Happy Mothers Day

Today is mothers day. Happy day to all you mothers out there. I consider myself a mother to Stan and Molly and therefore that is why I am waiting for Dru to get up to feed the little monsters :)

It is also my birthday. So therefore it is a double whammy. My mom is here, so I will do things for her (to the best of my ability, since I am still recovering) but Dru is on Mom, Erin and Kitty duty most of the day.

Don't worry we will go light on him. And he even cuddled with me and the kitties for some of the morning :)
And he is still sleeping right now. But I am thinking that I might be a little hungry, so Dru might have to wake up.

Happy Day to You and Your's!


  1. Happy birthday pretty lady!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday Dear!! Did you have a nice day??

    I see that you live in MN too!! That is soo cool. I'm in the Cities. You?