Yoga, the mail man, and other random Tuesday thoughts

Am I the only one who did not realize that yesterday was a holiday? The mail is something that I enjoy getting every day, and since my office is in the basement I have to wait until I hear the "clink" of the mail box to know that he has arrived, or I go and check a few times in the afternoon just to be sure. Granted, the mail man does not arrive to my neighborhood until usually about 2pm on a "Normal" day, I was starting to get pretty frustrated when at about 3:30 the man had not shown up. I was cursing him to my friend Kristen and was basically convinced that he had fallen and died because it was snowing outside and my mail men still walk and don't drive (weird to me since I grew up in the country). So after telling Kristen my frustration with the mail man, she informed me it was a HOLIDAY...What the hell, holiday? Which one? Why am I still working at 4:30pm on a Holiday???? I then promptly left work (walked upstairs) poured myself a glass of wine and took my mail that I had waited ALL day for the mail man to pick up inside from the freezing cold weather it would sure endure if left outside waiting for the mail man ALL night.

For those of you that know me well, I don't usually have a lot of patience, for anything. And if you were part of Friday before the wedding's Yoga lesson with Shannon, you know that I am not so coordinated. So why have I agreed to go to Yoga tonight with my new friend I met last week? I am sure to embarrass myself, but at least it is exercise and social activity-I will update you tomorrow if I still have a "new" friend, after tonight's debauchery of Yoga that is sure to happen.

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  1. I'm so glad you're doing "fun" activities with your new friend! I say "fun" because I don't much care for yoga, but maybe next time you can pick the activity. And who doesn't enjoy your fav hobby of drinking wine?! :)

    Good luck tonight kiddo. Hope you still have a friend in the am!