Tomorrow I will be 26 years old. I honestly have never been one of those people who had a list of things that I wanted to accomplish by a certain age, but turning another year older has really made me stop and think about the now and also the future.

So many things have changed since I turned 21. I remember thinking that 21 was going to be the best age ever. I’m not sure if I thought that because I could legally drink, or what. But 21 was going to change everything. Boy was I wrong. Don’t get me wrong, 21 was a great year. As was 22, 23, 24…I’ve watched myself grow throughout each and every year, and if I’m being honest I’ve always thought of myself as much older. I think that I am a 40 year old in a 25 (soon to be 26) year olds body. I relate and connect much better with my friends and peers who are older than me. I’ve never been much of a partier or clubber, but damn was I a great day drinker/wine taster! I’ve never been that boy crazy girl who was going out with the sole purpose of meeting the man of my dreams. But that was only because I met him when I was 15. I’ve never been more grateful to have had met the man that I married when I was so young. I have no regrets at all about this fact and I know that when we are 80 I still won’t regret getting to spend all of these wonderful glorious years with Dru. He still to this day never ceases to make me smile or laugh.

So as I turn another year older tomorrow, and later this year welcome a daughter into our lives, I reflect. Reflect about the wonderful things that this world has to offer, reflect that 2 years ago today I was having surgery to hopefully fix and correct this horrible disease that I had so I could someday have children, and reflect on how incredibly grateful I am for the wonderful friends and family that I have in my life.

So, thank you! Thank you friends and family for being there for me for the past 25 years and helping me celebrate another year. 

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