point. Do you watch that show? "How I met your mother"

First of all, I am starting to wonder who the mother is, it is really starting to bother me, and I don't know how long I have to wait to figure it out. I actually thought that the mother was going to be Carrie Underwood, when she was on the show, but that would have been to easy. We are NEVER going to know.

Anywho....Not my point at all. I am just all tangenty today. The show, on Monday...

Lily and Marshall get twin married beds. Twin beds, in the same room.

Not the couple at all from the show. And not Dru and I either....But don't they look just so happy? (Ignore the baldness, and the hair on the face (him not her), and the lack of clothing when sleeping, Gosh, I wonder if she is wearing sleeping pants???)

If you are wondering what sleeping pants are, then you probably have not spent a night with me, They are pants, leggings of sorts, that are necessary when sleeping. Necessary for legs to not touch, because legs touching is just not okay when sleeping. I have a few pairs of said "sleeping pants", but numerous nights begin with me searching the house for "sleeping pants"...Dru hides them I think.

I mean, how can legging's with holes in them (they get a little overworn) not be sexy??? Another topic for another day.

Okay, back to why these beds are SUCH a great idea. No one is touching someone elses feet. Or bitching about stealing the covers, or too hott, or too cold.
But probably still bitching about turning the TV Down, because someone wants to watch Parenthood, and someone else wants to sleep......... But other than that small bothersome incident, A happy blissful marriage.

Twin beds are the way to go. I have decided that in my crankyness of not feeling well. I need my own bed. And Dru does too.....

If Dru's twin bed is in another room, is that a stage for divorce???

Snoring is usually harder to hear through walls.

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  1. Stopping in from BlogFrog. I went with earplugs to deal with the snoring from my dh. It was cheaper then divorce! :)