Sundays in Lazyville

I slept in until after 10 again today. That sentence makes me think that this week is going to be more difficult that I had previously thought. I don't want to get up early anymore. I want to sleep in late, and cuddle with my husband and kitty every morning. That, however, is NOT POSSIBLE. I have a job, and I have to go to work. Sometimes life just makes you want to stop and enjoy it, but responsibilities and work get in the way of fun. I think that I am okay with that, as long as there is more fun than responsibilities.

I have been sleeping SO good lately and I think that it might be due to a miracle drug called Ambien :) I recently discovered Gasp* My prescription is almost empty. So I frantically called the Target Pharmacy and did the automated refill, crossing my fingers that my Dr. will refill it, because I was informed that I have 0 refills available. Sleep is necessary, sleep is what keeps me sane, and with buying a house I know that I am NOT going to be able to sleep with all that stress...Ughhh now I am stressing about not sleeping and it is only 230 in the afternoon.

I started the task of cleaning out my clothes in preparation for winter. I have now 2 bags (garbage) filled with clothing that my fat ass will probably NEVER fit in again and I have held onto for way too long. All those slutty tank tops that I was going to wear again to WHAT? I have no clue. I am a married 23 year old adult and it is time that I dress like one :)

Sitting on the couch reflecting on the "adult" that I am supposed to be, makes me want to be 15 again!!

Happy end of the weekend-enjoy it while it is still here!

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