So Close - Yet So Far Away

Holy crap I’m 2/3 of the way done. Yes, I’ve entered the 3rd trimester of pregnancy and I can hardly believe it myself.

Things have been insanely busy around here and quite frankly I can’t really decide what I want to blog about. I’m fully convinced that my blog was much more exciting when I had some wine to loosen up my typing fingers. Some of my best inspiration came from drinking wine, and since I’ve been off that bandwagon for about 27 weeks (or 24 ½ give or take a few days, I didn’t actually know I was pregnant for a few weeks, give me a break). The blog has suffered.

Hopefully sleepless nights will also bring about good blog fodder? Because the weird thing is that I don’t crave wine or booze or cigarettes (yes I did smoke on occasion before I was pregnant) AT ALL. Not saying that I will be a non-drinker once Stella comes about (or that I was an alcoholic before she was conceived) but I can’t imagine parenting with a hangover and I’ll be attempting the breastfeeding adventure and a drunk baby isn’t a good thing (so I’ve heard).

And to wrap things up and to be an over-sharer. I’ve officially gained 25 lbs in 27 weeks of pregnancy. I guess if you think about it is isn’t THAT bad, except for the fact that she (Stella) only weighs about 2 or 2.5 lbs at this point. Dru keeps on telling me that I don’t “look” pregnant anywhere other than my belly, so I am just going to keep on believing him even if he is obligated to say these things. I did have to remind him that it wasn’t JUST me who created this child so I was gifted at least one or two minor bitch sessions about how huge or gross I felt. 

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  1. Time if flying by. I am glad to be one of the people that can say "knew ya when". I swear im so happy for you and dru. I cant wait to hear about the good times and the rough as well. As your friend I will be ready to throw words of useless wisdom your way.