Friday-Finally....or is it Finally Friday?

You know that it is the end of the work week when all you want to do is stay in your warm, very comfortable bed with your husband rather than go to work. But you FEAR your office phone ringing and it being your boss at 8am, so you just HAVE to get out of bed. Of course it is now 8:45 and my phone has not rang once, and I wish that I would have stayed in bed :) Because it is FRIDAY, and well why not? I have consumed 3 cups of coffee this morning, and I am still sleepy. Shoot, well the good news is that it is Friday...Have I said that already???

Over here in Minnesota we don't have the typical grocery stores that we are all familiar with in California, or wherever you grew up. There are no overpriced Albertson's (personal opinion), Safeway's or Von's depending on if you are north or south in CA...Okay you get the point, and is it sad that I can't think of anymore stores? Remember it is Friday!! But we do have a store called Mackenthuns http://www.mackenthuns.com/ Yes I put the link just so you don't think I am making up this really random name just for the sake of having a weird store....

Well the point of this story is that Mackenthuns has this thing called "dollar days", where items that people love and cherish are only $1.00, Items like Pizza rolls, Ice Cream Sandwiches, soup, Cheese...Okay you get the point, and probably realize that we don't eat so healthy around here sometimes????.

So Dru and I decided that we should probably check this deal out, because dollar days sounds pretty cool, or well we thought so. We went to the store after I got done with work yesterday, because dollar days only happens a few times a year and for like 1 or 2 days. I always knew that going to the grocery store at 5pm was a bad idea, but I forgot-or lost my mind...you pick.

The parking lot was FULL, which should be a good sign that the store was also full, but we still went in. Dru forgot to tell me that he was really hungry until we got into the grocery store, and we all know that shopping while hungry leads to unnecessary purchases, because well...everything sounds good!

This place was a ZOO...I wish that I had a camera, or well I wish I could find my camera charger since it has been missing for a while now, and I could have taken a picture of all these Minnesota mom's shopping for great deals on Cheese, pizza rolls and such :)

Well we survived, the line to check out was SOOOO long, and of course we came home with cheese and pizza rolls...Because who does not love both of those items???

I just remembered it is FRIDAY, and I should probably be working instead of blogging...so back to work, for now!

Happy Almost Weekend!

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