House Update

Who calls someone at 9:45pm to schedule an appraisal? Apparently the company who is doing ours does. And she called both my office/house and cell phone. Does she not know that I am an old lady and there was absolutely nothing on TV last night and I went to bed to read at like 9:30. I am not going to answer the phone especially when I don't know who is calling me.

Her message was rambling, about how she was confused that I was the contact because I was the buyer, and why did I live there already and such. Okay lady get to the f'n point, you would like to appraise our house, and could I please call you back. Simple as that, I don't need your life story about how your mother was ill yesterday and that is why you are calling blah blah blah.....Just schedule the damn appraisal.

So I called her back. Apparently they are not in at 7:45am because, they work late. I don't know. But She FINALLY called me back this morning, and our house is getting appraised TODAY and we are moving forward in the never ending process of buying a house.

Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well, and the appraisal lady is not as crazy as she sounds on the phone. Or actually, hoping that she is, because then we would have something in common (crazy) and then she might like me.

Shoot, does that mean that I need to get showered and dressed today? I mean, everyone wears sweat pants, and a bathrobe and fuzzy socks to work right? And the fact that my hair is slightly on the greasy side should not matter either.
Okay I have just talked myself into a shower, because who am I kidding, that is gross!

Happy Tuesday

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