Stan the Explorer?

Dru and I have different parenting skills when it comes to our babies. Stan and Molly. They are inside kitties. The outside world is a scary place and we both don't know what we would do if something was to happen to them....

But, sometimes I think that they might want to explore. People get cabin fever, who says kitties don't too?

So my mom is visiting, and she call's Stan and Molly, "her children". Where are "my children"...ect. She loves them.

Loves them as much as you can love an animal who "help's" when you put makeup on, by taking the brushes out of the bag, or assisting with mascara application. Silly Kitty. Stan is currently sleeping on mom's bed in her room.

So mom think's that the kitties should go outside. She tied up stan with a Crate and Barrell ribbon left over from the many wedding gifts that we received, and held him outside last night.

Dru has differing opinions. No kitties outside. At all. Never, Never Ever.

What to do? I mean, my mom parented me, I survived, and turned out pretty well if you ask me. Should I let her let the children explore? Or put my foot down as a parent and let Dru get his way?

Gosh, if kitties are this hard. I am never going to know what to do with nonfur babies.


  1. LOL We had the same converstaion at my house! Our kitty is now just a year old and has never explored the outside world. He wears a tag with his name and our phone number should he ever "escape". I don't know cats, never had one so allowed my Hubby to make that decision. This way I get to make all the big parenting choices for the non fur babies right :)

  2. Hey Erin, thanks for commenting on my blog. You're the first person that I don't know in person to comment on it. That Modern Mushroom Farm page is pretty cool. I think I'm going to give the spicy portabella pasta recipe a try :)

  3. Erin, I added my blog to my profile. Also, I'll add it redundantly here: http://edibleekphrasis.blogspot.com/

    Take care!