6am? Why oh Why?

I am awake, before 7:30...Something with this picture is not right. I don't get up early. Dru does not have to work today, why am I awake? I can't go tanning until they open at 8am, since it is Tuesday...

Well shoot. Another day, another dollar. I guess that's how the saying goes! But something cool did happen today. I WON an ipod touch. Yes, really!!! How cool is that.

A friends company had a contest that started about 2 months ago, and I was automatically entered for becoming facebook fan's of the company. eGenoa, is the name of the company, and you should all check them out, http://www.egenoa.com/ Thanks eGenoa, you are awesome! I won. Birthday present.

Yes, mom I know that you are probably thinking that it would be a good Mother's day present too, but since you already now know, no can do :)

So getting up early has one perk, that I won a contest. I never win anything, and if this ends up being some sort of prank, you betcha that I will be mad.

Mom comes in 2 days. The weather is not going to be nice when she is here. I think it is going to be cold, maybe even some rain....snow too??? K, the snow was me being mean, but it is not going to be warm. Sorry mom.

We can watch movies and eat soup and popcorn while cuddling with Molly and Stan? After surgery on Saturday, that is the plan!

Did I mention that one of my favorite restaurants here in town has SUSHI! For real's folks, sushi, in my town that I live in. Now, I have not tried it yet, but I will let you know the full review after we go on Friday night.

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