I think that I may have a black thumb. My Garden is looking a little sad, and no I don't have pictures, because I am embarrassed about it.

I was thinking that gardening was easy. Plant some seeds, give them some water, and poof, veggies! Well friends, not as easy as it sounds. Or maybe my plants are just slow starters, and will pop up soon.

On the other side of the gardening spectrum. We are growing a dandylion farm in our front yard, I think that we have more dandylion's than we do grass. Not cute at all, and makes me annoyed. Dru mowed the lawn not more than 3 days ago, and it it very long, and filled with those damn yellow "flowers" everywhere again.

We went out with friends last night. To a little "biker bar" a town over. There was a live band, and it was VERY crowded. We sat outside and chatted, I am glad that it was nice enough to sit outside. At about 1030 we decided to come back to our place and have a few drink's and play games. Well, Dru and I don't have the assortment of games that I thought that we had. And Mad Gab does not work too well, when some team members have had a lot to drink, and can't see w/out glasses.

I am going to have to invest in some fun games to play with friends during the summer months.

I bought a new vacuum yesterday. The one we had was pretty old, and I didn't think that it was sucking as it should. Well my thoughts were confirmed, when I used the new one, over the floor's that I had done with the old one the night before. It was nasty. Gross, ugghhh, makes me queezy thinking about it.

My birthday is in less than a week, and mom is coming on Thursday. I couldn't be more exited. Hoping that it is warm enough to lay out today

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  1. I do not even kind of have a green thumb... Good luck with that venture, because I only know how to kill plants!