Well the surgery went well. I am home, on bed rest.

Bed rest and I don't get along too well. As in, I don't like it. It is boring, I don't like to lay in bed. I ate dinner in bed. Yummy dinner that my mom made. And now she is making Tiramisu. Ummmmm, double yumm...

The surgery was good. The Dr. removed "quite a bit" of endo, from my insides, and he even sent us home with pictures. I will not share them, since Dru was grossed out, and he is my husband. I am pretty sure that the internet world won't want to see them.

I am excited to feel better. I want to feel better, I can't wait to feel better. But I have to recover first. My tummy is pretty painful. Sore, and painful. But I have really great nurses, and will be recovering on my Birthday and Mother's Day with Dru taking care of both mom and me.

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  1. I show my surgery pictures to everyone. That's probably not normal!

    So glad you are home and feeling better lady! I can't wait for you to actually start recovering this time!