The Perfect Halloween Costume?

So what arrive in the mail today that would serve as a perfect Halloween costume?? Well nothing other than my TWO free samples of DEPENDS!!! Yeah my lovely husband kept his promise that I also would be receiving my free sample of these ever so cool adult diapers! I can't say that he does not take care of me and does not want me to be left out on the fun of adult diapers :)

So what pops into my head? Well it is Halloween, and I don't really have a costume. So I could wear my adult diapers and be an old woman, or even a small child. The possibilities are endless!!!

We still need to get more candy, because I don't think that we have enough, and I already got my first Trick or Treater. Yeah, it was Bella my bosses super cute 6yr old dressed as a leopard. Her mom is fantastic and made her costume, and he brought her over to show me.

Dru has a cold, I think. I am hoping that it is nothing serious and he will feel better after the nap that he is presently taking. And the time changes tonight, so hopefully he will get more sleep before work in the morning.

Happy Halloween



It is pouring!!! I have a meeting tonight, and I don't look good wet. My hair gets all gross, and well I just don't like wetness. I think that most people would agree with me. Today is a day that I am grateful that I work from home( well most days I am grateful about it, but today more than others)

My husband does not seem bothered by the rain. At this moment he is outside BBQ'ing. Yes that is right, BBQ chicken in the rain. Because you can take the Californian out of California, but can't take our need to BBQ at all times of year away from us. So I think he is crazy, but if that is what he wants for dinner he is not going to let a little rain stand in his way.

We will have to see if when it is -40 outside, if he still craves BBQ...

Off to my meeting in the rain, and I don't even like to drive in rain just for reference.

I hope that there is wine at this meeting, but I am not going to keep my hopes up because it is being held at a Church, and since I have not been to church in a while, I am not sure if God frowns upon things like drinking and such.

"didn't Jesus turn water into wine"????????/


Crisis-Halloween Costumes

What are you going to dress up as for Halloween??? Normally (or I guess not normally for everyone) I would have a costume, or some outfit figured out by now, It is Wednesday and Halloween is a few days away. I mean, I have candy already, shouldn't I have a costume?

Well I don't! And it is not like I am doing anything other than passing out candy, but it would still be fun to have a costume. I remember back to the days of college where any thing would work as a costume. My roommate dressed up as a Zebra?? I think, and vaguely remember her running/walking/galloping down Cuesta Drive making really weird noises...Because that is what Zebras do right? Or when any sort of bra/top that made your boobs look fantastic and some short shorts were a costume. Because you have to put "sexy" in front of everything on Halloween when you are in college. For example "sexy firefighter", "sexy Pilot" you get the point.

And for reference I am not saying that I want to go nakedish for Halloween (except Dru did mention he wanted to be a nudist......??? That might scare the kids away) I am just saying, what do 23yr old married women with no kids and no party in the frozen tundra dress up like????

Girls at Cal Poly would freeze their exposed parts off if they went traipsing out like that here (gosh I would NEVER wear a slutty costume (hopefully there is no evidence of my college days?)

Maybe I just won't dress up at all....

The good news is that it is not snowing here (yet) like it is in CO, WY and all those states that are a little west of us. We are supposed to have Thunderstorms tomorrow. I didn't think that thunderstorms happened when it was so cold, but I guess that I have a few things to learn still.

No word on the house today...

Happy Wednesday!


Peace and Quiet-and Petit Soleil

So Dru did not work last night, he worked at 5am yesterday morning. I had gotten used to him being gone at night time, and it is hard to adjust when you are in a routine. My routine, was him not being home at night, and since he was home I reacted badly.
Mainly I was an ASS...Yes that's right I will admit it. I think that I even apologized 2 times, and I don't even like to say that I am sorry ONCE. So twice should mean that I really care and I am sorry that I was an ASS!

So Dru, when you get home from work at some ungodly hour and I am in bed, please know that I am still sorry. Because I know that you read my blog, because you knew that I bought more Halloween Candy and then searched and found it and ate it, and also hid it around the house just in case I was NEVER going to give you a piece. You are a weird one, but I still love you.

Basically, I was sitting here at my desk thinking about how quiet it is at my house right now, and that my boss called me from Splash Cafe...Yes that is right, he is in SLO with his wife and I am not! I even booked them a room at Petit Soleil the bed and breakfast (when I say booked, I mean I did all the work, not that I am paying for it...he is my boss and all) The people at Petit are super nice, and I am really jealous, and wish that I could be in SLO. But NO, I am in Minnesota, working, where it is 54 degrees and windy, really windy...All the leaves that I raked are BACK. Why did I even bother? I don't know, but now I am frustrated. Maybe I will go do that again, because all this peace and quiet is making me ramble.

Maybe I will have to make myself really nice appetizers and drink wine tonight, so I can pretend that I too am staying at Petit and am in San Luis Obispo...One can dream right??

PS. House appraisal is done, NOW MORE WAITING......

House Update

Who calls someone at 9:45pm to schedule an appraisal? Apparently the company who is doing ours does. And she called both my office/house and cell phone. Does she not know that I am an old lady and there was absolutely nothing on TV last night and I went to bed to read at like 9:30. I am not going to answer the phone especially when I don't know who is calling me.

Her message was rambling, about how she was confused that I was the contact because I was the buyer, and why did I live there already and such. Okay lady get to the f'n point, you would like to appraise our house, and could I please call you back. Simple as that, I don't need your life story about how your mother was ill yesterday and that is why you are calling blah blah blah.....Just schedule the damn appraisal.

So I called her back. Apparently they are not in at 7:45am because, they work late. I don't know. But She FINALLY called me back this morning, and our house is getting appraised TODAY and we are moving forward in the never ending process of buying a house.

Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well, and the appraisal lady is not as crazy as she sounds on the phone. Or actually, hoping that she is, because then we would have something in common (crazy) and then she might like me.

Shoot, does that mean that I need to get showered and dressed today? I mean, everyone wears sweat pants, and a bathrobe and fuzzy socks to work right? And the fact that my hair is slightly on the greasy side should not matter either.
Okay I have just talked myself into a shower, because who am I kidding, that is gross!

Happy Tuesday


Halloween Thief


Notice the office looking stuff?? Well the candy has been moved to my office, and I will most likely eat it all now...Damn

Molly, and Mommy Blogging??

I decided to be nice to the kitty last night because of all the things that I said about her yesterday (sorry dad for outing you too :)

I gave her a treat, after I tortured her and tried to brush her teeth-That was a good idea, NOT!! I was peacefully trying to watch the rest of The Amazing Race, and she wanted more treats, Since I FINALLY found my camera battery charger, I took a picture, because well I am striving to be one of those "mommy bloggers" (Just Kidding), but since I don't have a kid, and I am blogging about my cat, maybe I am surfing on thin ice with that one.

More about Mommy Bloggers later..........

Currently my "child" is walking across my desk wanting attention, and I need to go back to work.


Husbands and Fathers

So you know the saying that men usually look for a wife that resembles or is something like his mother, because she took care of him??? Well I think that Dru has a few things in common with my father, and I won't say that they are his most appealing traits...Thought that I would share, since I had to go to Target for this very reason.....

My mom buys Halloween candy for the nonexistent Trick or Treaters in our tiny little town, because I think that she has a glimmer of hope that just maybe she will get one or two cute little kids that come to her door. She usually purchases this candy in advance of the holiday because my mom and I are a lot alike and we plan ahead....Now the only problem with this is OUR HUSBANDS!!!

Yes, my dad eats the candy before Halloween and usually leaves wrappers places instead of putting them in the trash. He has done this since I can remember, and Dru DOES THE SAME THING....

What is it with men, and their inability of putting wrappers in the trash? Or realizing that the Halloween candy is for the Trick Or Treaters, NOT for them to eat before the holiday!! ( I just went to Target and bought more, and I am HIDING it until Saturday :)

Another weird trait that these two men share?? The think that they are Dr. Doolittle.....My dad talks to our animals like they can respond, or they are talking back to him....Dru DOES THE SAME THING....

Dru thinks that Molly the kitty is a human being, and she has needs and feelings and she can hear what he says. When she bites or scratches me on the face and I curse and yell, he tells me to "be nice" she can hear you!! Well What the F?? No, she is an animal, and I AM BLEEDING, FROM MY FACE...She is in BIG trouble and I am not being nice.

Dru also built Molly a fort the other day. Yes you read that right, a fort! He rearranged the couch cushions and put a blanket over them so Molly could have a fort. We also have a HUGE kitty scratching post/house in our living room that is somewhat of an eye sore, and I am thinking about moving it to the basement. I think that Dru would disagree, and it would be back in the living room because "she needed it"...Freaking Dr. Doolittle :)

I will be watching Dru for his evolution into My father, and if starts sleeping in a recliner and snoring VERY loudly, or feeding the cat/dog ice cream from his own bowl I will have to have an intervention. Because I can think of SO many other traits that my dad has that I would rather Dru adopt

Happy Sunday!


Friday-Finally....or is it Finally Friday?

You know that it is the end of the work week when all you want to do is stay in your warm, very comfortable bed with your husband rather than go to work. But you FEAR your office phone ringing and it being your boss at 8am, so you just HAVE to get out of bed. Of course it is now 8:45 and my phone has not rang once, and I wish that I would have stayed in bed :) Because it is FRIDAY, and well why not? I have consumed 3 cups of coffee this morning, and I am still sleepy. Shoot, well the good news is that it is Friday...Have I said that already???

Over here in Minnesota we don't have the typical grocery stores that we are all familiar with in California, or wherever you grew up. There are no overpriced Albertson's (personal opinion), Safeway's or Von's depending on if you are north or south in CA...Okay you get the point, and is it sad that I can't think of anymore stores? Remember it is Friday!! But we do have a store called Mackenthuns http://www.mackenthuns.com/ Yes I put the link just so you don't think I am making up this really random name just for the sake of having a weird store....

Well the point of this story is that Mackenthuns has this thing called "dollar days", where items that people love and cherish are only $1.00, Items like Pizza rolls, Ice Cream Sandwiches, soup, Cheese...Okay you get the point, and probably realize that we don't eat so healthy around here sometimes????.

So Dru and I decided that we should probably check this deal out, because dollar days sounds pretty cool, or well we thought so. We went to the store after I got done with work yesterday, because dollar days only happens a few times a year and for like 1 or 2 days. I always knew that going to the grocery store at 5pm was a bad idea, but I forgot-or lost my mind...you pick.

The parking lot was FULL, which should be a good sign that the store was also full, but we still went in. Dru forgot to tell me that he was really hungry until we got into the grocery store, and we all know that shopping while hungry leads to unnecessary purchases, because well...everything sounds good!

This place was a ZOO...I wish that I had a camera, or well I wish I could find my camera charger since it has been missing for a while now, and I could have taken a picture of all these Minnesota mom's shopping for great deals on Cheese, pizza rolls and such :)

Well we survived, the line to check out was SOOOO long, and of course we came home with cheese and pizza rolls...Because who does not love both of those items???

I just remembered it is FRIDAY, and I should probably be working instead of blogging...so back to work, for now!

Happy Almost Weekend!


Family-and Blogging

Blogging has been my outlet to vent, keep people updated and well take a break from work when I feel like my brain is going to explode.

I am very aware that a lot of people close to me read my blog and I am more than happy to share with you my life, as well as Dru's life sometimes. (well not everything, you have to keep somethings to yourself) but I do feel that it is a great way to keep connected when we are so far away in Minnesota.

Please let me know that you are reading, just so I know...Weird request I guess but it is just nice to know who I am talking to when I feel like I am talking to myself because writing has become an escape for me.

Thanks! And Happy Thursday-we are that much closer to the weekend.


Buying a house is MUCH more stressful than getting married for a few good reasons:

1. There was/is no doubt in my mind that I love/ed Dru before we got married, and I am pretty sure that if something goes wrong with him (new furnace, leaky plumbing(hopefully not till he is old, but well he has depends so it does not matter), new roof, etc...It won't cost us a fortune to fix him. But well if something goes wrong with the house, it is OURS, and our responsibility to fix. I obviously stress about things, if you can't tell.

2. The wedding was planned for about a year and a half, and our wonderful mothers did A LOT of the planning for us (THANK YOU)...We decided to buy our house a week ago, and need to close by the 16th of NOV...For those of you who don't want to do the math, ONE MONTH....

3. The wedding was graciously put on by and paid for by family, because they love us...The house is our money, and well if you know me, I am a little cheap and I stress about things like that.....

4. I watch way too much TV. And "Say yes to the Dress" just made me cry because weddings are so happy and emotional... ALL of the shows on TLC or HGTV about home buying make me want to crawl into bed and cry and make me want to break out in hives. They are all about doing the right thing, or not getting screwed with your first home purchase. AHHHAHAHAH

So moral of the story. I would get married over and over and over again because it was the happiest day of my life.
Buying a home freaks me out, so support is greatly appreciated.

Yay for it being Thursday. Grey's is on tonight, and I see myself actually getting motivated and going to the gym.


Product Samples, and NO HEAT

My husband is Strange! That is nothing more than a disclaimer for the following information about him, and his weird habits.

What do you when you are bored, and it is cold, and you have a laptop and TV recorded to watch when you don't have to go to work??? Well if you ask Dru, the answer to that is simple. You order FREE samples online. Now if you know me and my love of getting mail, I would not be against this habit of his...I confess that I have also done it before so it is not that I am criticizing what he did.

It is WHAT he received in the mail today that I am concerned about, and a little bit disturbed.

Here is the setting for this

Dru yelling from upstairs "Mail's HERE"

Me: Super excited because I think that I have gotten something cool, and well it is only 1pm and the mail came. Gosh, that is a miracle in its own since the mail does not usually come until 3pm. Run up the stairs to check out the mail, because SURELY I have gotten mail, I ALWAYS get mail.

Dru: A huge grin on his face. "you did not get anything, but look what I got".......Holds up a package of DEPENDS diapers for adults.....Check out my free sample :), don't worry honey I registered you for a pair too!!!

O wow, he is a weird one. But that is one of the reasons that I love him, Right???

Now to the second part of this blog, that has gotten pretty long, and I should be working.

NO HEAT! Yes you read that right, we live in the frozen tundra and I survived last night without our heater running. We had our home inspected yesterday so we can go ahead with the buying process, and the inspector had some pretty bad news.

"Your furnace is broken!!!!, there has been a crack in it, it is REALLY REALLY old and there are DANGEROUS, DEADLY levels of Carbon Monoxide that could have been seeping into your house, and well you could of passed out and died"!!!!

Imagine my face, and the shock that he told us not to use it. Me not use my heat?? Recall previous posts about snow, and realize that I am from CA, this truly is not happening in my house...

I survived thankfully...With LOTS of wine (come on Kristen, you know that I could not post without mentioning WINE). The new furnace arrived around 10am, and is STILL being installed. Gosh is he done yet? I just want heat. Okay it is really not that cold here lately (50's) but still. I love my heater.

Long story short, we are still purchasing the house, the furnace got replaced, I drink too much wine, and Dru is WEIRD...

Maybe I could drink a lot of wine and wear my depends so I did not have to go to the bathroom from all the liquid that I drank? Just a thought :)

Happy Tuesday!


Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I most definitely did NOT tell the man at the Mexican place how to make my burrito 2x this week, because that would make me a fatty.

I did NOT enjoy the burrito so much better the second time. You have to be forceful.

I most definitely did not sleep in past 10 both days this weekend, and then press the snooze button 2x this Monday morning because I did not want to wake up.

I did NOT, would NOT go to the store just for wine in my PJ's and slippers. Me, Never??

I Do Not, DID not become obsessed with blogging!! And I most definitely DO NOT blog way too much, and then read it over his shoulder when my husband is reading my blog, just to make sure I didn't say something I shouldn't have :)

Yay for Monday!

Sleeping in, the day should not start until 10am!

Getting up this morning was one of the hardest things I have had to do in a while. All I wanted to do, was have the heater turned on and lay in bed for another 20mins (okay who am I kidding, like another hour at least)...But that was impossible on this Monday morning. We have a home inspection guy here right at this moment and Dru is upstairs making himself a yummy smelling breakfast of what I can assume consists of bacon? It is the smell...

So in my do good activity of the week (well technically year, since it is not until next August) I have joined the Relay for Life steering committee. I am really excited to be involved in such a great event and think that it will be a great way to focus my skills and meet people. It is Aug 20th in Waconia, MN. If you want to participate :)

My mother and grandmother will be gracing Minnesota with their presence for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I just learned that we are proud owners of Vikings/Bears tickets for when they are here. If you know my grandmother, you know that she is a huge Vikings fan, and I am really excited that we are able to do this for her. And well if you know my mom and I, we might be selling our tickets outside the Metrodome, and going shopping somewhere???? Just a thought, since we both are not football fans. I wonder if they serve wine at games, since I don't drink beer anymore.

Well since crawling back into my bed is not an option, I should probably get back to work!


Sundays in Lazyville

I slept in until after 10 again today. That sentence makes me think that this week is going to be more difficult that I had previously thought. I don't want to get up early anymore. I want to sleep in late, and cuddle with my husband and kitty every morning. That, however, is NOT POSSIBLE. I have a job, and I have to go to work. Sometimes life just makes you want to stop and enjoy it, but responsibilities and work get in the way of fun. I think that I am okay with that, as long as there is more fun than responsibilities.

I have been sleeping SO good lately and I think that it might be due to a miracle drug called Ambien :) I recently discovered Gasp* My prescription is almost empty. So I frantically called the Target Pharmacy and did the automated refill, crossing my fingers that my Dr. will refill it, because I was informed that I have 0 refills available. Sleep is necessary, sleep is what keeps me sane, and with buying a house I know that I am NOT going to be able to sleep with all that stress...Ughhh now I am stressing about not sleeping and it is only 230 in the afternoon.

I started the task of cleaning out my clothes in preparation for winter. I have now 2 bags (garbage) filled with clothing that my fat ass will probably NEVER fit in again and I have held onto for way too long. All those slutty tank tops that I was going to wear again to WHAT? I have no clue. I am a married 23 year old adult and it is time that I dress like one :)

Sitting on the couch reflecting on the "adult" that I am supposed to be, makes me want to be 15 again!!

Happy end of the weekend-enjoy it while it is still here!


Lazy Saturdays

Sleeping 12 hours last night most definitely rejuvenated my spirits. I was TIRED. Sleeping in is not something that I have done in a while (Dru is a pro at it) and I woke up starving! We had no food in the house, so we threw on some clothes and went to the local Mexican restaurant. I don't know if Minnesota understands Mexican food like California does. Actually take that back, I KNOW they don't understand. Our food was not good, to say the least and I think that someone needs to change that because I miss California Mexican food.

The leaves have taken over my back yard. It is officially Fall here and we don't even own a rake. We should probably add that to the list of things that we don't own but will need here in the Midwest. Rake, Snow blower, Ice Scraper, Snow Pants, Snow Jackets...I think you get the trend, we are NOT prepared for winter.

In other exciting news, I borrowed a carpet cleaner from my boss, and could not be happier about my new clean carpets. I think that I am a domestic clean freak and I just can't stand stains on carpets or anything else for that matter. When you have a husband that spills things A LOT, it makes my OCD about stains a little harder, but hopefully the carpets will stay pretty for a while.

What do people do with their summer clothing in the winter? Lets just say that my wardrobe consists of a lot more tank tops than long sleeves, and I need to clear out my closet. I just don't know what to do with all the clothes that I won't get to wear for a WHILE. And then there is always that chance, that a tropical trip could spring up (one can wish can't they?) I feel skinnier when I get to wear layers, so that is a positive :)

Preparing for a relaxing rest of the weekend in my comfy pants, waiting for my husband to get off work!


Housing Update

So the purchase agreement is ALMOST done. We are that much closer to being home owners. Dru did most of the work, and sat down with the landlord this afternoon and got the paperwork filled out. Gosh, why do you have to fill out so much paperwork to buy things? What did they do in the old days, get out their ink, dip the pen in it and scribble down 25 pages of nothingness...I think NOT! Why can't we just shake hands, exchange some funds and !Viola! (I think that I might have made that word up, just sound it out, it works I swear) we own a house? They need those cool thingies that Wells Fargo puts on debit cards where you can just touch it down on the pay pad and it just "knows" you information! NOT, *disclaimer* Those things NEVER work and frustrate me just as much as filling out paperwork.

It is 5pm on Friday-that means it is officially the weekend. The problem with that is I only have 1/2 a bottle of wine in my house, and I have not taken a shower yet today (don't judge, I work from home and it is acceptable) so going to the store is kind of out of the picture, because well I am just too damn lazy. But what is a girl to do when I run out of wine? There are a few options that Dru and I discussed when he left for work this evening (5-10 :( I would either a) suck it up and bathe myself and go to the store, because god knows we need groceries too because I have been a slacking wife and have not gone grocery shopping (I just remembered that I still have ALL the ingredients to make crab cheese puffs :) yay dinner)))))
Option B) Not take a shower and still go grocery shopping because I don't really know too many people in this town anyways
Option C) *probably my fav* Still don't get bathed, but put some makeup on, spritz myself with perfume, deodorant, and put some jeans on and go to the bar :) unlimited wine, and well I could probably find some food too!!

No snow in the forecast for this weekend a warm hopefully 60 degrees, and I have BIG plans of cleaning our carpets, getting my fat ass to the gym and relaxing before Monday. Which seems WAY too close...


Why is it that I have SO much work to do on Friday? I swear that I was not this busy ALL week, and now that it is Friday and we have a ton of paperwork for home buying and all that good stuff and I am swamped with WORK. Telling my dear sweet husband that he needed to be home buying guru at 8:30am this morning was not exactly received with hugs and kisses...More or less with "I'm sleeping, uhgh you do it"

Well I have decided that I don't have time to do that stuff, so Dru's new job today-before he goes to his other job at 5:00 on a Friday and won't be home until 10pm (uhg I am frustrated about that, it is the weekend, well MY weekend, and he has to work when I am celebrating MY weekend beginning). Paperwork and shit sucks, who knew that a 30pg document is a "purchase agreement" and most of the words and stuff in it are things that we don't understand.

I am crossing my fingers that while I am down in the basement working, he is being all guruish and solving all of our home buying adventures. But since I hear the TV and know that he is still in his comfy clothes, I am not going to get too excited.

11am sounds like a good time to eat some lunch before my REALLY busy afternoon of working :)


Grey's Anatomy and Thoughts

Do you ever blog after wine? Well since my only followers are my mom and one of my best friends, I am going to ask you to Not forgive me for this, because this is how I feel...Wine just makes the words flow faster.

"you can't pray the gay out of me"...Is that not the best quote that you have ever experienced? Well I think so. Don't judge people because of their differences, or their choices...Judge because of the way that they treat you. I am not a religious person, but I do believe, and I think that my family loves me no matter what. Now granted I am not gay, I know that my family and my father would love me no matter what. If you don't watch Grey's anatomy, you probably are wondering where this comes from. I cried and I laughed tonight, but more I appreciated. I could not have asked for a better family, a better support system, or better friends. Being who you are is YOUR choice. Being an independent woman is who I AM! I have crossed lines that I should not have crossed in my 23 years Don't ask questions, because well it is non of your business, but I have said things that I would or should have never said. But those who love me still do. I called my mom a "bitch" when I was young. I remember that day, and remember how she felt. I did not apologize for a while, but she saved the apology that I wrote *mom I saw it*. I still feel bad to this day.

Don't judge or make assumptions about those that you love. Just love, unconditionally. I am so happy to have learned that at a young age. I live really far away from those who love me (well Dru sleeps in my bed, but that is a different post) You always have to have a support system, and I have the best. I love with an open heart, and those who love me do too! That is all I can ask.

Looking at wedding pictures today with my boss made me have a new appreciation for my dad. He *my boss) was most focused on the father daughter pictures. Without exposing my boss too much, he adopted his little girl when she was an infant. And loves her to the moon and back. He has those feelings that she should be his "little girl" forever. Well, being a little girl in your fathers eyes can only go as far as she is willing to be innocent. I know that I was never the "best" daughter" I did things that I only hope he can be okay with now. I have never cried for a better reason in my life at my wedding. Looking at those pictures, and my boss explaining to his 6 yr old daughter that my dad was "giving me away" almost brought tears to my eyes again. I love my dad more than anything. I had the best wedding a girl can ask for, and the best "childhood" (I still want to be a child). But I was not sad, to be "given away" I knew that I was always going to be his daughter. He loves me no matter what...well not paying for college and gas makes things a little easier :) but that is not that point. My father, daughter dance at the wedding still makes me think how much he has made me the woman I am today. I am independent, and stubborn but I am still "daddy's girl" even though I was never that type.

Reflecting....I love you! Dad, Mom, Family and friends!!! We (dru and I) could never do this without you.

Now back to my wine :)

Home Owners!!!

I don't want to get too far ahead of this new adventure, but basically we are going to be homeowners by the end of next month. We have been wanting to buy the house that we live in for a while now, and it was for sale when we moved in and well the 8000 tax credit for first time home buyers does not hurt either. So, we got our asses in motion, met with a mortgage guy yesterday, did negotiations with the land lord on prices last night and are now in the process to buy our house before a close date of Nov 16th.......

Just writing all that makes me excited, nervous and more and more like a grownup every day :) I can't wait to decorate, paint and make this house ours, but that will have to wait a little while. Wish us luck!

PS the weather man here is smoking crack-and when white stuff is falling from the sky it is most definitely SNOW not "just raining". I am pretty sure I am smart enough to know that there is snow on the ground for the 3rd time this October.
Buying a house here, is more job security-since my boss is convinced everyday it is cold that I am going to pack up and move back to California-haha we are here for GOOD now :)


Bikes, Mortgages, and The Finger Trick

My husband who I love oh so much, spotted bikes on the side of the road with a "Free" sign (or so he thought, as he was with our neighbor who did not want to stop) on Monday. Yesterday we became the proud owners of 2 bikes, that are most likely about 40 years old, and really freaking cool :) The do need new tires, and well I know that this season (Fall......Winter) is not really the time that Minnesota people venture out into the frozen tundra on their bikes. But that is not the point. The point is that we HAVE bikes, they were FREE, and my husband loves me!

We *might become first time home owners. We are meeting with a mortgage broker this afternoon with our million documents that are necessary when you want to buy a house. It is a scary, overwhelming thought but comforting all at the same time. Owning a house would allow us to do WHATEVER we want with this place and that is so exciting to think about. Of course the things that I want to do are more "large" then we can afford. But a little paint can go a long way, and keep me occupied during the cold winter months!

Do you watch the "Big Bang Theory" on CBS? Well if you don't you probably should start. And if you did watch it on Monday (yes I am aware that this is Wednesday) but we DVR and did not watch it until last night, watch for the finger trick that Rajj does to Sheldon! I don't know if I have laughed harder watching my husband try to contort his fingers in ways that they didn't want to go, and him realizing that he can't do a "really cool" trick that I can do so easily. Most people are probably wondering what the hell I am talking about. and well I don't have a picture and don't know how to explain it with words or without showing you, and a YouTube video is out of the question since I am still in my bathrobe (no judging, I work from Home) because it is warm and snuggly...
I will take pics of our super cool bikes once I find the charger for my camera :(


Yoga, the mail man, and other random Tuesday thoughts

Am I the only one who did not realize that yesterday was a holiday? The mail is something that I enjoy getting every day, and since my office is in the basement I have to wait until I hear the "clink" of the mail box to know that he has arrived, or I go and check a few times in the afternoon just to be sure. Granted, the mail man does not arrive to my neighborhood until usually about 2pm on a "Normal" day, I was starting to get pretty frustrated when at about 3:30 the man had not shown up. I was cursing him to my friend Kristen and was basically convinced that he had fallen and died because it was snowing outside and my mail men still walk and don't drive (weird to me since I grew up in the country). So after telling Kristen my frustration with the mail man, she informed me it was a HOLIDAY...What the hell, holiday? Which one? Why am I still working at 4:30pm on a Holiday???? I then promptly left work (walked upstairs) poured myself a glass of wine and took my mail that I had waited ALL day for the mail man to pick up inside from the freezing cold weather it would sure endure if left outside waiting for the mail man ALL night.

For those of you that know me well, I don't usually have a lot of patience, for anything. And if you were part of Friday before the wedding's Yoga lesson with Shannon, you know that I am not so coordinated. So why have I agreed to go to Yoga tonight with my new friend I met last week? I am sure to embarrass myself, but at least it is exercise and social activity-I will update you tomorrow if I still have a "new" friend, after tonight's debauchery of Yoga that is sure to happen.



If this is what the Frozen Midwest Looks like in October-I don't think that I will make it until April :)...My boss called me a snow whiner, and also informed me that this is the most snow we have had in October since before I was born (calling me young too)! Happy Monday Everyone

I park in the garage for a reason-Dru on the other hand is not as lucky. We ventured out this morning to drop his truck off at the dealership because his heater is not working-Not the season for that to happen. And I am happy to report that no one was injured from me driving in the snow, and my car is fine as well.


Kitty Pooping House

I am sick and tired of kitty litter ALL over the bathroom because little miss Molly decides to play in the litter before and after going to the bathroom and it is getting GROSS. Today at Target (my most favorite store EVER) Dru and I found a kitty litter box/house. There is a swinging door and it makes it so she can't throw litter (and sometimes other *Shit* places...It is a sweet idea!

So far she has scratched at the door, played with the outside of the house and tried to kill me when I put her in the "House", I'm almost positive I'm either going to find poop on my floor or she is going to start using the toilet before her new house, but we are crossing our fingers :)

Sunday Funday?

Well back in the day I remember how sunday's were all about Booze, bikes and fun...Boy how do I miss those days. Today I don't have a ton of plan's except for cleaning house, staying warm and cooking an awesome dinner while Dru is at work and trying to stay awake to eat dinner with him.
The snow that is looming on the horizon for tonight also does not make me want to venture out of the house too much. Gym is a new necessity for me but that is most likely the only adventure that I will take today.
Missing College, and California Sun/Fun :)


Snow-In October???

So it was cold last night, so cold in fact that when we went on a little trek to visit some neighbors that were having a bonfire and drinking beers (I am so classy that I brought my own wine glass) I was outside for probably about 20mins before I started to complain and we went home to our own warm house where I promptly took a warm shower, put on my warm pjs and crawled into my nice warm bed. Are you seeing the trend of me liking to be warm???
Well I woke up this morning to SNOW-It is going to be one LONG winter here in the midwest.



Moving to a new place can be fun and exciting, but finding new friends is a bit more of a challenge when you work from home and are 23 with no kids. I think of myself as a pretty social person, but chatting it up at the gym when I am super sweaty is not my style, and I have not got up the courage to yell at my neighbor (who looks about my age) when she runs by my house that we should be friends.
I bit the bullet last night and went to a Women of Waconia Area Event. I felt like it was sorority recruitment all over again and I was so nervous. I got ready with way too much time to spare, drank wine to ease my anxiety and straightned my hair to perfection.
I arrived early, because I ALWAYS arrive to things early, and the women were so nice and inviting and offered to "Liquor me up". I knew that this was the beginning of a great friendship. We snacked on appetizers, drank wine and chatted. Granted I think that I was the youngest one there, that is fine, a friend is a friend...
Hoping that my new friends call me and I even found a new gym partner who is married with NO kids, and is probably about my age :)


Space Heater

There are upsides and downsides to having a home office. Mine is in the basement (or downstairs as I called it before I moved to the midwest)...Currently I am sitting in my chair, which is covered by a blanket to keep my butt warm, wearing 2 pairs of pants, warm socks, a long shirt and warm jacket..........I think that it is time to order a space heater, especially since my weather channel forecast is predicting snow flurries this weekend-IT is OCTOBER, I do not think that I am ready for SNOW!!!
For now I will go back to freezing my butt off, working in the tundra that is my office until Amazon ships my space heater that I have been shopping for this morning because concentrating on work is hard when you are cold.


Married Life

Who knew being married was so much work? Changing names on EVERYTHING, writing thank you notes and picking out pictures from the MILLION that were taken are just a few of the things that have taken over our life in the past 3 weeks. On top of all that I have been traveling too much and ended up getting sick when I got back from my last trip to LA for the PMA.
Traveling is something that I am not cut out to do and I am glad that I am learning this about myself at a young age.
Airplanes are made for small people, who don't have horrible circulation in their legs (yes I know that I sound like a 50yr old) but my legs fall asleep all the time. The bad air, no room and no food or water unless you pay or ask are just a few of the things like make me mad about airplanes.
Now that I have no traveling planned for work, I plan on attempting to blog more, post pictures and such.