Married Life

Who knew being married was so much work? Changing names on EVERYTHING, writing thank you notes and picking out pictures from the MILLION that were taken are just a few of the things that have taken over our life in the past 3 weeks. On top of all that I have been traveling too much and ended up getting sick when I got back from my last trip to LA for the PMA.
Traveling is something that I am not cut out to do and I am glad that I am learning this about myself at a young age.
Airplanes are made for small people, who don't have horrible circulation in their legs (yes I know that I sound like a 50yr old) but my legs fall asleep all the time. The bad air, no room and no food or water unless you pay or ask are just a few of the things like make me mad about airplanes.
Now that I have no traveling planned for work, I plan on attempting to blog more, post pictures and such.

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