The People Behind The Crazy

Me (Erin): I am the head of the crazy in this house. I don't actually get to run the house like I should, but we breed crazy here and no one is in charge. Unless you ask Stan - He thinks that he might be.

I am a 25 year old living in Minnesota with my husband Dru and our 2 fur babies. Molly was adopted by us in June of 09 when we moved here to this lovely state (Minnesota). We were both Californian's until my job moved us here to the Midwest. I had always wanted a kitty and Molly made our family complete after the move. Until I decided that we needed another baby and was shopping online in January '10 and found little Stan. He joined our family and is thriving and loving life.

Dru: He is my better half. He keeps me sane most of the time and has the kitties wrapped around his little finger. He loves to be outside and fish and do outdoor stuff. He's a manly man who leaves his socks in my living room every night. I love him.
Molly: She works from home just like her Mommy...She is O So Helpful :)

Stan also likes to help out in the office. It is never a dull day here!