Saturday Morning At the Hospital

Mom and I got up way too early. Like before 5am too early to get here. Why? I am not too sure? We got here, I am blogging from my little hospital gown in my cute litte hospital bed.....

With a heater. My gown has a heater built in. Pretty nifty if you ask me. There is a cord from the wall, that looks like a tube, that is blowing air into my gown, and I can adjust the air.

Yeah, I sound a little crazy, but I have not even been given drugs yet :)

Surgery is in about an hour. Pray that we make it home after...We programmed Alice (the GPS) to "HOME"....But I am personally a little worried about my safety of getting home....

Thats all updates from the hospital. Nothing super duper exciting happening on the home front, cept for that I am excited to feel better. Hopefully feel better after all of this...

Peace out blog friends! I'll update later. And warning, I most likely will be drugged up, so it could be a good one :)

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  1. I HOPE HOPE HOPE you get home safely. Enjoy the heated hospital robe and give us updates soon!