Lazy Saturdays

Sleeping 12 hours last night most definitely rejuvenated my spirits. I was TIRED. Sleeping in is not something that I have done in a while (Dru is a pro at it) and I woke up starving! We had no food in the house, so we threw on some clothes and went to the local Mexican restaurant. I don't know if Minnesota understands Mexican food like California does. Actually take that back, I KNOW they don't understand. Our food was not good, to say the least and I think that someone needs to change that because I miss California Mexican food.

The leaves have taken over my back yard. It is officially Fall here and we don't even own a rake. We should probably add that to the list of things that we don't own but will need here in the Midwest. Rake, Snow blower, Ice Scraper, Snow Pants, Snow Jackets...I think you get the trend, we are NOT prepared for winter.

In other exciting news, I borrowed a carpet cleaner from my boss, and could not be happier about my new clean carpets. I think that I am a domestic clean freak and I just can't stand stains on carpets or anything else for that matter. When you have a husband that spills things A LOT, it makes my OCD about stains a little harder, but hopefully the carpets will stay pretty for a while.

What do people do with their summer clothing in the winter? Lets just say that my wardrobe consists of a lot more tank tops than long sleeves, and I need to clear out my closet. I just don't know what to do with all the clothes that I won't get to wear for a WHILE. And then there is always that chance, that a tropical trip could spring up (one can wish can't they?) I feel skinnier when I get to wear layers, so that is a positive :)

Preparing for a relaxing rest of the weekend in my comfy pants, waiting for my husband to get off work!

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