Mom's and what they do.

My mom is still here. She can't sit still for a second.

She has
  • Cleaned my pantry
  • Used Vinegar to get all the hard water stain's off my glasses
  • Organized my Junk Drawer
  • Taken care of me after surgery
  • Baked Cookies
  • Made Tiramisu
  • Cleaned
  • Organized my Spices/Oil's in my Kitchen
  • Done Laundry
  • Cleaned my closets (currently in the process)
  • Played with the kitties
  • Took me Shopping
  • Cleaned out my clothing
  • Making a giveaway pile
  • Quilted

And I am sure that I am missing a lot of things that this wonderful crazy woman has done since she visited. And it is making me tired just thinking about it.

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