Moving to a new place can be fun and exciting, but finding new friends is a bit more of a challenge when you work from home and are 23 with no kids. I think of myself as a pretty social person, but chatting it up at the gym when I am super sweaty is not my style, and I have not got up the courage to yell at my neighbor (who looks about my age) when she runs by my house that we should be friends.
I bit the bullet last night and went to a Women of Waconia Area Event. I felt like it was sorority recruitment all over again and I was so nervous. I got ready with way too much time to spare, drank wine to ease my anxiety and straightned my hair to perfection.
I arrived early, because I ALWAYS arrive to things early, and the women were so nice and inviting and offered to "Liquor me up". I knew that this was the beginning of a great friendship. We snacked on appetizers, drank wine and chatted. Granted I think that I was the youngest one there, that is fine, a friend is a friend...
Hoping that my new friends call me and I even found a new gym partner who is married with NO kids, and is probably about my age :)

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